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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


LONDON- Theresa May took over the reins as Britain's prime minister
and has immediately been tasked with the first assignment of taking
Britain through the Brexit crisis. The steely woman took over from
David Cameron on wednesday after the former Prime Minister became the
first government official to pay for the results of last month's UK
Theresa May, a 59 year old is the second woman on the job after
conservative Margaret Thatcher who was nicknamed 'the Iron Lady'
during her tenure.
Before her appointment, a male consevative who served under
Margaret Thatcher and supports May had described her as a 'bloody
difficult woman'. The comment has since been bounced around and even
women and May herself have adopted it with a good mind. May said that
politics could do better with the aid of 'bloody difficult women'.
She has even gone ahead to boost the 'bloody difficult reputation'
by commenting that the next person who would be giving the same
testimony in no time soon would be the President of the European
Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.
Theresa May was born as the only child of a church of England vicar
and has lived in the conservative part of South East England. She was
born in East Sussex and studied geography in Oxford University where
she met her future husband, Philip May. He political career began as a
local councilor in suburban london representing the conservative town
of Maidenhead in the House of Commons.
She became orhaned at the age 25, when her father died in a car
crash and her mom died from a long illness. She is diagonised with
diabetes(Type 1), and in an interview she had on her political bid
last week, she spoke a bit about having to inject herself with insulin
four times a day o keep going.
The tough and ever serious woman said: "It becomes a routine part
of your life — there are plenty of senior people in business with it,"
She got married to her husband Philip in 1980 after the met at an
association dance party for students in school. She met Philip through
Pakistan's future leader, Benazir Bhutto, who was a friend of Philip.
They have been married for 36 years now with no children.
The have been thoughts on what her relation with either
'President Trump' or 'President Clinton' would look like. But everyone
knows that she's is just the plain, dull and rigid type, not
interested in any kind of ' sisterhood' or 'friends in power' stuff.
And it would be a rare thing to see Trump make her laugh with his
May was on the losing side of the Brexit referendum, as she
backed a stay in EU. But she now faces the charge of pulling UK out.
She has however said that she would ignore calls for another
referendum, she insisted that 'a Brexit was a Brexit' and it was the
duty of her and her team to make it a success. She is yet to state
when she plans to activate Article 50, the two year withdrawal
mechanism from the EU bloc.
Congrats on your achievements May!


Laptops recovered from ISIS
jihadists are filled 'up to 80%'
with PORN, reveals former US
intelligence director
A former US intelligence director has revealed that laptops that
were seized from ISIS jihadists are filled up to 80% with porn films
and videos. He said that this is what hardens their hearts to carry
out their hideous activities against humanity.
Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, also said that one way the sect
could be handicapped effectively would be by bringing down their
communication channels. He also emphasised on more intelligence
Flynn made the claims while being interviewed by German Newspaper
Bild, he's book on 'winning the war against Islam' is being reviewed.
Flynn, a potential running mate of US presidential candidate
Donald Trump said that along with Porn, were videos featuring
violations of women and children and several beheadings and shootings
all captured by a set of 'very sick extremists' on video.
'We looked a ruthless enemy in
the eye - women and children, girls and boys,
raped and exploited, the beheadings stored on
a laptop next to pornography'.
He wrote:
'At one point we actually had determined that
the material on the laptops was up to 80 per
cent pornography'.
Pornography in recent years has been exploding in the middle
east, especially child porn. Even though leaders of Islamic
communities may turn a blind eye to its reality, but it doesn't mean
it would escape the rather. Google recently released a search analysis
on search for sex related content, and the analysis for middle easter
nations was just so high. Especially in Pakistan. Where search for
child sex was higher than America's!
Lieutenant General Flynn says porn probably serves as a salve
to inure jihadists in their horrible acts. Hardening their hearts
against considering its effects. Much of the porn content also
concentrates on child and animalistic porn.


Popular Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has told a Lagos State
Customary Court that he has filed a petition to a Federal High Court,
restraining the lower court from hearing a divorce suit brought before
it by his wife.
Emma Ike who has been married to the actor for 16 years now, had
filed a divorce application to the customary court last year, on
grounds of her receiving incessant battering from her husband. Emeka
Ike had denied the charges in court, insisting that he still loved his
The case was slated for a ruling on tuesday in Lagos, but Emeka's
lawyer Mr. Abdul Labi-Lawal informed the court that Emeka Ike had
filed for a stay of proceedings on the case at a high court. Which
hitherto, prevented the court from hearing or ruling on the case.
The application(by Emeka Ike) was marked FCMP/20054/16 and had Emma
Ike and the customary court President Mr. Awos Awosola as its first
and second defendants.
Emeka Ike's application requested the High Court declaration that
the Lagos Island Customary Court lacked the adequate Jurisdiction to
"handle proceedings on the Ike's divorce suit". It also noted that the
marriage was conducted in Enugu State under Igbo customs and
Also Emeka Ike applied for a perpetual injunction restraining the
customary cour president Mr. Awosola or any other person in the
capacity of entertaining hearing of the Ike's divorce suit. On this,
Emeka's lawyer urged the court to stop proceedings, till the case had
undergone complete review and rectification at the High Court in
But, Emma's lawyer opposed the application, terming it ''an
attempt at arresting judgement".
Mr Iheanyi Awa, Emma's lawyer urged the court to discontinue the stay
and deliver judgement on the case. Insisting that details of the
application had been seved to neither himself or his client.
He said: "It is an attempt to arrest the judgment of the
court, I am aware that the respondent wants to
arrest the judgment which is to be delivered
today. "The stay of proceedings has been
decided for a long time and court has ruled
that it has jurisdiction to entertain the matter".
"It is a ploy to frustrate my client, they just
want to delay the judgment till another day".

"The court should give its judgment and if they
are not satisfied, they can appeal," he added
But after listening to the argument from both sides. The court
ruled in favour of Emeka's application and granted a stay of
roceedings. The court said: "In view of the
submission of the respondent, the stay of
proceedings is hereby granted, and the matter
is hereby adjourned sine die.''


A man has just committed suicide after losing his last savings
on a bet that France would win the 2016 Euro Final.
Fidel Nkitin, a 27 year old Russian took his life by jumping
into the railway path of an oncoming train. He didn't flinch, even
when the train blared its approach horn.
The Russian had hoped that a £3,200 gamble would help him solve
his debt problems, but was left utterly devastated when Portugal ran
away winners with a 1-0 scoreline.
His last message on the social media after France loss was "Thank
you and forgive". Fidel Nkitin is a mobile sales man from Izhvesk in
Russia. He got crushed by a train on the Ludzya-Izhvesk railway line.


The Nigerian Senate on tuesday made a statement threatening to
hold the Attorney General of the Federation Malami Abubakar in
contempt if he does not appear before their investigative committee to
defend his decision of prosecuting a case that was non of his
The Senate also said that an internal unit, the Senate Committee
on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal matters is looking into the
details of the forgery case that involved their two leaders. The
president of the Senate and his Deputy.
Malami had failed to appear before the senate for two weeks
running, on the grounds that he was outside the country. But the
president liaison with the national assembly Isa Etang, has pleaded
with the senate to have patience and await the return of the AGF. He
said that Malami will appear before the senate the moment he returns
to the country.
Right now reports can not state clearly if Malami has returned or
not, but the Senate has given him 48 hours to appear before their
The Senate also summoned the Secretary to Federal Government to
appear before its committee, on the statements he made recently on the
implementation of the national budget and national conference report.
All these decisions were taken when the Senate resumed from their
short recess on tuesday.
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President Buhari has sacked the Managing Director of the Nigerian
Airport Authority Habib Abdullahi and has appointed Ms Hadiza
Bala-Usman as a replacement.
Hadiza Bala-Usman, will take over from Abdullahi after the former
Director was removed from the same post in April 2015 and then got
reappointed in April of the same year.
In a statement that was signed by the director of press, Nigerian
Ministry of Aviation, Yetunde Sonaike, it was disclosed that others
appointed into several positions include Mohammed Bello-Koko as
Executive Director, Finance; Dr. Sekonte Davies as Executive Director,
Marine Operations and Prof. Idris Abubakar as Executive Director,
Hadiza Bala-Usman, born Jan 2, 1976 in Zaria, Kaduna has a B.Sc
in Business Administration from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.
She also has a post graduate degree from Leeds University in UK.
She worked at the Bureau of Public Enterprises(BPE) from 2000-2004
as an enterprise officer. In 2004, she got hired by United Nations
Development Programme(UNDP) to work with the Federal Capital Territory
Administration. She worked as a special assistant to the Minister on
Project Implementation.
Between 2011 and 2015, Hadiza the new NPA boss, worked with the
Good Governance Group as the director of strategy. The Good Governance
Group is an NGO founded by Kaduna State Governor, El-Rufai and his
friends. Prior to her appointment as the new Nigerian Airport
Authority boss, she was working as the Chief of Staff for El-Rufai.
She assumed the position in 2015.
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Monday, 11 July 2016


On sunday, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB
released the guidelines the 2016 admission procedure for tertiary
institutions in Nigeria. The guidelines were duely stated in a
document that was signed by the head of public information Dr. Fabian
The document stated that admission will be conducted based on
three already existing thumb rules, Merit, Catchments and
EDS(Education Disadvantaged States). No point system(s)
The statement read: "... "Sequel to the recent
workshop convened by the Honourable
Minister of Education on the modality for the
2016 admission into tertiary institutions in
Nigeria following the cancellation of Post
UTME..." It went further...
"The federal government approved the re
enforcement of admission guideline
recognise by law. This is not the point system
widely circulated in some media. For the
avoidance of doubt, the Board wishes to
state clearly that the point system is an
illustration by the Registrar of JAMB of a few
institutions that were using the point system
to select candidates while their colleagues
were subjecting candidates to written test.
"These examples are contain in a paper
presented by the Registrar which is placed
on our website and was adopted by the
media wrongly as the 2016 guideline".
"Please note that the 2016
admissions will be conducted purely on the
three existing admission pillars of merit,
catchment area and educational less
developed states through the following
Then I think they came out clear here:
"First, presentation of the list of candidates
who qualify for screening into individual
institution based on the three stipulated
criteria mentioned above. This screening
should not demand for another test in any
form either written, oral or electronic.
"Candidates are to present their Senior
School Certificate Examination ( SSCE)
results/Advanced Level (AL) results for
verification and clearing purposes. WAEC,
NECO and NBTE results or equivalent are
acceptable as matriculation requirements.
Qualifications for screening:

"Each candidate is expected to have a
minimum of five (5) credits at SSCE
including English, mathematics and any
other three (3) relevant subjects to his or her
"The list of qualified candidates awaiting
SSCE/AL results can be kept in view (K.I.V)
pending the release of their results. Any
candidate who does not posses the
requirements as listed above is deemed to
have failed the screening".
Please note this too:
"Consideration of the
recommended list as forward by JAMB should
be completed within one Month from the
date of receipt of the list. Any institution that
has a shortfall in the admitted candidates
can make-up for candidates from other
departments on the institutions list".
"Reasons for rejection of candidates on the
list should be clearly stated with proofs
provided alongside".
Now for the avoidance of doubt, JAMB has emphasised that the 'point
system' which popped up on their site last week was only an
illustration by the JAMB registrar. It is not an established procedure
as was widely circulated on the media. It was meant to projecting a
system some institutions were selecting their candidates rather than
subject them to written tests.
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Image: Mrs Goldie Michelson.

Massachussetts has lost one of its own, a woman Goldie Michelson
belived to be the oldest existing American. She died at her home in
Massachusetts on Friday. She was a month short of her 114th birthday.
A Gerontology research institute based in Los Angeles confimed in
a report that Mrs. Goldie prior to her death was frail looking and had
been confined to her bed. She hadn't been seen out in public for long.
Goldi Michelson was born in Russia in 1902, she migrated to to the
United States as a kid and lived very near Boston. She graduated from
Brown university and was known to have interest in theatre arts.
She even had a make shift stage in her basement, installed with
stage lights for kids to perform. The oldest American now after her
death is a New Jersey resident, Adele Dunlap. Who is also 113 but few
months younger.
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Sunday, 10 July 2016


Andy Murray face bore so much joy and relief after he beat Milos
Raonic to win a second wimbledon title in his career. Murray slumped
into his seat and held his tears in a towel after a ending a three
year title wait.
That barren stretch of 36 months had included an occasion of
placing second to his nemesis Novak Djokovic in the Australian and
French Open.
Murray became the next favourite after Djokovic's shock exit in
the third round of the tourney. But he had to play careful or gain the
repute of the first professional to lose in the finals of three
grandslams at a stretch.
"I'm proud to get my hands on the trophy
again," said the 29-year-old, who
beat Raonic 6-4 7-6(3) 7-6(2).
For his coach, Ivan Lendi, its a done job and right now Murray's
losses stand at 12-0. And its just a month after his coaching
relationship with the tennis star was re-kindled.
In their first period together, Murray picked up two grand slam
titles and also an Olympic medal at the 2012 Olympics. But. Since
Lendi's absence, things haven't been the best for Murray, who has lost
out at the finals of three major tournaments.
But under the guide of Lendi, there are high hopes things could get
balanced soon.
"I've had some great moments but also some
tough losses and this win feels extra special
because of the tough losses," Murray said
moments after spotting his name on the gilded
surface of the Cup.
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Christiano Ronaldo spent the biggest moments of his international
career in the dugout with a sore left knee but emerged almost two
hours later with a broad smile on his face as he celebrated the win
over France that has made them champions. Ronaldo had been injured in
the first half and had to be pulled off, all throughout the game, Ron
could only pace about like a manager in his shots. He actually paced
more than his manager though***.
The game saw France creating much of the scoring, about 17 to
Portugal's 6. But times were just against the French who kept running
into the Portuguese goalkeeper and the woodwork. The most gruelling
moment for France was when Andre-Pierre Gignac hit the bar.
Prior to the game on sunday night, the final was seen by French
fan as a opportunity to salve the heartbreaks they had been going
through for 14 years. The host nation has been at the receiving end of
series of disappointments since they won the 2000 Euros. They crashed
out of the group stages of the 2002 World Cup without scoring a single
goal. In 2004 they were counted among the spoils for Greece in their
run to the Euro trophy. In 2006 they missed out on a World Cup victory
when star player and Real madrid manager Zinedine Zidane got red
carded for headbutting Italy player Marco Materrazzi. In 2010 they
were on holidays in South Africa.
Portugal did not lose any match, and they drew all their group
stage games. They didn't win any game in regulation time until the
2-0 semi final win against Wales. Throughout the tournament, Santos'
men displayed so much strength, less skills and tactics but proved to
be the most mean defensive unit. Not so neat actually, but cool enough
to get the job done.
""It was quite a closed match, but we had our
chances," France manager Didier Deschamps
said. "The disappointment is there. It's huge.
And it will take time to digest it."
For the Portuguese coach: " we were as cunning as serpents, as
simple as doves".
Santos coached Greece to the second round of the 2014 World Cup in
Brazil, and he did a really good job building a team that centred
around the skills of Ronaldo. But he had to start thinking hard when
the Real star burned his knee. But thanks to a strong backline and a
goalkeeper that was determined not to let down, Portugal survived.
The goal came from a supposed Swansea flop Eder who took a
wonderful shot with his right foot sending the ball into the corner
of the net from a distance.
As Antoine Griezman said, "Portugal isn't all about Ronaldo and we
have seen it".
Somewhere in Manchester, England, new Manchester United boss Jose
Mourinho celebrated the victory by posting pictures of himself in his
pyjamas holding up a scarf in Portuguese colours.


Image: Pele and wife Cibel Aoki after cutting the wedding cake(behind them).

Brazil Legend Edson Arantes do Nacimento got married again for
the third time in his life on saturday night. The 75 year old
Brazilian football legend wedded his long time girlfriend of six years
in Sao Paulo in Brazil.
Pele was due to marry Cibele Aoki about two years ago, but that got
thwarted when the legend faced a few health challenges. And right now,
he's fully fit to play the game of love.
Both of them met in New York in the 1980's but only started dating
in 2010 when they had a chance meeting In Brazil.
Japanese born Marcia is the daughter of a Paediatrician. She is also
a successful entrepreneur and business woman, dealing in medical
Four years ago while making plans for their wedding then, Pele
said he met Marcia for the second time after meeting her 30 years
before. He met her while attempting to renovate his home. He only
discovered that the next door neighbour he was speaking to about
renovation plans was the woman he met 30 years ago. Talk about the
world being small, and round too.
Pele had three children with his first wife Rosimeri Cholbi whom
he was married to for 12 years, and then another two children with a
second, a gospel singer, Assiria Nacimento, he was married to her for
14 years.
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One of hollywoods most famous serial monogamists has disclosed that
she has not ruled out the option of getting married again yet. She
said she had learned a thing or two about love and had learned the
hard way.
The super star singer turned hollywood actress is the mother of
eight year old twins and is currently in an off on relationship with
actor and choreographer Casper Smart who is 18 years her junior.
The couple began dating back in 2011 when she broke up with her
third husband, singing legend Mark Anthony. And in a magazine
interview on saturday, J-LO as she is fondly called by fans said: "I'm
not saying that marrying is out of the question, but then nothing in
my life is out of the question". Always the incurable and ever hopeful
romantic, she added: "I don't put limits on myself".
The singer cum actress is currently staring as a cop in the
Shades of Blue on Sky Living, her role in the movie is as a New York
Police Officer. Her first marriage was in 1998 to Ojani Noa, a Cuban
waiter , and then came an affair with raper "puff Daddy". That ended
after they were both arrested over connections with a night club
shooting. They came out clean anyway but split.
Her next stop was with a member of her dancing group Chris Judd.
What really happened? Nothing that much, just broke up, after 8 months
of paparazzi. And then she got engaged with Ben Afleck. They never
wedded, the wedding got called off few days before they tied the
knot(That should have made the count four).
Six months later she got married to Mark Anthony, a five time
grammy award winner. The couple had a pair of great looking twins in
2008, fast track to 2012 and the whole thing was history. Anthony sued
for a divorce.
Well, she said she feels good and happy with her love life right
now. And says there are no red flags in her current
relationship(probably with boyfriend Casper). But back in May the
singer ruled out a marriage with Casper who could actually pass for
her son. But as she said "anything is possible".


Bey and Jay Z turnout to watch Serena Williams slam on to a
Wimbledon final triumph.
Its a normal attraction to see celebrities turn out to watch their
favourite tennis stars play on the court. And yesterday during the
female wimbledon finals, Pop queen Beyonce and her hubby JayZ were in
the stands to watch Serena Williams win another grand slam.
Bey and JayZ watched the game from the players' together with the
family of Serena. She sat just behind Serena's mom. The couple dressed
in white was spotted cheering and smiling as Williams defeated
Angelique Kerber (7-5, 6-3) to become the second woman in history to
have 22 grand slams.
A few months ago Williams made a 'twerking' cameo appearance on
queen Bey's Lemonade video. Last month, in an interview with the WSJ
mag, Serena said she had known Bey for a long time as a friend.
Bey and JayZ weren't actually the only 'bigshots' at the finals,
other celebs and Harvard grads were there smiling laughing and
cheering 'super Serena' up.

After his evergreen hit single 'Osinachi' blew up the Nigerian
industry making him an overnight success, Ekene Ijemba aka Humblesmith
has disclosed a bit about his humble beginnings. Humblesmith did not
actually have it as rosy as BankyW, Falz and other Nigerian singers
from 'soft' backgrounds.
He wrote recently on one of his social media pages that at a time
he was actually hawking moi moi ( a kind of cake made from beans) on
the streets of Lagos. He said he sold the stuff 'in motor parks, bus
stands, on the road, traffic and everywhere."
The singer relocated to Lagos in 2012 from Asaba, Delta where he
had spent a few years doing menial jobs and lifting blocks. He said
that then, he was payed N20 for each block he lifted or offloaded.
Speaking further he added that after working in the block industry for
a while, he was able to set up a shop where he sold music tapes and
CDs. He was inspired to go into the business by his love for music.
"When I go on the streets of Lagos and I see
hawkers struggling to make sales in traffic, I
recall those days I used to do the same. As a
matter of fact, I hawked from when I was in
primary school until I finished secondary
school. I am grateful to God for his
benevolence," he stated.

The Ebonyi State born singer also added that he could not
continue his education up to a tertiary level because no one was there
to sponsor him. And had no other option than to slug a future out by
hustling on the streets.
Humblesmith who just signed a sumptuous deal with noodle maker
Tummy Tummy has received wide-spread airplays allover Nigeria on his
hit single-'Jukwese'. He has also launched a contest on
instagram,pending the release of the video. The contest is tagged
#JukweseContest. And the contest is inviting fans to compete by
posting videos of the suggestions for the song Jukwese. For a star
prize of $2000.
In the Nigerian Entertainment Awards(NEA), Humblesmith as been
nominated under two categories: Hottest Single of the Year-OSINACHI
and Best New Act.
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Saturday, 9 July 2016


Daily posts has reported that thousands of residents took to the
streets of Enugu today protesting against the prosecution of their
son, the deputy senate president- Ike Ekweremadu. The protests were
from indegenes of the Agwu senatorial zone of Enugu State. The
protesting indegenes bore placards with inscriptions demanding an end
to the " prosecution of their son".
The protest had a mommoth crowd on its roll call and they headed
straight to the Agwu/Aninri Federal Constituency.Their read: "Enough
is enough, life wire of Igbo race should not be harrassed";
"Presidency leave the Senate alone"; "Buhari leave Ikeoha alone!"
At the constituency office of the representative Hon.Toby
Okechukwu, the had a meeting with the rep and reached an agreement to
fight of any atempt to remove Ekweremadu from his current position.
The agreement was read by oe Chief. Prof. Sam Ukpabi, the traditional
ruler of Ekoli Okpanku community, as well as a former Provost of
Nigeria Defence academy. The communique read thus:
"We, the people of Enugu-West
Senatorial District of Enugu State, in a massively
attended stakeholders rally in Awgu,
headquarters of Enugu-West Senatorial District,
today, July 9, 2016, reviewed the state of the
nation, especially the politics of bitterness,
nepotism, hate and crushing economic hardship,
which a narrow cabal in the All Progressive
Congress (APC), has unleashed on Nigerians
since assuming the reins of power at the center.
In particular, we reviewed the recent politically-
motivated trial of the Deputy President of the
Senate and former Speaker of the ECOWAS
Parliament, Distinguished Senator Ike
Ekweremadu, PhD, CFR, on trumped-up charge
of forgery, which has added yet another
disturbing dimension to the APC-led Federal
Government's unabashed determination to
continually harass and overrun our illustrious son
and representative.
We noted, with dismay, that:
a) Since the re-election of Senator Ekweremadu
as the Deputy President of the 8th Senate on 9th
June 2015, the APC has neither hidden its hatred
and disgust for the revered Senator nor its
declared intention to get rid of him by "all
means", not minding that the process, which
produced him and, which was watched live by
Nigerians on live television, was credible and

b) Many high-ranking members of the APC,
including the incumbent Minister of Labour and
Productivity, had at various times, while speaking
about Ekweremadu's emergence, boasted that
they have "so many ways to kill a rat".

c) While the current political trial did not come to
us as a surprise, therefore, the Attorney-General
of the Federation (AGF) is yet to tell the world
how he generated the name of Senator
Ekweremadu and Senator Bukola Saraki for trial
when the petitioners, all Senators and National
Assembly bureaucrats interrogated by the police,
and indeed the police report itself did not
mention or indict him and Senator Bukola Saraki
in any way.

d) This kangaroo trial, which the Federal High
Court, Abuja, on 28th June 2016, described as
"an abuse of legal process", and which the great
constitutional lawyer and elder statesman, Prof.
Ben Nwabueze (SAN), has described as a
"flagrant breach of separation of powers caused
by ignorance" poses a grave danger to our
democracy and national unity.
e) That this kangaroo trial has continued,
although Hon. Justice Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Federal High
Court, Abuja, has expressed
shock at the "desperate haste" to file criminal
charges against the presiding officers of the
Senate on 10th June 2016 in contempt of a
subsisting suit (FHC/ABJ/CS/646/15) filed by
Senator Gilbert Nnaji against the Inspector-
General of Police and AGF, challenging the
constitutionality of their action in prying into the
internal affairs of the Senate.

f) That the AGF, Mr. Abubakar Malami, was a
counsel to the defedants before his appointment
as the AGF.

g) the learned judge's perception of this
impunity "as steps taken which are beyond
serving the 'public interest' by the
commencement of a criminal trial in the FCT
High Court in order to subvert the pending suits
in the Federal High Court one of which has been
fixed for 6/7/16".

h) The failure of Nigeria's security agencies to
investigate the 17th November 2015
assassination attempt on Senator Ekweremadu,
the nation's Number 5 citizen and the only son of
the South East occupying any substantive
position in Federal Government even though it
was duly reported to them.
Following the above sad observations, we hereby:
1) Declare that Senator Ike Ekweremadu is a
Senator of the Federal Republic, elected with an
overwhelming mandate of his people and has
remained one of Nigeria's brightest lawmakers
who enjoys the confidence of his colleagues; on
account of which he was re-elected the Deputy
Senate President for an unprecedented third

2) Declare that his re-election into that position
did not violate any known convention, practice,
and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of

3) Declare that the desperation of this cabal
within the APC-led Federal Government's
desperation to get rid of Senator Ekweremadu by
"all means" is hugely counter-productive and
hold ramifying consequences for Nigeria's
political stability and unity.
4) Declare that we will hold the APC-led Federal
Government squarely responsible should
anything untoward happen to Senator Ike
5) Condemn, in the strongest terms, this
kangaroo trial of the Senate presiding officers
and National Assembly bureaucracy in continued
contempt for the rule of law, revered democratic
principle of separation of power, court orders,
which constitute a dangerous muscling of the
judiciary, and "abuse of legal process" (in the
words of Justice Kolawole) by the APC-led Federal
6) Call on the APC-led Federal Government to, as
a matter of urgency, refrain from this culture of
political persecution and take immediate steps to
arrest the unprecedented hardships faced by
Nigerians in the past thirteen months, the
nosedive of the naira, the menace of herdsmen
who have turned every part of southern and
Middle Belt of Nigeria to killing, raping, and
maiming fields; the resurgence of restiveness in
various parts of the country; the rising culture of
inconclusive and poorly conducted elections; and
the disturbing fast-diminishing of human rights
and political freedoms.
7) Call on the international community to stop
playing the ostrich in the face of this dangerous
slide to dictatorship and anarchy as against the
expected rule of law and democratic freedoms
expected in the democracy, which they helped
Nigerians to enthrone on 29th May 1999.
In standing up to be counted at this critical
juncture in our national life, we want to aver that
our observations, resolutions, and declarations,
are anchored on a genuine sense of moral
justice, patriotism, democratic ethos, and the
verdict of history.
In more ways than one, our democracy is on
trial, and we call on all patriotic lovers of
democracy in this country and beyond to rise to
the occasion and reject this cabal's
determination to foist a reign of impunity
Upon Nigeria.
As our people say, let the kite perch, and let the
eagle perch. But any, which wants to undo the
other, may the almighty God break and clip its
It was signed by many ressidents of the zone,
comprising all Members of the House of
Representatives, House of Assembly,
Commissioners, Local Government Chairmen and their Vice, other
political appointees and most of the traditional rulers from Enugu
West West Senatorial District, among others.
The President of the senate and his deputy were prosecuted last
month on counts of forgery opf the senate standing rules for 2015.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Lately, a lot of changes have been seen in the admission
process for entrance into Nigerian tertiary institutions. One of them
is the scrapping of the Post UTME screening exams organised by
tertiary institutions for candidates. And in readiness to fill in the
shoes as a substitute for the Post UTME which has been stopped. The
Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has introduced a 'point
grading' system for candidates.
The admission regulatory board announced the new point system on
their website on monday this week, probably after long consultations
with universities and 'heavyweights' in the education sector. The
whole of the admission process into any tertiary institution will now
be embedded in the 'points system'.
Right now, according to JAMB,every candidate that reaches JAMB
UTME cut-off mark must be offered provisional admission by JAMB, and
the online checker portal to handle that will soon be open. But it
certainly does not end there as your provisional admission is almost
just a compensation for writing JAMB and getting to the general
cut-off mark(180 as you already know). A statement on the JAMB's
website says that your points tally will decided if your are eligible
for admission or not. According to the website, universities will also
charge candidates a fee for screening. But there isn't going to be any
exam, interview or whatever. The fee is just for the universities to
review and compile your points.

For the point tally, the point tally under the new JAMB admission
process for ALL tertiary institutions will be spread between your JAMB
scores and your O'level result. Yes. And according to the website,
candidates that submits only one complete O'level result(with a
minimum of 5 C's including English and Mathematics) will have higher
points. Infact, submitting one O'level result gets you 10 sure points.
Submitting two O'level results(two sittings combination) guarantees
you just 2 points. So this means candidates with just one result are
at an advantage. But only JUST. Its that bad.
For the O'level grades, each grade has a number of points
assigned to it. For example, A=6, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1 and F=0. So
clearly the higher someone's grades are the better and clearer your
chances. More A's and B's with fewer C's =higher points= higher
chances of getting admitted this year. Got it?
The UTME results also have assigned points for specified score ranges.

180-200= 20-23 points
200-250= 24-33 points
251-300= 34-43 points
301-400= 44-60 points

JAMB further explained that one point will be added for each group
of five results in any category, on the JAMB score grading chart. This
means that 180-185(five results are in this category) will have 20
points. So if your score falls in this sub-category, you have 20
Any JAMB score between 186-191(five results) will have 21 points, so
if you fall in this sub-category, you have 21 points. And it goes on
till you max out at 200, which is the limit for the 180-200 range.
JAMB also said, that for each tertiary institution, merit
candidates will make up 45% of the total population of admitted
candidates, another 35% will contain catchment, ELD(areas less
developed in education infrastructure), staff list and VC's list will
take up the rest of the remaining slots.
The tertiary institutions will announce their cut-off marks in
points and not marks. So you should be expecting to hear the 'cut-off
point' for the school you have chosen. The cut-off points will be
based on the number of applicants and the course as usual. So if a
candidate scores 270 in JAMB but is not able to make it to the cut-off
point set by UNILAG for medicine(for example), such a person will
definitely miss out on the admission. However, JAMB will still give
you provisional admission.* But the thing here is, the provisional
admission which you likely will see when you enter your JAMB
registration number on the online portal that will soon be launched
will ONLY be a means to an end.
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Wednesday, 6 July 2016



Thousands on thousands of fans crowded one of the main stadiums
in Lisbon to watch Christiano break the heart of his Real Madrid team
mate- Gareth Bale. Horns blared out as fans exploded into an uproar as
the final whistle blew to seal Portugal's win against Wales in the
Euro semi final. Fans kept on chanting: "we are in the final! We are
in the final!"
Fans still clearly remember images of a 19 year old Ronaldo
shedding tears after Portugal lost two Greece in the final of the same
competition in 2004. And huge cheers went up each time his person
appeared on the giant screens. Ronaldo opened scoring in a game that
featured great display of creativity and eagerness as both teams
fought it out for a slot in the finals. Ronaldo scored his third goal
of the tournament in the 50th minute with a powerful header. One of
his trademarks**.
Three minutes later, Portugal doubled up a sure lead, when
Ronaldo's cross from a cleared ball got Nani who chipped in the ball
far out of the reach of the Welsh goalkeeper. With the goal on
wednesday night, Ronaldo equalled Michael Platini's record of nine
goals in the European Championships. He is also the first to score in
four European Championships. Ronaldo bagged a yellow card after a
challenge on
In the first half of the game, Gareth Bale took the shine compared
to his club colleague on the opposition line(Ronaldo). But things
changed when Ronaldo leaped imperiously to head in five minutes after
the start of the second half. Wales who hit the semis after a 3-1 win
over Belgium were without the creativity of Aaron Ramsey and Ben
Davies. Both players out on suspension. Portugal had to do without
Pepe(injury) and William Carvalho(suspension). Portugal beat Poland on
penalties to qualify for the semi finals, and will now meet the winner
between Germany and France.
Consolation and Pride:
Despite the win, Wales fans swallowed their devastation and sorrow
as the basked in the pride of their newly set historical mark. Its the
first time a Welsh football team is reaching the semi finals of a
major competition. And fans showed the appreciated their efforts as
they partied far into the night. Reaching the semi finals in Euro
2016 remains their best achievement since the got to the quaterfinals
of the World Cup in 1958.
Welsh fans all over the media are expressing mixed feelings of
sadness, joy, pride and achievement.
Germany and France will clash on thursday(today).
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LOL! "You are telling me that I shaved, exfoliated and moisturised for nothing?"

A woman's hilarious response after her boyfriend cancelled their
late night date.
For most women, nothing could be as freakingly annoying as being
left to stand after making preparations for a romantic date with your
beloved. And today, a woman revealed the level of her irritation by
posting the series of messages she sent to her bae after he cancelled
their date.
An 'imgur' user stumbled on the conversation and made it viral
by sharing it online. The exchange has been viewed over 200,000 times.
It was captioned- "Please give me an hour's warning".
The images showed the woman(anonymous)who had asked her boyfriend
if he was still coming over shortly after 11pm. But she received a
bluffing message "sorry, I can't ". She now posted series of images
where she appeared to maintain her cool, but was obviously about to
explode. She wrote the message along with a picture of her with her
hair freshly washed. She said: "Haha. What. So you're telling me that
I shaved, exfoliated and moisturised for nothing". The images showed
her last message was read at 11:10pm by her boyfriend, but there was
no reply.
Over 1000+ comments poured in, as other users sent in their support.
Someone (probably a woman)wrote: "There's a deep frustration that
comes with wasting a good shave as a woman"
Another wrote: "makes me wonder if anywoman has ever shaved for me".
Lol, but shouldn't the guy have informed the chic atleast an hour
before. And to say that he actually waited for the girl to ask him.
C'mon bro! That's no way to treat a woman. Lol, exfoliated,
moisturised...and please ladies next time a guy tells you he's going
to show up at your home, call him up an hour before you start
'moisturising' and 'exfoliating' so your efforts to impress won't
become useless.
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Argentina and Barcelona football star Lionel Messi has been
sentenced to 21 months in jail for alleged tax evasion. His father
Jorge Messi, was also handed similar sentence of a jail term for
defrauding the Spanish government of €4.1 million.
They also face millions in fines for using secret tax havens in
other countries for tax evasion. However , the both will probably not
serve any sentence, because in Spain, jail sentences under two years
can be served under probation instead. So neither man is expected to
spend any time in jail.
The footballer and his father were slapped with a three count
charge bordering on tax evasion and concealing their income. Messi and
his father were fined a total of €3.5 million.
The player's club Barcelona, have expressed their support for
their star player, insisting on his innocence.
"FC Barcelona expresses its full support to Leo
Messi and his father in relation to the conviction
for tax fraud...
"The club... considers that the player, who has
corrected his position with the Spanish tax office,
is in no way criminally responsible with regards to the facts
underlined in this case."
The trial for the case began in april, and Messi a five time world
player of the year said he did not know anything. He said he only
signed papers without reading them because he trusted his father to
manage his finances properly.
"I was managing football, I knew nothing" he said in a statement that
lasted less than 15 minutes. The footie star said he was "more worried
about playing football". And never saw or suspected any wrongdoings
while signing documents.
The trials began on 30th of April, and investigations have also
been made regarding his endorsements and image rights with addidas,
Procter and Gamble, Danone, Banco Sabadell and others. There was
evidence that a tax evation scheme involving banks in Uruguay had been
deployed to cheat the Spanish government. Following the ruling of a
High Court in July that the player should not be granted any immunity,
his lawyers have claimed that the player devoted no time at all to
reading the documents.
Lionel Messi just retired from the Argentine national team after
Copa America final loss to Chile. He has been the world best player on
five occasions.


An 18 year old nursing mother pulled the most unthinkable stunt by
using her six month old son as weapon to fight her boyfriend. This
happened on a Florida beach-Daytona beach around 4:30pm yesterday.
The teenage mother named Tatyana Allen, got into a fight with her
estranged boyfriend and out of blind fury, picked up her son and used
him to attack her boyfriend. The incident was witnessed by people at
the beach.
The Volusia Beach Patrol said she used her child as a weapon,
holding on to the body and used him to beat her boyfriend. And then
she threw the baby down. One of the people who witnessed the scene
immediately called 911.
Over 20 people were around to witness the whole incident, and
witness reports described the baby as a helpless infant. And that
could not even raise his head up when his mother threw him face down.
An excerpt from the call made to 911 dispatch- "The baby was
screaming. It
was face down in the sand. It couldn't hold its head
up by itself, that's how little it was."
Following the fracas, the child has been taken to the hospital and
Allen has been charged with battery and infliction of mental and
physical wounds to her son. She is being held without the option of


Go Drake! Go Drake!! Go Drake!!!.
Its another week, and with it has come another legendary record only
two have been able to match,and one of them is Drake. The other is pop
legend(deceased) Michael Jackson. Drake is having the year of his
whole career, and has been able to match the record set by M.J back in
the 1980's.
Once again, Drake is topping the billboard chart with the best
song and the best album, and its seven weeks running. The last time
that record was set was in 1983, when Michael Jackson topped the
Billboard chart for seven weeks with the no 1 song(Billie Jean) and
the no1 album(Thrillers). And Drake has been the first to hit a stride
as this, ever since 1992 when, Whitney Houston ruled the charts for 12
solid weeks(only the beetles have done that).
On this particular week, Drake is ruling the charts with his
song "views" and his album-"One dance". Drake's "views" has led the
charts for a stretch of nine weeks, while his album "One dance" has
been no 1 on top hot 100 for seven weeks. Should be eight anyway, but
he was dethroned for a week by Justin Timberlake.
Drake and Michael Jackson are the new record holders as the only
two males to top the charts for. Seven straight weeks. And its a good
thing for Drake, who is yet to release the video for 'One Dance'.
Drake's 'One dance' features Wizkid and Kyla.


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has stopped
pumping fuel to its depots due to attack from militants. The
corporation announced that the move was in a bid to reduce losses from
militant attacks. According to The Punch newspaper, NNPC has stopped
pumping to depots but now sells directly in bulk to oil marketers who
now distribute to the dealers and lower vendors.
This has confirmed reports from sources that the incessant
attacks on oil facilities was weighing down on the capabilities of the
oil sector. And this, may lead to fuel scarcity in some areas in
Nigeria. The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of
Nigeria(IPMAN) said through their spokesman Dibu Aderigbigbe that the
association was having a difficult time getting the commodity. Due to
the fact that fuel was unavailable at the NNPC dispensing depots.
He said that the NNPC had stopped pumping fuel, because of the
risks of pipeline vandalisation and facilitity bombings. And also the
need to minimise loses as a public body. There were initial reports
that IPMAN could not get fuel from NNPC because their members were
owing the corporation, but Mr. Aderigbegbe, an executive member at
IPMAN said that most of the members
At IPMAN had settled their debts, however that was not the reason for
the scarcity. He insisted that no fuel could be found at NNPC depots.
According to Aderigbigbe, the Ibadan and Mosimi depots are empty,
he also said that NNPC had expressly told them that the product was
not available but however they were now storing fuel in marine tanks
and dispensing to customers. He said that this was not good for the
nation as it could cause unnecessary fuel scarcity and hike.
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Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump
speaks at a rally in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday, July 5,
2016. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Calls today's Iraq a 'Harvard for terrorism'
In another of his controversial rallies on tuesday, US presidential
candidate praised former Iraq dictator and tyrant Saddam Hussein, a
man who suppressed and impressed his rule on Iraq by force for over
three decades and was widely considered as one of America's topmost
However, Trump actually began presenting his views on a good
note, he said "Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right? He was a really
bad guy" now Trump should have stopped here and concentrated on more
intricate issues, but he went ahead to sour the whole thing. He
continued "But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did
that so well and didn't read the rights to them" And as over 2000
people making up his audience erupted into laughter, he said "Iraq is
now a Harvard for terrorists, you want to learn how to be a terrorist?
Then go to Iraq. Ok? ".
It may not be the first time the highly sentimental presidential
candidate is giving a thumbs up to the rule of past dictators, but his
statements on tuesday have attracted so much attention and mixed
reactions. Some of his colleagues in the republican race have rushed
to create a gap between their ideas and his opinions. Immediately
after the rally, in an interview on Fox News, a house speaker pointed
out the record of Hussein's human rights abuse. Which the dead
dictator had continuously subjected Iraq to. The House Speaker, Paul
Ryan also reminded people that Saddam Hussein was at the top of the
most evil rulers of the 20th century. Who even committed mass genocide
against his own people with chemical weapons. He added that though he
preferred Trump as a President to Hillary, he still would speak his
mind when his colleague said the wrong thing.
Meanwhile, the whole of Hillary's campaign have stood up to
condemn Trump's ideas. Jake Sullivan in a statement said that he could
see the rationale in a US president thumbing up the rule of an evil
dictator. Who paid families to contribute to the course of suicide
bombing. Who hated the Israeli nation, and wished who could step into
the shoes of Adolf Hitler. Jake Sullivan also emphasised that Trumps
twisted mentality about dictatorship could be very dangerous if he
ever gets into power.
In October last year, in a rally, Trump said that "the world would
be 100% percent perfect if dictators like Saddam Hussein, and Gadhafi
were still existing in power". And his statements are a pointer to how
ruthless he could be as a commander-in-chief. "His praise for brutal
strongmen seem to know no bounds".
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Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Wales' players have been warned not to bring their kids out on
the pitch after during the wednesday match against Portugal in the
Euro 2016 saying "it is not safe".
Fans have been thrilled with touching pictures of Wales players
celebrating the victorious run of the Welsh team with their children.
In the tournament leading to the semi finals. Players including Gareth
Bale, Ashley Williams and Hal-Robson Kanu have celebrated the progress
of the team by bringing out their kids after the matches.
But UEFA says the Euro is a tournament and not a family party.
Adding that bringing children into the pitch could endanger them with
risks of invasion by fans and stadium workers running equipment and
mercenary on the pitch.
Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale started the trend after pictures
of him flaunting his daughter bounced all over the media. Just after
the defeat of Northern Ireland in the last 16 stage of the
competition. And his team mates followed suit, lining up their
children after defeating Belgium.
But they may not have that opportunity in the semis clash against
Portugal. Call it 'uefa's killjoy' attitude. Lol.


CBN Governor: Godwin Emefiele
The Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) has dissolved and partially
taken over the management board at one of Nigeria's commercial
banks-Skye Bank. The Governor of the bank Godwin Emefiele disclosed in
a conference in Lagos on monday that the decision was reached after
CBN realised that Skye Bank Plc had failed to maintain the minimum key
liquidity and adequate capital ratios for a long period. Leading the
bank into a more "unhealthy condition."
Governor Emefiele said that a new board had been appointed for
the bank. The new Managing Director/CEO is Mr. Adetokunbo Abiru, a
Hazard Business School graduate who was the head of the investment
banking unit at FirstBank Plc. His appointment follows the resignation
of Group Managing Director-Timothy Oguntayo and Board
Chairman-Olatunde Ayeni.
The new board chairman is Muhammad K. Ahmad, the Pioneer Director
General of the National Pension Commission.
Governor Emefiele assured those present at the briefing in Lagos
that the appointments were solely to rescue the institution, before
things got to an irreversible point. He also announced the sacking of
all non-executive directors, independent directors,deputy managing
director and a couple of the longest serving executive directors at
the bank. Except for the most recently appointed executive directors,
who were only retained to aid continuity and seamless transition.
According to a report from Governor Emefiele, the 'proactive
moves' had to be taken after Skye Bank Plc consistently failed to meet
certain threshold requirements in 'prudential and adequacy ratios'.
Also the Bank's liquidity and non-performing loans have been at very
low levels for a long time. And this has resulted in Skye always
borrowing from the apex bank.
He also added, that reports from market watchers, financial analysts
and expectations from shareholders have shown that the bank should be
doing far better than now. And that CBN had met with the board of the
bank, he said a long grace period had been given to the bank, enough
for the former board and management to steer the ship aright. But
after all, the realisation had dawned in that the board was not
capable of salvaging the bank's critical condition. And so in the
interest of the bank "the chairman and some board members of the bank
have tendered their resignation".
Muhammad K. Ahmad, the new chairman of the bank is experienced
and well versed in the public sector with over three decades of
experience serving in financial services industry. He has been on the
board of many institutions and companies including banks. In a
statement after his appointment, Ahmad said that there were high hopes
that the Bank could attain glory again. He said that the bank had the
resources to deepen and expand commercial and retail services in the
banking sector and on a large scale-economy wise. He said that the
first mission of the board was to begin immediate restructuring of all
units at the bank. And also improve the trust of stakeholders again.
He stated his full commitments to preserve the interests and
investments of stakeholders.

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On sunday, social networking website twitter, suspended the
account of Niger Delta Avengers because it contrevened its rules. In
the same line Google deleted their blog from its search index. But the
Niger Delta Avengers have been bold to come out and announce that
their accouts have been blocked and that they are now available on
facebook. Where they would pasting their updates from now on.

Last night, they announced on their facebook page that they had
blown up oil facilities belonging to NNPC,NDPC and Chevron. The Niger
Delta Avengers have disclosed that the main reason why they have
continued their attacks despite arranged negotiations with the Federal
Government is because the Federal government had failed in its own
part of the deal. That is, the Federal had continued to turn the blind
eye to the needs and sufferings of the indegenes of the Niger Delta
Meanwhile, another militant group, Ultimate Warriors of Niger
Delta have announced their intent to pull out of the ceasefire
agreement with the federal government, terming it a 'diversion trick'.
The group spokesman of the Ultimate warriors has sent a warning to
Buhari, telling him that their activities which is as a result of his
policy reversal will only have a boomerang effect on him.
Twitter suspended the account of Avengers group because it had
been using it to announce and promote its attacks of government
interest. This clearly contravenes rules stated in its terms that "You
may not make any threats of violence or promote violence, including
terrorism". Google, obviously for similar reservations about the
activities of the group and for its interests in Nigeria also deleted
their blog. They have now fully migrated to the largest and most
"free" social network on earth.

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Live Theatre on Sunday production will on July 8th and July 9th
present Wole Soyinka's 1960's master piece, the comedy- "The Trials of
brother Jero". The play will be presented at the Radisson Blu
Anchorage Hotel, Ozumba Mbadiwe street, Victoria Island Lagos.
The play was written by Nigeria's nobel prize winner Wole Soyinka,
and was first published in 1969. The Play was inspired by the writer's
urge to potray the level of greed in the society, but in a comic way,
meant to relax an audience. The hilarious comedy features the antics
and incredulous activitiesof a young self acclaimed prophet named
Brother Jero on the Lagos beach(Which is no more functioning).
The play is directed by and will feature many popular actors in
the industries. The play is directed by: Kenneth Uphopho( also
directed Saro The Musical,London life.) And produced by Adenugba
*Oreka Godis(Host Urban FM and Ebony life TV's love lounge).
*EMMAOHMYGOD(entertainment celebrity)
*Jide Kosoko(Nollywood actor)
*Patrick Diabuah(Featured in Saro The Musical)
*Debble Ohiri(Woman Hear Word)
*Goodness Emmanuel(Actress and celebrity; Band Aid, Shattered).
And a host of so many yet unknown talents.
Tickets are currently on sale at Terrakulture at N5000 for regular
seat and N15000 for Prestige Class. The play is sponsored by MTN and
supported by,AXA Mansaard, UBER, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Beat FM,
Startimes, African Movie Channel, Pulse NG, Swift Networks, Seven Up
bottling company PLC, Ynaija, Red Group, Cool FM and more.
For more info and tickets reservation please tweet to
@livetheatreonsunday or simply call the number: 08147453598.

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Just yesterday monday June 4, 2016, two suicide bombers killed
four Saudi security agents just outside Prophet Mohammed's mosque in
the city of Medina. The location of the Mosque is on of the two most
revered sites in Islam. The bombing which happened at car park, very
near the massive complex of the worship site happens to be the latest
in the run of attacks in Saudi lately.
Earlier that morning, the vigilant Saudi security had managed to
foil a suicide bomb attempt at the US Consulate in Jeddah, while in
another province a suicide bomber struck before sunset of the same
The images of the Medina suicide attempt,went viral on the
social media in the afternoon, the images and footage showed thick
heavy smoke billowing near the mosque, and two security forces lying
unmoving. A few people were also injured.
No responsibilities have been claimed for the attack, but
immediate previous attacks have been in line with ISIS mode of
operations, targeting Shia muslims, and US operatives in Saudi, and
also Saudi interests that conflict with theirs. The man who carried
out the attack in Medina has been identified as a middle aged Abdullah
Khan who migrated to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 12 years ago.
Reports were leaked out days ago, that ISIS had urged their
members not to relent in their attacks towards the end of the
Rammadan. And during the last seven days of the fasting period,
muslims usually flock Mecca and Medina for the minor
Muslims all over are in shock over the incident. In the past two
weeks, ISIS has claimed responsibility for attacks in Dhaka, Istanbul
airport and Baghdad, probably as part of an agenda to expand their
scope away from a battlefield where they have suffered so much
defeat(Syria). And recently, they've been launching direct attacks on
the Saudi Arabian government. But an attack on one of Islam's most
revered sites, a sacred site that contains the tombs of the Great
Prophet Mohammed, and the two first Caliphs is just out of the way.
And right now attacks are being aimed at a sect of muslims
called shia muslims, who are regarded by islamists as inferior or
'counterfeit' muslims. It was apparent that the suicide bomber planned
to strike at a time when thousands of pilgrims would gather at the
site for the sunset prayers.
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Following strict directives handed to the all telecommunication
networks from the regulatory board of the Nigerian Communications
Commission, operators/service providers will from July 1, will have to
activate the "DO NOT DISTURB" facility for users to access with their
mobiles. And this will give subscribers the freedom to pick a choice
of the SMS service they would like to receive.
On this, the networks have been mandated to dedicate a specific
short code (2442) that will enable subscribers make their preferred
choice of service. The public affairs department of the commission
said the decision was reached after incessant complaints from users
concerning the nuisance of unsolicited text messages from their
service providers.
The director of the public affairs unit Tony Ojobo, said that NCC
was now calling on a regulatory provision o be enforced on all network
provider, the provision will now categorise the type of text messages
to be received by users and subscribers based on user's choice he also
added that the categories will be based on a broad of services
including Banking/insurance/finance, Sports, Real Estate, Consumer
goods,Automobiles and other products, health and food, Fashion,
Communication/Broadcasting, Travel/tourism,
celebrity/leisure/inspirational tips/art and others.
And also users could 'totally' unsubscribe from receiving any
service message by sending "STOP" to the shortcode-2442. And
automatically will stop receiving any unsolicited messages.
There are a few options and service codes that
were listed by NCC. For example:

To receive SMS related to *Banking/Insurance/and other Financial
packages, send "SMS 1" to 2442.
*For health,food and environment information, send "SMS 4" to 2442
*For tourism, and leisure send "SMS7" to 2442

Mr. Tony Ojobo said that these shortcodes may be subject to
change by the networks for optimisation of user end to end service,
but it still does not affect the provision to make suitable and
informed choices. He also urged the telecom networks to comply with
and enforce the new rules in their services. Warning that they should
desist from harassing customers in the name service subscription.

Its not just the text messages, I think those 'stupid' phone
calls from these service providers should also be stopped. They are
even more annoying than the text messages. It can really be funny and
irritating when you are counting the hours on your time anxiously
waiting and expecting to see a credit alert on your phone before 4pm
bank closing time and all you keep on receiving is messages from
service providers. Annoyance would be understatement here.
Thanks to NCC for coming to the rescue, sometime ago I was even
discussing with a friend on a possible computer algorithm or app that
could block those messages And I'm sure if we had created it,we would
have been the next Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg of Nigeria!
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TOP 'n' TRENDING: BUHARI IS KILLING DEMOCRACY IN NIGERIA- Enugu Trad...: "Nigeria's democracy is under serious threat if Buhari's
unforgiving spirit goes unchecked".
A traditional ruler i...


The President of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic
Affairs has declared tomorrow July 6, 2016 as the date for Eid-el-Fitr
in Nigeria. The President General of the association who also doubles
as the Sultan of Sokoto made the announcement yesterday and also added
that the new moon of Shawwal had not been sighed anywhere in Nigeria.
The President General Sa'ad Abubakar has not been seen in the country
for days.
Abubakar therefore enjoins all muslims to observe the fast on
tuesday and also their eid prayers on wednesday July 6. Earlier, the
NSCIA had told all Nigerian muslims to look for the moon between
Sunday and Monday for the Eid-el-Fitr. And on Sunday the secretary
general of the association in a statement released to the public
enjoined all muslims to search for the moon.
Other countries like Saudi-Arabia have already announced wednesday
as their Eid-el-Fitr. The celebrations are used to mark the end of a
month long Rammadan fast by muslims. In Nigeria, the Rammadan fasts
began on monday, June 6.

What you need to know about the Rammadan
The Rammadan is a period of fasting, prayers and meditation observed
by all muslims. It is seen and highly regarded as a sacred period, and
its believed to be the period when the mysteries of the Quran were
revealed to the lowly state of mankind. The Rammadan fasting is a bit
unique, as muslims during this period fast only in the day time. That
is, they are not allowed to it or drink anything at all. Its also a
time for meditation and frequent visits to the mosque for prayers.
Rammadan is a time for muslims to reflect on their lifestyles and work
on their whole persons. The Quaran states that " he who is not willing
to give up false statements and evil deeds is not fit to give up
eating and drinking" meaning that during the fast you must work on
The iftaar
The iftaar is a period at the end of each day of fasting during the
Rammadan when families gather to end the fast. Iftaar literally
translates to "break fast". Its usually a family thing, but there
could also be communal and charity feasts at mosques and other
For the exceptions, there are variations, but as a convention
(and as stated in the Quran), pregnant women,the elderly, top
performing athletes and the diabetics are exempted. Children too, but
sometimes children participate with their parents on half fasts.
On Eid-el-Fitr, muslims will gather at the mosque to say their
final prayers for a successful fasting period and then go on to spend
the rest of the day with families and relatives. With everyone wishing
the other "Eid-mubarak". In core muslim states, the eid holiday span
3-5 days at a stretch.
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Monday, 4 July 2016


One of Nigeria's most prominent Human Rights Lawyers,political
activist and Senior Advocate of Nigeria(SAN) on saturday, urged the
president of the senate Bukola Saraki and his deputy to face their
trials and stop making it look like they were being victimised.
Femi Falana SAN, said this in a lecture he delivered at the 60th
birthday celebration of the secretary to the Edo State Government
Prof. Julius Ihonvbere. The lecture was titled "The Limits of
Executive Immunity". It was held in Benin, capital of Edo State.
The Lawyer also stated that the constitution provided immunity
from prosecution only to governors and the president and not to
lawmakers. He expressly faulted the invitation extended to the
Attorney General of the Federation by the senate, insisting that the
Attorney General Abubakar Malami was answerable only to the President
himself. Falana went on to urge the Senate leaders to face the forgery
case levelled against them and "stop politicising the whole issue".
"As the leader of the national assembly you are above the board
and that is why you must be very careful". He said. He also added that
there was no more total immunity both at the state and national levels
and so any criminal case must be treated as such. Falana also made
reference to the case of the Ekiti State Governor and EFCC, he said
that contrary to the claims of Governor Fayose that it was
unconstitutional to freeze his Zenith bank accounts, his issue was a
criminal case, involving an account that had a lot to do with illegal
transactions. And so the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had
the right to freeze his accounts pending his leaving office and facing
Falana also stated that the Senate is mandated by the dictates of
the constitution to reports any activities of forgery of its rules to
the Attorney Genaral but it failed to do that. And that the Attorney
General of the Federation had every constitutional rights to prosecute
the case, while he remains answerable only to the president.
The senate last week had sent a summon to the Attorney General of
the Federation Abubakar Malami on thursday, but the AGF failed to meet
the appointment, the AGF sent the representative of the President
instead. But the representative was promptly walked out of the senate
meeting. With the lawmakers insisting that they wanted only the
presence of the Attorney General. The AGF had been summoned by the
Senate to explain his reasons for prosecuting a case that albeit
mattered only to the Senate and was none of his business.
The prosecuted lawmakers were arraigned before a Federal high
court in Abuja,and were granted release on the condition which they
met there at the court premises. About 24 hours later, Senator Ike
Ekweremadu, the deputy Senate President addressed a letter to the
international community on the case. In the letter,he claimed that he
and his boss Bukola Saraki were being prosecuted as an attempt by the
party in power to threaten democracy and witchhunt its opponents.
The senate is yet to decide on any action to take against the AGF
for shunning their summons.
About a month ago, Femi Falana had heavily criticised the request
of the Senate for immunity and pension for life, terming it "satanic
and devoid of a clear conscience". He said that no serious nation
could grant immunity to a legislature that had been deeply enmeshed in
cases of forgery,rape,sexual abuse and diversion of public funds. He
also said that all hands were on deck around the human rights
community to ensure their request was not granted.
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Sunday, 3 July 2016


Image:Dimitri Payet celebrates scoring France third goal against iceland.
Image credit: Foxsports

France emphatically beat Euro underdogs,Iceland to reach the semi
finals of the Euro 2016 with an amazing scoreline 5-2. The victory
this morning saw goals from Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud, Athletico
Madrid's Antoine Griezman, Juventus' Paul Pogba, and Dimitri Payet.
Giroud scored a brace in the match that was played at Stade de
The win ended Icelands fairytale dreams of winning the
competition. Iceland had previously cleared off England in the last 16
with a scoreline of 2-1. Which came as a pleasant surprise to its
population of 330,000 residents. But the resilence lceland displayed
against England proved futile against France as they were clearly
outplayed by a star-studed and cordinated French team.
At the half time mark, Iceland were 4-0 down and despite much
rallying around with goals from Sigthorsson and Bjarnasson(towards the
end), the damage was already done. France has not gone beyond the
quaterfinals in this competition since they won the tournament 16
years ago in 2000. And they cruised home easily and happily, stamping
down their win with another goal from Giroud to make it five.
Despite the fact that coming into the game, Iceland had been
praised as a team with the most organised and rugged defence which was
used as a very effective weapon against England, that all went down
memory within 20 minutes of the game. France seemed to pieces their
opponents defence with just the most basic schemes in football. The
first goal came after 12 minutes of gameplay, with Giroud latching on
to a long ball and driving home low, far beyond the reach of Iceland
goalkeeper, Hannes Haldorsson. Giroud went on to score a second goal
and setup another.
Juventus playmaker, Pogba headed in the second goal of the
morning after making a hit at Antoine Griezman's right winged corner.
It was his first goal of the European Championship.

Before the break, Payet and Griezmand added the third and fourth
goals for France before the end of 45 minutes. Griezman latched onto a
through pass from Giroud tipping up the ball over the head of the
advancing iceland goalie.
Sigurdsson who netted in Iceland's winner against England, scored
for Iceland after the first half break at 56 minutes.
But France proved they were still the 'favourites' when Striker
Giroud brought them back increasing their lead by four goals once
again. He scored after beating Hannels to a Payet freekick. He was
withdrawn immediately, having been booked once in the match.
At 84 minutes, Iceland had another goal for pride with a powerful
header from Bjarnason.
Didier Deschamps' men will now face a semi final showdown with
Germany in Marseille on thursday as both giants of European football
go on a "horn-fight" to get to the finals.
The coach said: "Germany remains the best team and the world
champions, no doubt about that. Even if Italy gave them a few scares.
But we are their in the final four".


The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has warned all defaulting
airlines to desist from selling airline tickets in foreign currencies
with immediate effect. In a statement released by the Acting General
of public relations unit, Sam Adurogboye, he said that this illegal
act by the airlines which had recently been brought to their notice
was contravening the decreed guidelines of the Central Bank of
Nigeria(CBN) on purchase of goods and services in Nigeria.
On April 17,2015 via a circular the CBN decreed that all pricing
and purchase of any product shall continue to be in Naira only and it
is illegal to denominate or state the pricing of any product in any
foreign currency.
The Acting General said that the aviation regulatory authority is
disturbed by reports of airlines refusing to accept naira as payment
for services. Only accepting payment in just foreign currency.
The statement also disclosed that such activities by the airlines
contravened the stated rules and provisions of the Bilateral Air
Service Agreement (BASA) between Nigerian and countries in articles
8(4) . Standing on this, the statement read that all airlines are
hereby ordered to desist from from such illegal activities and heed to
the provisions of BASA and CBN rules. In other words, airlines are not
allowed to sell their tickets to customers in foreign currency but
only in naira.
Mr. Sam also said that letters of warning had also been
dispatched and read to all the airlines. The letters expressly read:
"Sales of tickets and services should henceforth
be offered to air travellers in naira without further
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Saturday, 2 July 2016


This news was culled from and
United States...
A district attorney in Louisiana has announced that he has no
intentions of pursuing any charges against a 30 year old mother was
arrested a few days ago for flogging her three juvenile sons who were
caught stealing 'fancy' items from a neighbour's house.
Shaquana Spears was arrested and convicted of 'felony' charges
which involved to counts cruelty to juveniles. The police arrested
Shaquana on June 20, alleging that she had severely whipped her three
sons aged 13,12 and 10 respectively. The charge also stated that she
had inflicted deep lacerations(cuts) on the 13 year old son that bled
and also on the 12 year old so, but stated that the whipping was
lesser on the 10 year old.
But District Attorney-Hillar Moore has disclosed that Shaquana will
not be charged and that what she did "was perfectly justified as an
attempt to discipline her kids." He also said that he did not see any
criminal intention or attempt at child abuse in the act.
Shaquana had found herself in the media spotlight and all over the
social networks when she whipped her three sons who stole things
ranging from a hoverboard to other 'petty' items and toys from a
neighbour's house. Even though she was immediately arrested, she was
held up high by many state officers and even the media as the ideal
model for mothers. And a republican who is currently running for a
senate seat has insisted that "spearing the rod will only produce a
criminal destined to spend his life in jail"
Shaquana when she was interviewed by the police gave her reasons
for what she did. She said that her husband, the father of her sons
was in jail, and she did not want her sons to "go to jail too". She
said she had to whip them, so they would not take the path of crime.
A judge has advised that it was in the best interest of the 13
year old boy to be placed in the custody of the Louisiana Child Care
services. But he has been transferred to the care of a relative.

Side kick:
In Africa, it is the main responsibility of a parent to 'beat out' the
crime tendency in his/her children and 'beat in' cultural values into
them. And its really some beating because most Africa parents in this
age don't have time to get bamboo stems and canes for whipping
anymore, they just use anything at their disposal to chastised the
derailing child. Shoes, books with heavy thick covers, brooms, sticks.
Or were these are not available their hands will do. And they will
make good use of them, slapping,pounding and boxing.
So many famous men and women in Africa are existing because their
parents and elder siblings made efforts to 'drive home' the essense of
responsibility into the very core of their character. And so no matter
were they are, they can look at the 'scars of purnishment' and pattern
their lives accordingly.
The point here is, the woman should not have been arrested at all.
Infact I support the idea that she should be compensated for the
'unecessary' arrest. And then those her sons should be giving more
whipping for dragging their mother out into the open. She has a
complete and valid reason for not choosing to spear the rod like most
mothers would do. And it was the right decision. At least the scars
will serve to remind the boys that stealing, no matter the type or
level is very bad.
Shaquana Spears I give you my thumbs.
-Ebube EMEKA

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