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Thursday, 30 June 2016


Ex-Paris Saint-Germain star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has
cleared the air of all speculation by announcing his next
destination-Manchester United. The 34 year old announced on Instagram
and Facebook that his next club would be in the English Premier
League. Ending all the doubt surrounding the future of his career.
The move will make Zlatan the second mega signing of the English
side after manager Jose Mourinho has already completed the signing of
Ivory Coast star defender Eric Baily from Villareal. He wrote on
"Time to let the world know. My next destination
is Manchester United,". He also added a photo of himself and the
manchester united badge. In what would likely the last major move of a
career that has spanned five countries, Zlatan will re-unite with
Mourinho at Manchester United. They both worked together during
Mourinho's spell as coach in Inter Milan.
The tall striker who has 116 caps and 62 goals has been playing
around announcing the decision. After Sweden's first game at the 2016
Euro, he wrote on instagram that he was not sure of his next
destination after PSG at all.
Ibrahimovic has had previous career spells with Malmo of sweden,
Ajax of Holland, Juventus of Italy, Barcelona in Spain and Paris
Saint-Germain in France. He announced his retirement after his country
Sweden crashed out of the group stages of Euro 2016.

Zlatan will surely be an invaluable asset for Mourinho in his attempt
to upgrade an uncoordinated Manchester United line that performed so
poorly last season. He will add more depth,speed, strength and
versatility to the team's attacking line. This will mean Rooney will
have to slide back deeper into the midfield,leaving the attack for
Zlatan, and youngsters Martial and Rashford. And as for Depay who was
purchased from dutch club side PSV at no little cost by former coach
Van Gaal, he may just have to be shelled out or just kept on his bench
For weeks and even before the start of the Euros, Zlatan has posed
the indecisive person in the media. He has carefully. And tactically
avoided questions on his future and career after PSG. But he did
disclose that there had been 'concrete' offers from USA, Asia and
Europe buit refused to name Manchester United. There were even
speculations that he would decline the temptation to test new soil(In
England) and would rather go back to AC Milan in Italy or drift to
When mercurial personality was interviewed after Mourinho's
appointment as Manchester United coach, he said of the portuguese:
"You want action, you bring Mourinho. I believe
he's the man to bring them back to the top.
Wherever he went he won,"
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is popular for his outstanding performance in
front of goal and his colourful character on and off the pitch.


"This is the second time and its a slap on our face"-Senate
*AGF says panel lacks justification to open the matter up.
Today, the senate committee on Human Rights and Legal Matters
walked the special assistant to President Buhari out from a meeting,
on the grounds that the committee had summoned the Attorney General of
the Federation himself.
Chief Justice Abubakar Malami the Attorney General of the Federation
and the minister of justice was summoned to appear before the senate
committee to explain the reason and rationale behind prosecuting the
presiding and most senior members of the senate.
Earlier in the past few weeks, the AGF had been handling the
prosecution case of the president of the Senate and his deputy over an
alleged forgery of the senate standing rules. And after the AGF ruled
a conditional bail for the case, the senate is under the impression
that the judiciary is in a conspiracy plan that will endanger
Today,thursday 30th June, the senate summoned Malami, to appear
before a panel, but the AGF chose to snub the summon, probably acting
on instructions from the executive. He rather to chose to send the
representative of Buhari Obono-Obla. This made the senate wonder
deeply who the AGF had as backup for his phony actions. After all he
knows quite well that physical presence was needed and not a
The seating senate expressed concerns over the actions of the AGF
terming it 'a threat to democracy' and that something urgent needed to
be done to save the situation and avert impending doom. Efforts by the
representative to deliver a message from th AGF were thwarted by the
committee's chairman Senator David Umaru who insisted that it was the
AGF that was summoned by the house and not his representative.
Consequently Obla was told to leave the place just a few minutes after
he introduced himself.
After the seating, the chairman of the committee said that
reports of events would be sent to the senate-in-planery on resumption
from its current break and that the senate would formerly make the
crucial decisions and take action against Malami. But later on and
outside the senate house, Obono Obla told journalists that the reason
why the AGF snubbed the summons was because he felt the committee had
not enough justification to open the case.
This comes two days after the President of the Senate, Saraki and
his deputy Ike Ekweremadu were arraigned before Justice Malami at a
federal high court in Abuja and granted release on conditional bail.
Two other persons were involved in the case. A former clerk of the
House of Assembly and his assistant.
The four members of the legislative house were prosecuted and
arraigned over an alleged case of forging the Senate standing rules
of 2015 used in approving the election and appointment of top
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*In 2016, these countries are the cheapest to live in.
*The first is from Africa.
Do you have any plans to go overseas, on holiday or you just want to
change your residence. If you have made the decision to create your
list of option based on the cost of living in the country you plan to
step into, then you are at the right place. This list is based on
information gotten from the ministries and agencies handling
information on human resources in these countries.
The list is also based on the purchasing power of citizens,the
cost of accommodation and the price of goods and services.
*The 'local purchasing power' is a measure of the typical salary in
that country compared to what we can get in New York city.
*Rent compares housing and accommodation rates to New York city.
*Grocery index compares grocery prices in that country to prices in New York.
*Local purchase of goods and service index: this compares the prices
of local and household goods including clothes,stationery and other
items sold in that country with the prices in a major city like New

Now, this is going to be a long post of more than 2000 words so grab
some coffee, ready?

1)SOUTH AFRICA: Surprisingly, this country located at the lowest part
of the African land map is the cheapest country to live in or retire.
The currency used in South Africa is the South African rand(ZAR). The
purchasing power in South Africa is also high. This means that
citizens are able to buy much more with lesser cash in hand. Food and
groceries are extremely cheap, and the rent rate is about the lowest
in the world. South Africa is also the worlds largest producer of
gold,chromium and platinum. Forget the fact that the standard of
living of South African citizens is low and almost 80% of the
population live in slums, but after Nigeria, South Africa remains the
strongest economy in the dark continent. The country boasts a GDP of
$327 billion dollars. Not bad for a country that is almost on its
knees from massive "brain drain" of human resources.
*Local purchasing power 27% percent higher than New York city. Meaning
general items are 27%percent cheaper here than in new
*Rent 88%percent cheaper than rates in New York.
*Services are 65.9% cheaper
*Food and groceries are 72% cheaper.

2)INDIA: Most populous country, and until 2015 was the cheapest before
South Africa beat it to the top. The South Asian country boasts a
population of 1.2 billion humans and uses the "Indian Rupee" as its
currency. The cost of goods and services here are very cheap, mainly
due to the massive population, which also ranks it second in the world
after China. It's major industries are chemical(they make so much
fertilizers and cosmetics), textile(no popular brand here but they are
good) and food processing. Living in India can be very cheap and the
rent index is comparatively low(lower than South Africa even). In a
month, expenses on groceries and local purchase could be around $300.
*Local purchasing power is 22% lower than New York.
*Rent is 95% cheaper
*Groceries, local goods and services are approximately 75%cheaper than
you could get in New York.

3)KOSOVO: The Republic of Kosovo is located in Southeast Europe and
has been the subject of some very intensive dispute between
nationalists and Serbia. Nevertheless, Kosovo despite all the
political turmoil still has a seat on the list of the cheapest
countries. Kosovo is a member of the EU and its currency is Euro.
Mineral mining and construction materials are the major industries in
the country that has a population of almost 2 million inhabitants.
*Local purchasing power is 33% percent lower than what you can get in New York.
*Rent is 92.1% lower
*Groceries, Local goods and services are about 73% cheaper than in New York

4)SAUDIA ARABIA: Wealthy middle eastern country, and the top of the
list of the largest oil producers in the world. Saudi's grocery items
are cheaper than most countries. Its industry is entered on crude oil
drilling and petroleum/petrochemical products. The 100% percent
Islamic country ranks number four(4) on the list of cheapest
countries. Saudi has a population of about 31 million residents, and
rocks a GDP of $1.7 trillion.
*Local purchasing power is higher than New York by 34%
*Groceries are 54% cheaper
*Rent is 86.2% cheaper than in New York

5)KAZAKHSTAN: The Federal Republic of Kazakhtan borders Russia and
China in Northern Central Asia. It has a population of about 18
million residents. Its GDP is sourced mainly from mineral mining
industries such as coal,oil and iron ore. Its low cost of living is so
obvious from the cheap price of groceries.
*Local purchasing power is 33 percent lower than New York's.
*Rent is 91 percent cheaper
*Local goods and groceries are 72.6% cheaper

6)ZAMBIA: Zambia is located in Southern Africa and has a GDP of about
$19 billion. Zambia ranks number 6 on the list. For people who are
seeking to relocate to a cheap African country Zambia will be
wonderful option.
*Local purchasing power is 50% higher than New York
*Rent is 68.1% cheaper(the highest rent index on this list on the list)
*Groceries are 60% cheaper
*Local goods and services are 46% cheaper.

7)OMAN: This small country in the middle east just like its neighbours
is very rich in crude oil and is among the top exporters of oil in the
world. The purchasing power of its currency the 'Rial' is the highest
on the list of top 10 cheapest countries. Its GDP is about $83
*Local purchasing power is 58% higher than New York
*Rent is 71.7% cheaper
*Food,local goods and services, groceries about 46% cheaper than New York.

8)PARAGUAY: Paraguay is a South American country with a population of
about 6.7 million and a GDP of $63 billion. Paraguay's population
depends mostly on the cement, sugar and textile industries. On the
average local goods, groceries and services relatively cheap in
Paraguay. Housing is also very cheap.
*Local purchasing power is 46 percent lower then New York city.
*Rent/Housing is 91.2%

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The minister for transport in Nigeria told journalists in an
interview with CNBC yesterday the American company General Electric
has concrete plans to event about $2 billion in the country's railway
sector. He also said that the Federal government was looking for
investment from both private and public partnership deals as a source
to fund improvements in the transport sector.
As for the private investment, General Electric an American
multinational conglomerate based in new york will be pumping in 2
billion dollars to revive the Lagos-Kano gauge, and Port Harcourt
Maidugiri narrow gauge.

The former governor of Rivers State said:
"It is good that such kind of funds will come into
the economy, it will create employment, it will
increase business and everybody will be part of
the process."
He also added that the arrangement will ensure that much stress
is taken off the shoulders of the federal government. This is because,
the government will not be funding the rail projects, but will only
initiate them, and the investors will take over. President Buhari will
be flagging of the Lagos-Kano line by july and by the end of this
year, the Lagos Ibadan section of the line should have been
A loan has also been procured from a Chinese bank, and the
condition for the loan is that one of the contractors will have to
come from China. And the minister for transport has disclosed that the
services of CCECC(China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation).
The total cost for the line should be about 3.5 billion dollars, and
minister says there are plans to employ as many people as possible for
the work. The construction should span a period of about three years.
Rotimi Amaechi also disclosed that the government was still
expecting the bulk of the $160 billion dollars needed to renovate the
Nation's transport sector. And so, plans were being made to invites as
many investors as possible to the podium.
According to him, Nigeria has a very big market that favours
investors a lot, and it wouldn't take time for investors to get back
there money once the system has started working. The new rail system
will be dual purpose, both passenger and freight transportation.
Ameachi also added the the Federal government had also made
efforts to cut down on costs and save money by negotiating some of the
deals saving up almost 1 billion dollars.
''We negotiated that one from $11.97 billion to $
11.17 billion, saving the country $800million.''


Popular Nigerian author Capt. Elechi Amadi has dead. He died
at 82. Elechi Amadi, who wrote popular novels like The
concubine,Isiburu,Sunset in Biafra,Peppersoup and others died on
wednesday afternoon, after a brief illness.
Elechi Amadi(born 12th may 1934) is a Nigerian author and
novelist who wrote narrative novels mainly on the Igbo village setting
and cultural beliefs, especially the period before contact with
western civilisation. Elechi Amadi was born in 1934 in Aluu community
in Ikwerre Local Government of Rivers State. He attended Government
College Umuahia(1948-1952), Survey college, Oyo(1953-1954) and
University of Ibadan(1955-1959). He obtained a degree in Physics and
Mathematics from the University of Ibadan.
Elechi served in the Nigerian Army during the civil war and
remained there even after the war, attaining the position of Captain.
This was after he had worked as a teacher and land surveyor. After
leaving the army, he held several positions in Rivers State. He served
as the permanent secretary of the state between 1973-1983;
Commissioner for Education(1987-1988) and Commissioner for Lands and
Capt.Elechi also worked as a writer-in-residence and as a
lecturer in Rivers State University where he also held the position of
Head of Literature department.
Honours and Awards:
In 1992, Elechi Amadi won the Rivers State silver Jubilee merit Award.
In 2003 he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree as doctor of
Science(D.Sc) from the Rivers State University of Science and
Technology(Popularly called UST). In 2003 he he became a fellow of the
Nigerian Academy of Education. In the same 2003 he also became a
member of the Order of the Federal Republic(MFR).
In May 2004 a conference was organised by the Association of
Nigerian Authors, Rivers State branch to mark his 70th birthday.
In 2009, 5th January, Elechi was kidnapped at his hometown in Port
Harcourt, he was released a day later on the sixth of January.
Amadi's first 'accomplished' work was the "Concubine" a novel
which made very successful attempts to picture pre-colonial life in
the riverine areas of the Niger Delta. It was regarded by many as a
"perfected work of pure fiction". Till his death the novel remained
the crown of all his works. In 2007, "The Concubine" was made into a
film, featuring popular nollywood actor-Andy Amenechi and directed by
Elechi Amadi himself.
The setting of of Amachi's second novel-The Great Ponds, shifted
to a wider area of the Eastern part Nigeria during the pre-colonial
era. It narrated the story of two villages fighting for a pond.
Amadi's autobiography-Sunset in Biafra narrates his experiences as a
Nigerian soldier during the civil war.
Other works by the writer include:
*Isiburu(a play, on Igbo cultural setting) 1973
*Peppersoup and the road(a play)1977
*Dancer of Johannesburg(a play)1778
*The Slave(Novel) 1978
*Ethics in Nigerian culture.(Philosophy)1983
*The woman of Calabar(Play)2002
*Speaking and Singing(a book on essays and poems).2003
*Collected poems(edited)2004

***PS References for this post: Wikipedia,,"the
concubine" preface and forward, Britannica, Americana.

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