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Sunday, 29 May 2016


5 women involved in the craziest corruption scandals. 
   1. Allison-Madueke: well we have to start with someone, and OMG is she a good starter! Dieziani Allison-Madueke has been in the spotlight for over a year now, in fact her name and personality could define corruption completely.
   One of the most troublesome tails in former president Goodluck Jonathan's administration, these woman has been in scandals involving seven to eight figures! She was accused of spending over N10bn of state cash in procuring and maintaining her private jets and flight crew. The former CBN governor Lamido Sanusi did not just take it easy with her when he accused the wife of a former Imo governor- Admiral Allison madueke of mismanaging, squandering and embezzeling a bloody sum in excess of $20bn. O:- Before her arrest in London on october 2, 2015 American and British officials leaked out that the former minister for petroleum had diverted state funds amounting to about N1 trn from the Nigerian treasury. Anyway, its Nigeria and as expected, she has not been officially tried for the allegations and she has vehemently denied all.
   2. Stella Oduah Ogiemwonyi Remember her? Ok I'll gist you, this woman of questionable virtues was the minister of aviation. Sworn into the office in June 2011, she was relived of her duties in February 2015. Not before she had been found to be neck-deep in corruption. She got into big trouble when she was accused of purchasing a couple of bullet proof BMW jeeps, and not just that inflating the price to some cosmic sums. It was also found out that she had forged an MBA certificate. So much for a supposed mother! But then, she just was allowed to go free. This country eh!
 3. Patricia Etteh: you just can't write this without paying homage to the memory of her scandalous exploits. A hairdresser and beauty expert, a law degree holder, Mrs Ette was a constituency representative of Osun state Nigeria. But in 2007 while still in office,alarms began to ring. She was accused of blowing over 600million naira renovating her personal house and that of her deputy. She was also accused of purchasing cars for the Representative members without permission. She still got backed up by the president then- Gen.Olusegun Obasanjo, though she was forced to resign when the criticisms turned up higher.
3) Cecilia Ibru: A former managing director of Oceanic bank plc, she is rated by some to be the most corrupt influential Lady in Nigeria. Appointed CEO and MD of the bank in 1997, Cecilia Ibru was among the bank CEO's dismissed in 2009. The charge count for her case would not read in just a day! But she got sentenced in October 2008 on a 25 charge count. Ranging from money laundering,fund diversion,insider trading. She got most of her properties confiscated by the federal government.
4)Okonjo Iweala: Though not yet proven completely, but she was accused of pilfering almost a billion dollars, while serving as Finance minister during Goodluck Jonathan's tenure.Some time this year She was questioned by president Buhari , who asked her for the whereabouts of funds loaned to Nigeria by China back in 2012. 5) Marilyn Ogar: former State Security Service spokeswoman. This lady was brought to books on account of her too many sins of accepting bribes. The story had it that she accepted bribe worth over 15 million naira in tankers of Dual purpose kerosine while playing her "roles" for her party during the elections in Osun that year. You can help improve on this post with your comments!

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