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Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Former player and coach of the Nigerian has been comfirmed dead by
members of his family. He died early early and the causes of his death
are yet to be known. Last year, the 'Big Boss' lost his wife to
cancer, and according to reports was not ill at all prior to his
Mr Keshi remains the only indegenous coach to have won the African
cup of Nations and the second in history to win it both as a player
and as a coach. He is the fifth member of the 1994 set to die, and he
is survived by four kids.


Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha hosted a meeting with two
governors from the northern states of Kaduna and Bauchi yesterday in
Owerri. The agenda was to discuss the recent killings and the more
recent and gruesome murder of a woman in Kano.
Also, on the attendance list of the meeting were APC national
chairman- Chief John Oyegun and the president of Ohanaeze ndi-Igbo.
The agenda of the meeting had a lot to do with the killing of the kano
woman and all other types of killing that have become rampant. Alhaji
Abdullahi governor of Bauchi said that no religion supports the
killing of blasphemers, and the crime should be seen as a crime. He
also added that all the northern governors are against it.
The northern governors commended ohanaeze for choosing the part
of peace for the sake of unity. El Rufai governor of kaduna said he
had spoken with the governor of Kano, who had been doing everything
possible to track the killers down. He added that Nigerians should
keep their mind open, as all these could well be the activities of
On the issue of fulani herdsmen, the northern governors said it
wasn't a new and so shouldn't be seen as just an invasion but as a
crime, a grievous one.
The APC chairman in his suggestions recommended that every
Nigerian should rise up and fight the evil perpetrators hiding under
the cover of religion, he thanked Ohanaeze for being calm in the face
of the cases.

Since the first reported cases of albino killings in November
2014, the killings have been on the rise in Malawi, turning the rural
into very unsafe harbours for albinos.
It has been discovered that albinos are the most wanted prey for
ritualists as their body parts are an essential ingredient in juju
practices. For these reason this vulnerable segment of Malawi's
population has been living in fear of death.
Amnesty international- a human rights group is calling on the
government ruling the South-African country to do something
immediately to save a recorded albino population of about 10,000 from
total annihilation.
Its not uncommon in Africa to find ritual practices that require
human body parts. And most times these rituals cold be selective in
requirements. All depending on the role the ritual sacrifice would


Most fans believe Fellaini has always been a player that's gets
quick recognition, not for his exploits anyway but for his hairdo. And
just recently, he went in a bit by dying it blond. This will sure
triple the attraction ahead of his trip with his country mates to the
He posted a pic on twitter of him sporting the new shaggy style.
With the tag -
Marouane Fellaini
Here we go with blondie felli

But, looks like his fans don't just want to let it pass.
One attacked him immediately:

@Fellaini. One step closer to looking like the brocolli you are.

Another said
@Fellaini hope your coach will recognise you

Yet another
@Fellaini wtf! Leave my club now!

What could have inspired such a hairdo? I get
It! His nephews pubic hair!

A nigerian named Okojie tweeted point blank
@Fellaini look, dnt try to wear dat thing in old
Trafford. E b lyk palm oil chaff!


Ever imagined that an iphone could be thanked for saving a baby's
life. Well, a woman from Australia can gist you on that. Stacey
Gleeson's daughter was going through a health crisis, and had lost
consciousness. When she discovered that her child wasn't breathing
anymore, she grabbed her iphone, while running into the room were she
lay her daughter, she dropped it.
She did something smart, she immediately summoned 'siri' an iphone
voice command app. She commanded siri to dial an ambulance service and
connect to loud speaker. She was to communicate with the ambulance who
arrive a few minutes later, and the baby was saved.
It happened way back in march, but she felt the need to tell her
story to apple and thank them for creating the app.
She told BBC that at first she saw the app as something to play
around with, but now she has it turned on all day. She added that even
if she hadn't dropped the phone, she still may not have been able to
dial help quickly from tension.


A Briton named Richard Huckle faces a life sentence after pleading
guilty to over 70 charges of sex abuse against children from poor
communities in Malaysia. It's believed that Richard, a 33 year old had
abused over 200 children from ages 3 to 12 within a period of a
decade. While also bragging on the media about his paedophile
The judge also decided that a paedophile manual written by the
accused was evil enough to get him up to 23 years in jail.
Investigators also discovered thousands of pictures of young victims
which he shared and exchanged with other abusers.
He also attempted to use his evil activities as a business
venture, by demanding funds for the pictures on internet. In a
statement he wrote down, he made known his intentions of marrying one
of his victims, as it would give him cover to abuse more. Its widely
believed that Richard travelled to that part of the world so he could
abuse children without getting caught. This can be backed up by a
statement he made online "impoverished kids are easier to seduce than
the middle class kids of the west".
Before he was caught, he was compiling a manual for other
aspiring paedophiles. He has been given 22 life sentences, but
malaysians believe a thousand years in jail wouldn't be enough for all
the havoc.


In a society were over 80% of its population live from hand to
mouth every day of their lives. There is still a segment of the
society comprising of the super rich tycoons,preachers,professionals
and politicians. Maintaining just one private jets can cost millions
of dollars in a years but these guys are never bothered. D money too
long! They just keep on balling!
Shortlisted are a few Nigerians that own private jets, too
qualify, you must at least own one jet. Lol, legally or illegally o.
1. Aliko Dangote: Unarguably the richest in Africa, according to
forbes' rating. The last time I checked on him he had just acquired a
tear rubber Bombadier express. One of the most popular models. I'm not
that sure, but I guess he has more.
2.Bola Ahmed Tinubu: a former governor of Lagos state. Joined the list
in 2014. With a Bombardier express, valued at about 10bn naira.( I
didn't say he used looted funds o).
3.Orji Uzor Kalu: Former governor of Abia state, he's the richest in
South-East. Super rich, these man owns FIVE! The largest fleet in
Nigeria. Selling three of those, the money can be distributed to
students in South-East universities. Well, na im money sha, but...
4.Senator Ali sheriff: former governor of Borno state. He owns four.
(Yet his people in Borno are so impoverished, this politicians sef!)
5. Mike Adenuga: Second richest in Naija. He owns a fleet of three.
6. Folorunsho Alakija: Richest 'Eve' in Nigeria. Nigeria's first
female billionaire. This oil mogul owns a Bombadier express, she
bought at about $46m. I guess its for business.

Flying to the pulpit...
The men on this list are the clergymen. (You know sey people dey sow
seed na). Hehe. On the top of the list...
1. Bishop Oyedepo: the faith preacher. This architect turned preacher
made money as architect and currently leads one the largest
congregations in Africa. The General Overseer of Faith Terbanacle,
owns four private jets. God really cares for his prophets!
2.Pastor E.A Adeboye: Very humble man. The general overseer of RCCG
worldwide, he currently owns two birds. Surprisingly, they are both
gifts from non-members of RCCG.
3. AYO Oritsejafor: president of CAN (Christian Association of
Nigeria). He owns a gifted Bombardier Challenger. (Church dey pay na)
4.Pastor Mattew Ashimolowo: He is a senior o pastor of Kingsway
international, he's based in London. He owns a gulfstream.
Hey the list is just too long( for a country like Nigeria).
Ifeanyi Ubah, Jide Omokere, Alison Madueke, Pastor T.B Joshua, Sen.
Godswill Akpabio, Sen. Amaechi. OMG!
Plus others, who are hiding their own o!


-State Minister of health.
The Minister of health for state. Has voiced on a major issue, why
Nigerians including himself don't visit public health institutions
when they are sick. He cited inadequacies of the system as his main
He stated that poor environment and lack of modern equipment are
just enough reasons to scare Nigerians away. Adding that an upgrade in
the health was necessary to boost the interest of Nigerians, after
all, Nigeria had qualified personnel. He also said that, it was also
necessary to curb the incessant strike by public health workers,
pleading that strike was not just the best way to state their
The president is currently in London, having an ear infection treated.


Wife of popular Yoruba actor Jide Kosoko has just been reported
dead. Henrietta Kosoko died on Monday, at the Sacred Hearts Hospital
in Abeokuta were she had been on treatment for over a week.
It was reported that the death of the former actress may have
been due to complications that arose from a motor accident she was
involve in, last year. But her condition became too bad and she had to
be rushed to the hospital a week ago, where she died on monday
Since news of her death, condolences have been sent in from her
fellow actors and actress in the industry.
Henrietta was aged 53.

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