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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


A man has just committed suicide after losing his last savings
on a bet that France would win the 2016 Euro Final.
Fidel Nkitin, a 27 year old Russian took his life by jumping
into the railway path of an oncoming train. He didn't flinch, even
when the train blared its approach horn.
The Russian had hoped that a £3,200 gamble would help him solve
his debt problems, but was left utterly devastated when Portugal ran
away winners with a 1-0 scoreline.
His last message on the social media after France loss was "Thank
you and forgive". Fidel Nkitin is a mobile sales man from Izhvesk in
Russia. He got crushed by a train on the Ludzya-Izhvesk railway line.

Monday, 11 July 2016


Image: Mrs Goldie Michelson.

Massachussetts has lost one of its own, a woman Goldie Michelson
belived to be the oldest existing American. She died at her home in
Massachusetts on Friday. She was a month short of her 114th birthday.
A Gerontology research institute based in Los Angeles confimed in
a report that Mrs. Goldie prior to her death was frail looking and had
been confined to her bed. She hadn't been seen out in public for long.
Goldi Michelson was born in Russia in 1902, she migrated to to the
United States as a kid and lived very near Boston. She graduated from
Brown university and was known to have interest in theatre arts.
She even had a make shift stage in her basement, installed with
stage lights for kids to perform. The oldest American now after her
death is a New Jersey resident, Adele Dunlap. Who is also 113 but few
months younger.
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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

LOL! "You are telling me that I shaved, exfoliated and moisturised for nothing?"

A woman's hilarious response after her boyfriend cancelled their
late night date.
For most women, nothing could be as freakingly annoying as being
left to stand after making preparations for a romantic date with your
beloved. And today, a woman revealed the level of her irritation by
posting the series of messages she sent to her bae after he cancelled
their date.
An 'imgur' user stumbled on the conversation and made it viral
by sharing it online. The exchange has been viewed over 200,000 times.
It was captioned- "Please give me an hour's warning".
The images showed the woman(anonymous)who had asked her boyfriend
if he was still coming over shortly after 11pm. But she received a
bluffing message "sorry, I can't ". She now posted series of images
where she appeared to maintain her cool, but was obviously about to
explode. She wrote the message along with a picture of her with her
hair freshly washed. She said: "Haha. What. So you're telling me that
I shaved, exfoliated and moisturised for nothing". The images showed
her last message was read at 11:10pm by her boyfriend, but there was
no reply.
Over 1000+ comments poured in, as other users sent in their support.
Someone (probably a woman)wrote: "There's a deep frustration that
comes with wasting a good shave as a woman"
Another wrote: "makes me wonder if anywoman has ever shaved for me".
Lol, but shouldn't the guy have informed the chic atleast an hour
before. And to say that he actually waited for the girl to ask him.
C'mon bro! That's no way to treat a woman. Lol, exfoliated,
moisturised...and please ladies next time a guy tells you he's going
to show up at your home, call him up an hour before you start
'moisturising' and 'exfoliating' so your efforts to impress won't
become useless.
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Argentina and Barcelona football star Lionel Messi has been
sentenced to 21 months in jail for alleged tax evasion. His father
Jorge Messi, was also handed similar sentence of a jail term for
defrauding the Spanish government of €4.1 million.
They also face millions in fines for using secret tax havens in
other countries for tax evasion. However , the both will probably not
serve any sentence, because in Spain, jail sentences under two years
can be served under probation instead. So neither man is expected to
spend any time in jail.
The footballer and his father were slapped with a three count
charge bordering on tax evasion and concealing their income. Messi and
his father were fined a total of €3.5 million.
The player's club Barcelona, have expressed their support for
their star player, insisting on his innocence.
"FC Barcelona expresses its full support to Leo
Messi and his father in relation to the conviction
for tax fraud...
"The club... considers that the player, who has
corrected his position with the Spanish tax office,
is in no way criminally responsible with regards to the facts
underlined in this case."
The trial for the case began in april, and Messi a five time world
player of the year said he did not know anything. He said he only
signed papers without reading them because he trusted his father to
manage his finances properly.
"I was managing football, I knew nothing" he said in a statement that
lasted less than 15 minutes. The footie star said he was "more worried
about playing football". And never saw or suspected any wrongdoings
while signing documents.
The trials began on 30th of April, and investigations have also
been made regarding his endorsements and image rights with addidas,
Procter and Gamble, Danone, Banco Sabadell and others. There was
evidence that a tax evation scheme involving banks in Uruguay had been
deployed to cheat the Spanish government. Following the ruling of a
High Court in July that the player should not be granted any immunity,
his lawyers have claimed that the player devoted no time at all to
reading the documents.
Lionel Messi just retired from the Argentine national team after
Copa America final loss to Chile. He has been the world best player on
five occasions.


An 18 year old nursing mother pulled the most unthinkable stunt by
using her six month old son as weapon to fight her boyfriend. This
happened on a Florida beach-Daytona beach around 4:30pm yesterday.
The teenage mother named Tatyana Allen, got into a fight with her
estranged boyfriend and out of blind fury, picked up her son and used
him to attack her boyfriend. The incident was witnessed by people at
the beach.
The Volusia Beach Patrol said she used her child as a weapon,
holding on to the body and used him to beat her boyfriend. And then
she threw the baby down. One of the people who witnessed the scene
immediately called 911.
Over 20 people were around to witness the whole incident, and
witness reports described the baby as a helpless infant. And that
could not even raise his head up when his mother threw him face down.
An excerpt from the call made to 911 dispatch- "The baby was
screaming. It
was face down in the sand. It couldn't hold its head
up by itself, that's how little it was."
Following the fracas, the child has been taken to the hospital and
Allen has been charged with battery and infliction of mental and
physical wounds to her son. She is being held without the option of


Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump
speaks at a rally in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday, July 5,
2016. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Calls today's Iraq a 'Harvard for terrorism'
In another of his controversial rallies on tuesday, US presidential
candidate praised former Iraq dictator and tyrant Saddam Hussein, a
man who suppressed and impressed his rule on Iraq by force for over
three decades and was widely considered as one of America's topmost
However, Trump actually began presenting his views on a good
note, he said "Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right? He was a really
bad guy" now Trump should have stopped here and concentrated on more
intricate issues, but he went ahead to sour the whole thing. He
continued "But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did
that so well and didn't read the rights to them" And as over 2000
people making up his audience erupted into laughter, he said "Iraq is
now a Harvard for terrorists, you want to learn how to be a terrorist?
Then go to Iraq. Ok? ".
It may not be the first time the highly sentimental presidential
candidate is giving a thumbs up to the rule of past dictators, but his
statements on tuesday have attracted so much attention and mixed
reactions. Some of his colleagues in the republican race have rushed
to create a gap between their ideas and his opinions. Immediately
after the rally, in an interview on Fox News, a house speaker pointed
out the record of Hussein's human rights abuse. Which the dead
dictator had continuously subjected Iraq to. The House Speaker, Paul
Ryan also reminded people that Saddam Hussein was at the top of the
most evil rulers of the 20th century. Who even committed mass genocide
against his own people with chemical weapons. He added that though he
preferred Trump as a President to Hillary, he still would speak his
mind when his colleague said the wrong thing.
Meanwhile, the whole of Hillary's campaign have stood up to
condemn Trump's ideas. Jake Sullivan in a statement said that he could
see the rationale in a US president thumbing up the rule of an evil
dictator. Who paid families to contribute to the course of suicide
bombing. Who hated the Israeli nation, and wished who could step into
the shoes of Adolf Hitler. Jake Sullivan also emphasised that Trumps
twisted mentality about dictatorship could be very dangerous if he
ever gets into power.
In October last year, in a rally, Trump said that "the world would
be 100% percent perfect if dictators like Saddam Hussein, and Gadhafi
were still existing in power". And his statements are a pointer to how
ruthless he could be as a commander-in-chief. "His praise for brutal
strongmen seem to know no bounds".
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Tuesday, 5 July 2016


CBN Governor: Godwin Emefiele
The Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) has dissolved and partially
taken over the management board at one of Nigeria's commercial
banks-Skye Bank. The Governor of the bank Godwin Emefiele disclosed in
a conference in Lagos on monday that the decision was reached after
CBN realised that Skye Bank Plc had failed to maintain the minimum key
liquidity and adequate capital ratios for a long period. Leading the
bank into a more "unhealthy condition."
Governor Emefiele said that a new board had been appointed for
the bank. The new Managing Director/CEO is Mr. Adetokunbo Abiru, a
Hazard Business School graduate who was the head of the investment
banking unit at FirstBank Plc. His appointment follows the resignation
of Group Managing Director-Timothy Oguntayo and Board
Chairman-Olatunde Ayeni.
The new board chairman is Muhammad K. Ahmad, the Pioneer Director
General of the National Pension Commission.
Governor Emefiele assured those present at the briefing in Lagos
that the appointments were solely to rescue the institution, before
things got to an irreversible point. He also announced the sacking of
all non-executive directors, independent directors,deputy managing
director and a couple of the longest serving executive directors at
the bank. Except for the most recently appointed executive directors,
who were only retained to aid continuity and seamless transition.
According to a report from Governor Emefiele, the 'proactive
moves' had to be taken after Skye Bank Plc consistently failed to meet
certain threshold requirements in 'prudential and adequacy ratios'.
Also the Bank's liquidity and non-performing loans have been at very
low levels for a long time. And this has resulted in Skye always
borrowing from the apex bank.
He also added, that reports from market watchers, financial analysts
and expectations from shareholders have shown that the bank should be
doing far better than now. And that CBN had met with the board of the
bank, he said a long grace period had been given to the bank, enough
for the former board and management to steer the ship aright. But
after all, the realisation had dawned in that the board was not
capable of salvaging the bank's critical condition. And so in the
interest of the bank "the chairman and some board members of the bank
have tendered their resignation".
Muhammad K. Ahmad, the new chairman of the bank is experienced
and well versed in the public sector with over three decades of
experience serving in financial services industry. He has been on the
board of many institutions and companies including banks. In a
statement after his appointment, Ahmad said that there were high hopes
that the Bank could attain glory again. He said that the bank had the
resources to deepen and expand commercial and retail services in the
banking sector and on a large scale-economy wise. He said that the
first mission of the board was to begin immediate restructuring of all
units at the bank. And also improve the trust of stakeholders again.
He stated his full commitments to preserve the interests and
investments of stakeholders.

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On sunday, social networking website twitter, suspended the
account of Niger Delta Avengers because it contrevened its rules. In
the same line Google deleted their blog from its search index. But the
Niger Delta Avengers have been bold to come out and announce that
their accouts have been blocked and that they are now available on
facebook. Where they would pasting their updates from now on.

Last night, they announced on their facebook page that they had
blown up oil facilities belonging to NNPC,NDPC and Chevron. The Niger
Delta Avengers have disclosed that the main reason why they have
continued their attacks despite arranged negotiations with the Federal
Government is because the Federal government had failed in its own
part of the deal. That is, the Federal had continued to turn the blind
eye to the needs and sufferings of the indegenes of the Niger Delta
Meanwhile, another militant group, Ultimate Warriors of Niger
Delta have announced their intent to pull out of the ceasefire
agreement with the federal government, terming it a 'diversion trick'.
The group spokesman of the Ultimate warriors has sent a warning to
Buhari, telling him that their activities which is as a result of his
policy reversal will only have a boomerang effect on him.
Twitter suspended the account of Avengers group because it had
been using it to announce and promote its attacks of government
interest. This clearly contravenes rules stated in its terms that "You
may not make any threats of violence or promote violence, including
terrorism". Google, obviously for similar reservations about the
activities of the group and for its interests in Nigeria also deleted
their blog. They have now fully migrated to the largest and most
"free" social network on earth.

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Just yesterday monday June 4, 2016, two suicide bombers killed
four Saudi security agents just outside Prophet Mohammed's mosque in
the city of Medina. The location of the Mosque is on of the two most
revered sites in Islam. The bombing which happened at car park, very
near the massive complex of the worship site happens to be the latest
in the run of attacks in Saudi lately.
Earlier that morning, the vigilant Saudi security had managed to
foil a suicide bomb attempt at the US Consulate in Jeddah, while in
another province a suicide bomber struck before sunset of the same
The images of the Medina suicide attempt,went viral on the
social media in the afternoon, the images and footage showed thick
heavy smoke billowing near the mosque, and two security forces lying
unmoving. A few people were also injured.
No responsibilities have been claimed for the attack, but
immediate previous attacks have been in line with ISIS mode of
operations, targeting Shia muslims, and US operatives in Saudi, and
also Saudi interests that conflict with theirs. The man who carried
out the attack in Medina has been identified as a middle aged Abdullah
Khan who migrated to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 12 years ago.
Reports were leaked out days ago, that ISIS had urged their
members not to relent in their attacks towards the end of the
Rammadan. And during the last seven days of the fasting period,
muslims usually flock Mecca and Medina for the minor
Muslims all over are in shock over the incident. In the past two
weeks, ISIS has claimed responsibility for attacks in Dhaka, Istanbul
airport and Baghdad, probably as part of an agenda to expand their
scope away from a battlefield where they have suffered so much
defeat(Syria). And recently, they've been launching direct attacks on
the Saudi Arabian government. But an attack on one of Islam's most
revered sites, a sacred site that contains the tombs of the Great
Prophet Mohammed, and the two first Caliphs is just out of the way.
And right now attacks are being aimed at a sect of muslims
called shia muslims, who are regarded by islamists as inferior or
'counterfeit' muslims. It was apparent that the suicide bomber planned
to strike at a time when thousands of pilgrims would gather at the
site for the sunset prayers.
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Saturday, 2 July 2016


This news was culled from and
United States...
A district attorney in Louisiana has announced that he has no
intentions of pursuing any charges against a 30 year old mother was
arrested a few days ago for flogging her three juvenile sons who were
caught stealing 'fancy' items from a neighbour's house.
Shaquana Spears was arrested and convicted of 'felony' charges
which involved to counts cruelty to juveniles. The police arrested
Shaquana on June 20, alleging that she had severely whipped her three
sons aged 13,12 and 10 respectively. The charge also stated that she
had inflicted deep lacerations(cuts) on the 13 year old son that bled
and also on the 12 year old so, but stated that the whipping was
lesser on the 10 year old.
But District Attorney-Hillar Moore has disclosed that Shaquana will
not be charged and that what she did "was perfectly justified as an
attempt to discipline her kids." He also said that he did not see any
criminal intention or attempt at child abuse in the act.
Shaquana had found herself in the media spotlight and all over the
social networks when she whipped her three sons who stole things
ranging from a hoverboard to other 'petty' items and toys from a
neighbour's house. Even though she was immediately arrested, she was
held up high by many state officers and even the media as the ideal
model for mothers. And a republican who is currently running for a
senate seat has insisted that "spearing the rod will only produce a
criminal destined to spend his life in jail"
Shaquana when she was interviewed by the police gave her reasons
for what she did. She said that her husband, the father of her sons
was in jail, and she did not want her sons to "go to jail too". She
said she had to whip them, so they would not take the path of crime.
A judge has advised that it was in the best interest of the 13
year old boy to be placed in the custody of the Louisiana Child Care
services. But he has been transferred to the care of a relative.

Side kick:
In Africa, it is the main responsibility of a parent to 'beat out' the
crime tendency in his/her children and 'beat in' cultural values into
them. And its really some beating because most Africa parents in this
age don't have time to get bamboo stems and canes for whipping
anymore, they just use anything at their disposal to chastised the
derailing child. Shoes, books with heavy thick covers, brooms, sticks.
Or were these are not available their hands will do. And they will
make good use of them, slapping,pounding and boxing.
So many famous men and women in Africa are existing because their
parents and elder siblings made efforts to 'drive home' the essense of
responsibility into the very core of their character. And so no matter
were they are, they can look at the 'scars of purnishment' and pattern
their lives accordingly.
The point here is, the woman should not have been arrested at all.
Infact I support the idea that she should be compensated for the
'unecessary' arrest. And then those her sons should be giving more
whipping for dragging their mother out into the open. She has a
complete and valid reason for not choosing to spear the rod like most
mothers would do. And it was the right decision. At least the scars
will serve to remind the boys that stealing, no matter the type or
level is very bad.
Shaquana Spears I give you my thumbs.
-Ebube EMEKA

Thursday, 30 June 2016


*In 2016, these countries are the cheapest to live in.
*The first is from Africa.
Do you have any plans to go overseas, on holiday or you just want to
change your residence. If you have made the decision to create your
list of option based on the cost of living in the country you plan to
step into, then you are at the right place. This list is based on
information gotten from the ministries and agencies handling
information on human resources in these countries.
The list is also based on the purchasing power of citizens,the
cost of accommodation and the price of goods and services.
*The 'local purchasing power' is a measure of the typical salary in
that country compared to what we can get in New York city.
*Rent compares housing and accommodation rates to New York city.
*Grocery index compares grocery prices in that country to prices in New York.
*Local purchase of goods and service index: this compares the prices
of local and household goods including clothes,stationery and other
items sold in that country with the prices in a major city like New

Now, this is going to be a long post of more than 2000 words so grab
some coffee, ready?

1)SOUTH AFRICA: Surprisingly, this country located at the lowest part
of the African land map is the cheapest country to live in or retire.
The currency used in South Africa is the South African rand(ZAR). The
purchasing power in South Africa is also high. This means that
citizens are able to buy much more with lesser cash in hand. Food and
groceries are extremely cheap, and the rent rate is about the lowest
in the world. South Africa is also the worlds largest producer of
gold,chromium and platinum. Forget the fact that the standard of
living of South African citizens is low and almost 80% of the
population live in slums, but after Nigeria, South Africa remains the
strongest economy in the dark continent. The country boasts a GDP of
$327 billion dollars. Not bad for a country that is almost on its
knees from massive "brain drain" of human resources.
*Local purchasing power 27% percent higher than New York city. Meaning
general items are 27%percent cheaper here than in new
*Rent 88%percent cheaper than rates in New York.
*Services are 65.9% cheaper
*Food and groceries are 72% cheaper.

2)INDIA: Most populous country, and until 2015 was the cheapest before
South Africa beat it to the top. The South Asian country boasts a
population of 1.2 billion humans and uses the "Indian Rupee" as its
currency. The cost of goods and services here are very cheap, mainly
due to the massive population, which also ranks it second in the world
after China. It's major industries are chemical(they make so much
fertilizers and cosmetics), textile(no popular brand here but they are
good) and food processing. Living in India can be very cheap and the
rent index is comparatively low(lower than South Africa even). In a
month, expenses on groceries and local purchase could be around $300.
*Local purchasing power is 22% lower than New York.
*Rent is 95% cheaper
*Groceries, local goods and services are approximately 75%cheaper than
you could get in New York.

3)KOSOVO: The Republic of Kosovo is located in Southeast Europe and
has been the subject of some very intensive dispute between
nationalists and Serbia. Nevertheless, Kosovo despite all the
political turmoil still has a seat on the list of the cheapest
countries. Kosovo is a member of the EU and its currency is Euro.
Mineral mining and construction materials are the major industries in
the country that has a population of almost 2 million inhabitants.
*Local purchasing power is 33% percent lower than what you can get in New York.
*Rent is 92.1% lower
*Groceries, Local goods and services are about 73% cheaper than in New York

4)SAUDIA ARABIA: Wealthy middle eastern country, and the top of the
list of the largest oil producers in the world. Saudi's grocery items
are cheaper than most countries. Its industry is entered on crude oil
drilling and petroleum/petrochemical products. The 100% percent
Islamic country ranks number four(4) on the list of cheapest
countries. Saudi has a population of about 31 million residents, and
rocks a GDP of $1.7 trillion.
*Local purchasing power is higher than New York by 34%
*Groceries are 54% cheaper
*Rent is 86.2% cheaper than in New York

5)KAZAKHSTAN: The Federal Republic of Kazakhtan borders Russia and
China in Northern Central Asia. It has a population of about 18
million residents. Its GDP is sourced mainly from mineral mining
industries such as coal,oil and iron ore. Its low cost of living is so
obvious from the cheap price of groceries.
*Local purchasing power is 33 percent lower than New York's.
*Rent is 91 percent cheaper
*Local goods and groceries are 72.6% cheaper

6)ZAMBIA: Zambia is located in Southern Africa and has a GDP of about
$19 billion. Zambia ranks number 6 on the list. For people who are
seeking to relocate to a cheap African country Zambia will be
wonderful option.
*Local purchasing power is 50% higher than New York
*Rent is 68.1% cheaper(the highest rent index on this list on the list)
*Groceries are 60% cheaper
*Local goods and services are 46% cheaper.

7)OMAN: This small country in the middle east just like its neighbours
is very rich in crude oil and is among the top exporters of oil in the
world. The purchasing power of its currency the 'Rial' is the highest
on the list of top 10 cheapest countries. Its GDP is about $83
*Local purchasing power is 58% higher than New York
*Rent is 71.7% cheaper
*Food,local goods and services, groceries about 46% cheaper than New York.

8)PARAGUAY: Paraguay is a South American country with a population of
about 6.7 million and a GDP of $63 billion. Paraguay's population
depends mostly on the cement, sugar and textile industries. On the
average local goods, groceries and services relatively cheap in
Paraguay. Housing is also very cheap.
*Local purchasing power is 46 percent lower then New York city.
*Rent/Housing is 91.2%

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Popular Nigerian author Capt. Elechi Amadi has dead. He died
at 82. Elechi Amadi, who wrote popular novels like The
concubine,Isiburu,Sunset in Biafra,Peppersoup and others died on
wednesday afternoon, after a brief illness.
Elechi Amadi(born 12th may 1934) is a Nigerian author and
novelist who wrote narrative novels mainly on the Igbo village setting
and cultural beliefs, especially the period before contact with
western civilisation. Elechi Amadi was born in 1934 in Aluu community
in Ikwerre Local Government of Rivers State. He attended Government
College Umuahia(1948-1952), Survey college, Oyo(1953-1954) and
University of Ibadan(1955-1959). He obtained a degree in Physics and
Mathematics from the University of Ibadan.
Elechi served in the Nigerian Army during the civil war and
remained there even after the war, attaining the position of Captain.
This was after he had worked as a teacher and land surveyor. After
leaving the army, he held several positions in Rivers State. He served
as the permanent secretary of the state between 1973-1983;
Commissioner for Education(1987-1988) and Commissioner for Lands and
Capt.Elechi also worked as a writer-in-residence and as a
lecturer in Rivers State University where he also held the position of
Head of Literature department.
Honours and Awards:
In 1992, Elechi Amadi won the Rivers State silver Jubilee merit Award.
In 2003 he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree as doctor of
Science(D.Sc) from the Rivers State University of Science and
Technology(Popularly called UST). In 2003 he he became a fellow of the
Nigerian Academy of Education. In the same 2003 he also became a
member of the Order of the Federal Republic(MFR).
In May 2004 a conference was organised by the Association of
Nigerian Authors, Rivers State branch to mark his 70th birthday.
In 2009, 5th January, Elechi was kidnapped at his hometown in Port
Harcourt, he was released a day later on the sixth of January.
Amadi's first 'accomplished' work was the "Concubine" a novel
which made very successful attempts to picture pre-colonial life in
the riverine areas of the Niger Delta. It was regarded by many as a
"perfected work of pure fiction". Till his death the novel remained
the crown of all his works. In 2007, "The Concubine" was made into a
film, featuring popular nollywood actor-Andy Amenechi and directed by
Elechi Amadi himself.
The setting of of Amachi's second novel-The Great Ponds, shifted
to a wider area of the Eastern part Nigeria during the pre-colonial
era. It narrated the story of two villages fighting for a pond.
Amadi's autobiography-Sunset in Biafra narrates his experiences as a
Nigerian soldier during the civil war.
Other works by the writer include:
*Isiburu(a play, on Igbo cultural setting) 1973
*Peppersoup and the road(a play)1977
*Dancer of Johannesburg(a play)1778
*The Slave(Novel) 1978
*Ethics in Nigerian culture.(Philosophy)1983
*The woman of Calabar(Play)2002
*Speaking and Singing(a book on essays and poems).2003
*Collected poems(edited)2004

***PS References for this post: Wikipedia,,"the
concubine" preface and forward, Britannica, Americana.

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Next up: General Electric to invest in Nigeria's 2bn railway sector.

Monday, 27 June 2016


Njideka Crosby Akunyili daughter of the late NAFDAC national
director has won the star prize for the 2016 edition of Canson prize.
The Canson prize is an annual award given for the best achieving
artist on paper.

Sunday, 26 June 2016


"Do what you love and the money will follow".
This is something entrepreneurs have heard countless times. But
the truth is, turning or transforming your hobby from a past time to a
full scale business could really be a risky venture. Sure it could
give you a success story to tell, but if you fail, it's going to be
miserable. Really horrible. You could even lose interest in that hobby
forever. Yet, every time we hear stories of people who succeeded in
creating a multi-figure income from regular past time activities. So
how did they do it?

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Ravaging flood in west virginia has left about 23 people dead,
hundreds injured and thousands stranded without power supply. Gov Earl
Ray Tomblin in a news conference yesterday that the toll was at 14,
but between then and now officials have confirmed that the death toll
had increased to 23.

Friday, 24 June 2016


Business tycoon and Africa's wealthiest man, has re-affirmed
his plans to expand his industry to the oil sector. Sometime in 2014,
the CEO of Dangote group of companies announced that his team was
setting up a refinery in Lagos. He also said that the refinery will be
an answer to Nigeria's prevailing oil problem, adding that it would be
ready by middle of 2018.
Recently Dangote told Reuters that the refinery will churn out
650,000 barrels of crude oil. He also revealed the cost of the
structure to be in excess of $12 billion. Even uptil now, Nigeria
idealy the largest produce and exporter of crude oil in Africa and
among the top 10 in the world, still suffers from scarcity of refined
petroleum products. Which is very terrible and it's as a result poor
maintenance of the refineries in the country.
But once some level of responsible privatisation has come to the
rescue, and a fifth refinery is gradually standing up to its feet in
the western hub of Lagos.
Despite the economic downturn in the country, it still comes as a
relief to inspire hope. Things have been difficult, commodities
expensive and the standard of living at a terrible low, but Dangote is
still moving to test solids fields. Dangonte also added that the
refinery will attempt to kill two birds with one stone. In that while
cartering for the demand for oil by the masses, it also will run a
fertilizer plant worth $2 billion dollars. This no doubt will help
Nigeria in its probe into developing agriculture. And farmers can get
access to fertilizer easily.

Project Funding:
Dangote revealed that the project which is set to begin production by
2019 was being funded by loans from banks, investment from export
firms, and the company's available equity. He also added that the
World bank and CBN had also made contributions. There was also some
word from him about plans to run a natural gas line around West
Africa. This will also be backed up by the power of the plant. And
that would be great as Nigeria ranks amongs the top ten countries in
terms of her natural gas reserves.
But still on his cement line, he plans to build factories all
over Africa, as part of a plan to triple overall cement production.


"Nigeria is fantastically corrupt"
You remember the statement that went viral sometime ago? Well just
for reference purposes, the guy who said it is (now former) British
prime minister. David Cameron has announced his resignation after
failing to keep Britain in the european union.
On thursday, a referendum ( a vote where everyone within age
limits is allowed to vote) was held, that requested the opinion of
British citizens in deciding if Britain should leave or remain in the
28 nation(now 27) union. A total of 72% of qualified citizens voted
giving about 30 million voters. The highest number of votes in any
referendum for over 12 years now.
On the breakdown of the results;
England voted strongly for Brexit(Britain Exit) with 53.4% in favour
of an exit. Same for wales. Wales got about 52.5% . Scotland and
Northern Ireland voted more for a stay. Scotland: 62%, Northern
Ireland 56%. Both countries preferring to stay in the EU.
The European union is just like the African union, it is now a
27(with Britain's exception) member union that has its own
currency-Euro, its own parliament and rules governing the member
nations. The UK hasn't officially left the EU as they will now have to
invoke an agreement called the " article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty".
Cameron will now choose to activate the clause in the patch, but he
has decided he will leave it for his successor.
It's the first time in history a country is leaving the EU, no
country has ever done it before. The Prime minister will be going to
the EU to explain officially the exit and his decision to step down.
Actually, the exit is not in effect until UK officially completes the
processes, and so the EU treatise will still apply in the UK.

What about people who work in the bloc?
Well this depends on the turnout of the agreement and
negotiations. If Britain still remains in the Single market(a system
that governs trading rules in the EU) then it would be possible for
people from UK to work in EU and vice versa. Negotiations and terms
will also determine if people could transmit between the two regions
without a visa.
As for scotland and Ireland they still will be forced to leave as
they are part of UK albeit they voted to stay back. But Scotland's
First minister is thinking a separate referendum for scotland alone
will have to come as a solution.
For more gist about the Brexit visit:


Zenith bank staff kneeling before Fayose?

Can you believe what you're seeing in the pictures above. After Fayose
raised hell all over the media a few days ago, over the freezing of
his Zenith bank accounts. The bank actually sent its staff to go and
beg him? for which forgiveness?
The Governor came under fire recently(for the umpteenth time)
when EFCC froze the accounts he held in zenith bank over allegations
that he used public cash to sponsor the last PDP elections. At first
the bank denied the money came from them, but after the governor in a
statement, pointedly accused them of playing the 'coward' part. They
brought down their ego by sending managers to beg Fayose for
supposedly 'being stupid'.

After he discovered that his accounts had been blocked, in an
attempt to backlash the decision and the 'people' he feels are behind
it, Fayose decided to make some very dirty allegations against the
president Gen. Buhari and his wife Aisha Buhari. In a document he
distributed to media bodies, Fayose ignorantly claimed that Aisha
Buhari was directly a part of the infamous Halliburton scandal. As far
as I know, the EFCC actually confirmed that one Aisha Buhari was
involved as they also carried out investigations together with the US
government. But fortunately the former chairman of EFCC fortunately
was around to shut the 'false accuser' up. The former chairman
insisted that the Aisha Buhari mentioned in the documents was not
Buhari's wife. Yet Fayode still doesn't want to shut up, and has also
claimed that the reason Gen.Buhari has cancelled scheduled trips to
the US is because of the case. Insisting that Aisha should go to the
US and give herself up for investigation.
Now I want to ask Fayode:
What has Buhari done to you? Ever since the man assumed office he
has been the target of your verbal and senseless attacks. Every move
the president makes you shamefacedly criticise him. I thought you had
gone too far when you said that Buhari was 73 years old, and too old
to lead Nigeria. You even added that your mother who is about the age
of the president wears diapers, and that the president could still be
doing the same. How stupid!instead of treating the sickness your
mother has, you are using her as an example in public. Forgetting that
there are aged people who are up to 90 and they don't use diapers. But
now I see clearly that you are mentally derailed. You think you can
play on our wisdom for mockery?
You have forgotten that the presidential candidate-Donald Trump
is 70 years and nobody has heard reports that he wears diapers? Just
two months ago, you wrote a letter to the Chinese government saying
that Nigeria was not fit for the $2billion trade loan. You even
followed the president right behind to China, to ensure that
negotiations fell through. Fayose Ayodele are you a clown? What is
your problem?
And even when EFCC froze your accounts, because they were
receiving 'suspicious' reports from them, rather than shut up, and
face the charge. Rather than wait for an opportunity to defend
yourself at the right time, you went about blowing your anus to the
wind. And involving an innocent woman in your allegations. Are you so
And now, as for that Zenith bank- I am horribly disappointed.
What on earth will warrant your action- bringing down your ego and
pride to lift that of a man whose suspicious bank accounts were closed
to curtail his fraudulent activities. Where is it done? How can you
allow a mentally derailed governor who can't pay his state workers but
joins them to go on strike take advantage of you. Is it because he
funds your bank with cash that was probably looted? He can't even buy
fuel for his state, he is only good at going about blaming others for
his woes. If it is not his predecessor he is blaming for problems, it
is the presidency. You are only doing this because you think you can
do a double take on EFCC and your 'customer'.But let me tell you, the
long arm of the law must always catch up with miscreants.
Lastly,Governor Fayose, you brought your woes upon yourself, go
and check, it is not only PDP members that are being indicted in
EFCC's convictions. Even APC members are under probe too, so no one is
witch hunting. The president in his fight against corrupt officers
still on seat, he has to start with someone . Too bad its you. Don't
worry, others will come. Besides, in as much as the executive immunity
clause in section 308 of the constitution, protects you and makes you
untouchable. It does not make your fraudulent bank accounts
untouchable. Go and study the constitution and stop talking nonsense
and leave another man's wife alone!
It's just a piece of my mind.

Ebube Maduike

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Thursday, 23 June 2016


Iphone 4 Diamond Rose:
The worlds most expensive phone with a total
construction cost of £5 million. The bezel is
handmade from rose with approx 500 individual
flawless diamonds which total over 100ct.The rear section is formed
using rose gold with the added touch of its rose gold Apple logo and
diamonds. The main navigation is made from
platinum which holds a single cut 7.4ct pink
diamond. Also included (not shown in picture) is a rare 8ct single cut
Flawless diamond which can
replace the pink one. The chest which houses this
unique handset(when you buy it), is made from a single block of
Granite , in Imperial Pink with the inner lined with Nubuck top grain
leather , which weight is a
massive 7kg.The handset is 32gb and limited
edition of only 2 to be ever made.
How many modest Nigerian ladies will reject an offer to get this
phone in place of their chastity?
Just asking o!

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