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Wednesday, 6 July 2016


An 18 year old nursing mother pulled the most unthinkable stunt by
using her six month old son as weapon to fight her boyfriend. This
happened on a Florida beach-Daytona beach around 4:30pm yesterday.
The teenage mother named Tatyana Allen, got into a fight with her
estranged boyfriend and out of blind fury, picked up her son and used
him to attack her boyfriend. The incident was witnessed by people at
the beach.
The Volusia Beach Patrol said she used her child as a weapon,
holding on to the body and used him to beat her boyfriend. And then
she threw the baby down. One of the people who witnessed the scene
immediately called 911.
Over 20 people were around to witness the whole incident, and
witness reports described the baby as a helpless infant. And that
could not even raise his head up when his mother threw him face down.
An excerpt from the call made to 911 dispatch- "The baby was
screaming. It
was face down in the sand. It couldn't hold its head
up by itself, that's how little it was."
Following the fracas, the child has been taken to the hospital and
Allen has been charged with battery and infliction of mental and
physical wounds to her son. She is being held without the option of
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