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Wednesday, 6 July 2016


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has stopped
pumping fuel to its depots due to attack from militants. The
corporation announced that the move was in a bid to reduce losses from
militant attacks. According to The Punch newspaper, NNPC has stopped
pumping to depots but now sells directly in bulk to oil marketers who
now distribute to the dealers and lower vendors.
This has confirmed reports from sources that the incessant
attacks on oil facilities was weighing down on the capabilities of the
oil sector. And this, may lead to fuel scarcity in some areas in
Nigeria. The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of
Nigeria(IPMAN) said through their spokesman Dibu Aderigbigbe that the
association was having a difficult time getting the commodity. Due to
the fact that fuel was unavailable at the NNPC dispensing depots.
He said that the NNPC had stopped pumping fuel, because of the
risks of pipeline vandalisation and facilitity bombings. And also the
need to minimise loses as a public body. There were initial reports
that IPMAN could not get fuel from NNPC because their members were
owing the corporation, but Mr. Aderigbegbe, an executive member at
IPMAN said that most of the members
At IPMAN had settled their debts, however that was not the reason for
the scarcity. He insisted that no fuel could be found at NNPC depots.
According to Aderigbigbe, the Ibadan and Mosimi depots are empty,
he also said that NNPC had expressly told them that the product was
not available but however they were now storing fuel in marine tanks
and dispensing to customers. He said that this was not good for the
nation as it could cause unnecessary fuel scarcity and hike.
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