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Saturday, 2 July 2016


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United States...
A district attorney in Louisiana has announced that he has no
intentions of pursuing any charges against a 30 year old mother was
arrested a few days ago for flogging her three juvenile sons who were
caught stealing 'fancy' items from a neighbour's house.
Shaquana Spears was arrested and convicted of 'felony' charges
which involved to counts cruelty to juveniles. The police arrested
Shaquana on June 20, alleging that she had severely whipped her three
sons aged 13,12 and 10 respectively. The charge also stated that she
had inflicted deep lacerations(cuts) on the 13 year old son that bled
and also on the 12 year old so, but stated that the whipping was
lesser on the 10 year old.
But District Attorney-Hillar Moore has disclosed that Shaquana will
not be charged and that what she did "was perfectly justified as an
attempt to discipline her kids." He also said that he did not see any
criminal intention or attempt at child abuse in the act.
Shaquana had found herself in the media spotlight and all over the
social networks when she whipped her three sons who stole things
ranging from a hoverboard to other 'petty' items and toys from a
neighbour's house. Even though she was immediately arrested, she was
held up high by many state officers and even the media as the ideal
model for mothers. And a republican who is currently running for a
senate seat has insisted that "spearing the rod will only produce a
criminal destined to spend his life in jail"
Shaquana when she was interviewed by the police gave her reasons
for what she did. She said that her husband, the father of her sons
was in jail, and she did not want her sons to "go to jail too". She
said she had to whip them, so they would not take the path of crime.
A judge has advised that it was in the best interest of the 13
year old boy to be placed in the custody of the Louisiana Child Care
services. But he has been transferred to the care of a relative.

Side kick:
In Africa, it is the main responsibility of a parent to 'beat out' the
crime tendency in his/her children and 'beat in' cultural values into
them. And its really some beating because most Africa parents in this
age don't have time to get bamboo stems and canes for whipping
anymore, they just use anything at their disposal to chastised the
derailing child. Shoes, books with heavy thick covers, brooms, sticks.
Or were these are not available their hands will do. And they will
make good use of them, slapping,pounding and boxing.
So many famous men and women in Africa are existing because their
parents and elder siblings made efforts to 'drive home' the essense of
responsibility into the very core of their character. And so no matter
were they are, they can look at the 'scars of purnishment' and pattern
their lives accordingly.
The point here is, the woman should not have been arrested at all.
Infact I support the idea that she should be compensated for the
'unecessary' arrest. And then those her sons should be giving more
whipping for dragging their mother out into the open. She has a
complete and valid reason for not choosing to spear the rod like most
mothers would do. And it was the right decision. At least the scars
will serve to remind the boys that stealing, no matter the type or
level is very bad.
Shaquana Spears I give you my thumbs.
-Ebube EMEKA


Wales player, Sam Vokes celebrates scoring Wales' third goal
against Belgium in the quarter final game.

Yesterday night, Wales beat a top rated Belgium side 3-1 to
progress to the semi-final of the Euro 2016. And it's history for the
UK team because it is actually the first time a Welsh national team is
reaching the semi finals of any international competition.
Not withstanding the goal margin, it was still tough for wales to
pull the feat through as Belgium hit the lead first in the 13th minute
when Radja Nainggolan fired home a stunning strike from about 26
yards. But the Welsh team responded in kind with an equaliser from
team captain-Ashley Williams. Williams headed in the ball which came
in from a corner taken by Arsenal man-Aaron Ramsey.
After 24 minutes of both teams moving from end to end on the
pitch, Wales got the lead from Hal Robson-Kanu who received the ball
from a through pass and with some wonderful moves cleared off two
defenders. After turning and twisting them right inside the penalty
area he drilled home a shot past Belgian and Chelsea goalkeeper
Thibaut Courtois into the corner of the net.
Approximately five minutes to the end of regular time, Wales
cemented a sure win on friday night with a header from substitute-Sam
Vokes. Ending Belgium's quest officially.
Welsh fans and supporters are in a joyous mood as the victory
means a lot to them. For the first time they would be cheering their
national team in the semi final of a tournament that has been full of
surprises. The Belgian is also the highest ranked team by FIFA in the
Euro, the rank number 2 in the world, but faced a resilient and very
energetic Welsh team on friday. And the Welsh team made use of
extremely quick counter attacks to over work the Belgian backline.
While Wales had a tough job getting to the quarter finals of the
competition, only managing a Gareth Bale inspired 1-0 win against
northern Ireland, Belgium sporting world class stars like
Hazard(Chelsea),Kevin De Bruyne(Manchester City), Lukaku(Everton),
Thomas Vermalen(Arsenal) saw of Hungary in style. With a clear 4-0
The 2016 Euros have been full of a number of 'exciting
surprises'. With Iceland a nation that can only boast of
330,000beating England 2-1 to reach the quarter finals. Iceland will
be playing tournament hosts France, and will be hoping to win and join
Wales in the Semi Finals. Germany will be meeting Italy on saturday in
a clash the is sure to be Crunchy. The first team to qualify for the
tourney also turned out to be a shock.-Low rated Portugal. After win
over Poland on Penalties.
Portugal will meet the Wales in the Semi Final
While the winner of Iceland-France will meet the winner of
Germany-Italy game.
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The first lady of Edo state is such a stunning beauty indeed, and it
became more obvious when the newest edition of vanguard allure was
released. The Cape Verde beauty-Lara Oshiomole looked utterly
beautiful,with her very light and illuminating complexion and a layer
of make that seemed not to be there but complimented her looks on the
For the cover, the wife of the Edo state governor Adams Oshiomole
sat looking more like a 'cover-godess' in an all white blaze and faint
make up. In another shoot, she sat this time wearing an angry red gown
looking miles above 'gorgeous'. In yet another photo inside the
magazine she blazed on with the 'corporate chic' style in a navy blue
and red coloured suit.
In the magazine she opened up on her life and roles as the first
lady of Edo State and her aims and goals for the state. The new
edition of vanguard allure is set to hit the news stands come sunday.
Side kick:
Earlier this year, Lara Oshiomole had signed for a divorce over
claims that her governor-husband was 'too fetish and diabolic'. This
came as a surprise to just a few who know the 'big deal' behind the
marriage between the two. After the lavish wedding which even the
President Buhari himself attended, there were gossips and whispers
that the marriage was just motivated by the carnality of beauty and
money. She even blamed her 63 year husband for killing his late wife
Mrs. Clara Oshiomole.
So much for a wedding between the 'beauty' and the 'beast'
Anyway, be up at the new stand closest to you on sunday and grab
your copy of the vanguard allure. Its a branch publication of the
Nigerian Vanguard newspaper. Visit the site at
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*Abia PDP war, Uche Ogah wants office immunity to escape 12 criminal
charges against him.
As the crisis in PDP Abia soaks up the more, the governor of
Abia state has insisted that the decision by a Federal high court and
the INEC to kick him out of office is all part of a grand plot by his
opponent Uche Ogah to escape 12 counts of criminal charges brought
against him. He said this in a statement made when he was informed
that INEC had issued Uche Ogah a certificate of return.
Governor Ikpeazu went further to describe the current situation
of things as a 'trial to democracy'. He added that no Abia court had
the power to change anything at this level. Ikpeazu said that he was
completely baffled at the way Ogah was going about the whole
situation, and the gritted determination by Ogah to get into office at
all cost. Adding that currently Ogah was being investigated in Lagos
State for not less than a dozen criminal charges. He summed up on this
by saying that Ogah was clearly on a mission to escape the justice
of the long arm of the law.
Constitutionally, immunity from prosecution or arrest is provide
for state governors,the president and minister, and if we should
align with Ikpeazu's idea, there could also be a valid point here
because three days ago, Uche Ogah was found to have been enmeshed in
some deep fraudulent case that involved signature forgery. He and
three others were arraigned in the police in june. So if INEC is
saying that a criminal who is currently being prosecuted for forgery
is better than a tax defaulter, then there is a big confusion.
Governor Okezie before he joined politics and got elected as the
ninth governor of Abia state worked in a number government owned
institutions as a lecturer, and I wonder how charges of tax evasion
can be valid against someone who worked for the government and was
paid by the government. Governor reminded the public that the last
post he held was in a governmental agency and that the Board of
Internal Revenue(BIR) had the documents to refute the charges. He
"I want to dissuade the rumours that are making
the round that some people are sponsoring this
injustice against our state because we understand the current position
of the government at the federal level against corruption and it
cannot support somebody battling to wear the veil of immunity just
because the person wants to run away from the certainty of justice."

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