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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Football betting has done a good job at replacing the old system
of 'perming', a slang word for pool playing. Almost every corner of
the major towns, cities and streets in Nigeria has a branch of one
betting centre or the other(they are many centres now). Make efforts
to look in, and you will see that these betting centres are crowded in
with Nigerian youths.
Regardless of the fact that the nation is going through a hard
time and almost 70 percent of families, survive on less than $1 per
day. Yet the revenue of these betting company has not dropped, as
youths keep on flocking into betting centres everyday, hoping that day
will change their fortunes. With all the hardship and scarcity of
money, one would have expected to see a sharp fall in the population
of people 'booking', 'knacking' and staking bets. But the opposite is
actually the case, as the betting industry is the only industry that
is not retrenching workers!
In most betting centres, the minimum you need to book a bet is
N100, forget the fact that the value of naira is quite low, and that
there are a few things that amount of money can buy. But then an added
N50 to that sum can buy half a plate of solid food. N100 on its own in
this season of roasted corn, can buy two at N50 each. N100 can
comfortably buy a 35cl bottle of soft drink and buscuits. Right now,
as I write this, N100 note can get four cups of garri which will serve
two people for a single meal.
Yet, there are still many who spend more than this amount on
betting. People print as many as 3,4,5,6 betting slips at a go at N200
each. Hoping to win atleast one game, at the end losing all tickets.
And we are talking about over N1000 gone down the drain. And then the
next day, the same people hit the betting center hoping to recover the
money they've lost. You can guess... the same thing repeats itself
all over again.
I remember a statement I read three years ago, the statement
revealed that the betting sector churns out about N3 billion per year.
And I'm so sure that figure has increased since then, and will double
this year, whether naira fall or dollar rise.
Even after all the major leagues have ended, the streaming still
continues on other minor leagues in other countries. And even when
there are no games to stake on, there is this fabricated league called
'virtual league' that the betting sites promote so much. It is
entirely virtual and plays out with graphically created characters and
a programmed system, that creates and manipulates scores and league
tables simulating real football. It's just like a casino or roulette,
but its just an imitation of what happens in real sports.
This type of betting is very risky and worse than betting on real
and scheduled football games, but its becoming increasingly popular,
and in many cases has rendered the lives of some youths useless. Some
individuals even go robbing or pick pocketing so they can participate
in it.
A visit to a betting center that offers this service of virtual
league, on observation one would notice the psychological stress in
individuals. The stress actually affects their behaviour without their
knowing it. Some after they've lost so much money start
misbehaving,fighting and yelling incorrigible words. And many of them
are so unconscious of the fact that they are incurably addicted to
The Euro 2016 is on, and nothing less N50 million (unrefundable)
will be leaving the pockets of Nigerians before the end of the


It's clear and there is no questioning the fact that the two
year old boy who was seize by an alligator at the Disney resort beach
is dead. Florida police has reported.
"At this time, we know we are working on recovering the body of the
child". A spokesman for the Orange County Sherrif's office Mr.
Williamson said.
Earlier, the police had reported that the child was playing near
the edge of the water under adult supervision, when suddenly an
alligator measured to be between 4-7ft seized the child between its
jaws. The both parents of the boy made efforts to rescue him, but the
reptile got away with the boy. And over 24 hours later the police is
now working on making sure the boy's body doesn't go missing forever.


An angry mob comprising of hundreds of PDP youths, stormed the
party's national secretariat in Abuja today. They were armed with
placards and the branches of trees. The youths poured all manner of
insults,abuses and accusations on ousted party chairman Alhaji Ali
Modu Sherrif and his cohorts. Fortunately for the chairman, he wasn't
in his office all through today.
But the mob seriously harassed and even chased away the party's
National Secretary Prof. Adewale Oladipo and the National Auditor
Alhaji Adewole Adeyanju. Both officers were sacked by the party, but
refused to quit, saying that their four year tenure should to be
allowed to run its full course. And they have both joined sherriff who
was also sacked.
But today, they were given a rough time by youths who felt
irritated by "the bunch of old men who couldn't respect themselves
and behave right".
Olaidipo was visibly shaken when the angry surrounded him in a
threatening. He begged them to allow him leave unharmed amidst the
insults poured on him.
"Please, allow me to go. I will not come back
again," the frightened professor pleaded.
As for Adeyanju, he was no were to be seen, it is believed he fled
through the back door and over the fence. He even left his car at the
parking lot.
Both officers of the party got to their positions because their
predecessors were also sacked in like manner,


The Nigerian union of pensioners in Imo State today, staged a
peaceful protest, in Owerri the state capital against the government
over unpaid entitlements.
The aggrieved pensioners took to the main streets and junctions
of the city bearing placards with different inscriptions on them. They
also blocked a hub located at the Okigwe roundabout which resulted in
a serious traffic lock-up. The chairman of the union for the state
chapter told the press that what they were doing was a tip, as worse
actions will be seen from them if the government does not adress their
Gideon Ezeji, the state chairman of the union, said that in the
past various futile attempts had been made by the union to negotiate
with the government, and that if the government continues to neglect
them, they will be forced to remain on the streets. All efforts to
calm the group by security personnel proved very unsuccesful, so much
was their anger that if they were youths, most probably the protest
would have resulted to chaos.
Meanwhile, the commissioner in charge of pension matters for the
state, in an adress on the media, pleaded with the pensioneers to have
patience. He added that, their entitlements were ready, but the
government was facing the challenge of compiling the list of
pensioners in the state.
It should also be noted that the state government headed by Rochas
Okorocha is also owing the civil servants, months of salaries.


Image: skysports
...Medicals after Euro 2016
Swedish star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has agreed a provisional deal
with Manchester United. Sky sports reports. The PSG player who is a
free agent from french club PSG, has finally agreed to sign up for
ManU on a one year deal.
Reports also revealed that Manchester United hed previously made
efforts to seal a deal with the player before he left for country
duties. But logistics problems meant the deal couldn't be completed on


Reality star, Kim Kardashian, has is the new 'strip off' model
gracing the cover of men's magazine GQ. Its her her first time
shooting for the magazine. The GQ is using the edition to mark its
10th anniversary and promises to show off the 35 year old beauty 'as
you've never seen'.
The cover of the magazine features the 35 year old mother of two
wearing nothing except a leather jacket which she clutched to her
curves, with her diamond wedding ring blazing on her finger. She also
had other shots, one frame showed her in a vintage car, wearing a skin
tight cut out suit and knee high boots. Another picture featured her
wearing bra and thong, covering herself in an overcoat that barely hid
her amazing figure.
Kim Kardashian is married to rapstar Kanye West, she had her
second baby in december.


A Russian Nikolai Zyablikov sued his girlfriend who he claims to
have been dating for four years to court after their break up. In the
suit, he demanded that all the money he had spent on her should be


Prince William the Duke of Cambridge has just made history by
being the first of a royal family to have anything to do with a gay
magazine. In a statement released by a top class gay


An alligator dragged a two year old boy into the water very near
the Disney World Resorts in Florida. The child was taken by the
alligator at the seven seas lagoon near near the Disney.
Right now its been almost five hours of search with no result. The
orange county sherrif, the authority handling the case said that the
child had been playing near the water under parental supervision when
the incident happened. The boys father who saw the boy taken by the
animal reported to be between 4-7 ft long, had rushed into the water
to rescue his son. At a time the mother had to help, but both parents
were not successful.
They are being helped by the authorities in the search. An
alligator trapper has been sent out and the environs have been

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