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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


A man was arrested during a Trump rally in LasVegas for
allegedly making an attempt on Trump's life. The man in question is
one Michael Steven Sandford a 20 year old and he was charged "with
violence on restricted grounds".
Sandford was reported to have tried to seize a police officer's
holstered gun, after telling the securities that he wanted Trump's
autograph. The Brit claimed that he had always wanted to shoot Trump
for over a year now, but felt the rally was his best opportunity of
Trump's campaign have been dangerously 'rowdy' with protests and
demonstrations being the main features of his rallies. And the
republican candidate is fond of mocking the demonstrators giving rise
to more uproar. It is not the first or the second time a seemingly
looking attempt has been made on his life. BBC reports that in a
campaign event in March-securites had to swarm for Trump's cover when
a man made a threatening attempt to climb the stage where Trump was
speaking. And other campaign events on Trump's side have been
cancelled over security issues.
Mr. Sandford revealed in court, his determination to kill Trump,
insisting that if he hadn't succeeded in the LasVegas rally, he would
have waited for another opportunity soon to come in the Phoenix rally.
He also said that he knew he had just time to fire a couple of rounds
before he would be killed. Adding that his confidence to kill peaked
when he saw that the police man's gun was in an unlocked
position-perfect timing to seize and shoot.
Research revealed that the man was living in the US illegally and
had migrated into the States a year and half ago. A court defendant
claimed Mr. Sandford had autism- a rare medical condition
characterised by high level instability. It was also discovered that
he had at one time attempted suicide.
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