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Thursday, 30 June 2016


Ex-Paris Saint-Germain star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has
cleared the air of all speculation by announcing his next
destination-Manchester United. The 34 year old announced on Instagram
and Facebook that his next club would be in the English Premier
League. Ending all the doubt surrounding the future of his career.
The move will make Zlatan the second mega signing of the English
side after manager Jose Mourinho has already completed the signing of
Ivory Coast star defender Eric Baily from Villareal. He wrote on
"Time to let the world know. My next destination
is Manchester United,". He also added a photo of himself and the
manchester united badge. In what would likely the last major move of a
career that has spanned five countries, Zlatan will re-unite with
Mourinho at Manchester United. They both worked together during
Mourinho's spell as coach in Inter Milan.
The tall striker who has 116 caps and 62 goals has been playing
around announcing the decision. After Sweden's first game at the 2016
Euro, he wrote on instagram that he was not sure of his next
destination after PSG at all.
Ibrahimovic has had previous career spells with Malmo of sweden,
Ajax of Holland, Juventus of Italy, Barcelona in Spain and Paris
Saint-Germain in France. He announced his retirement after his country
Sweden crashed out of the group stages of Euro 2016.

Zlatan will surely be an invaluable asset for Mourinho in his attempt
to upgrade an uncoordinated Manchester United line that performed so
poorly last season. He will add more depth,speed, strength and
versatility to the team's attacking line. This will mean Rooney will
have to slide back deeper into the midfield,leaving the attack for
Zlatan, and youngsters Martial and Rashford. And as for Depay who was
purchased from dutch club side PSV at no little cost by former coach
Van Gaal, he may just have to be shelled out or just kept on his bench
For weeks and even before the start of the Euros, Zlatan has posed
the indecisive person in the media. He has carefully. And tactically
avoided questions on his future and career after PSG. But he did
disclose that there had been 'concrete' offers from USA, Asia and
Europe buit refused to name Manchester United. There were even
speculations that he would decline the temptation to test new soil(In
England) and would rather go back to AC Milan in Italy or drift to
When mercurial personality was interviewed after Mourinho's
appointment as Manchester United coach, he said of the portuguese:
"You want action, you bring Mourinho. I believe
he's the man to bring them back to the top.
Wherever he went he won,"
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is popular for his outstanding performance in
front of goal and his colourful character on and off the pitch.


"This is the second time and its a slap on our face"-Senate
*AGF says panel lacks justification to open the matter up.
Today, the senate committee on Human Rights and Legal Matters
walked the special assistant to President Buhari out from a meeting,
on the grounds that the committee had summoned the Attorney General of
the Federation himself.
Chief Justice Abubakar Malami the Attorney General of the Federation
and the minister of justice was summoned to appear before the senate
committee to explain the reason and rationale behind prosecuting the
presiding and most senior members of the senate.
Earlier in the past few weeks, the AGF had been handling the
prosecution case of the president of the Senate and his deputy over an
alleged forgery of the senate standing rules. And after the AGF ruled
a conditional bail for the case, the senate is under the impression
that the judiciary is in a conspiracy plan that will endanger
Today,thursday 30th June, the senate summoned Malami, to appear
before a panel, but the AGF chose to snub the summon, probably acting
on instructions from the executive. He rather to chose to send the
representative of Buhari Obono-Obla. This made the senate wonder
deeply who the AGF had as backup for his phony actions. After all he
knows quite well that physical presence was needed and not a
The seating senate expressed concerns over the actions of the AGF
terming it 'a threat to democracy' and that something urgent needed to
be done to save the situation and avert impending doom. Efforts by the
representative to deliver a message from th AGF were thwarted by the
committee's chairman Senator David Umaru who insisted that it was the
AGF that was summoned by the house and not his representative.
Consequently Obla was told to leave the place just a few minutes after
he introduced himself.
After the seating, the chairman of the committee said that
reports of events would be sent to the senate-in-planery on resumption
from its current break and that the senate would formerly make the
crucial decisions and take action against Malami. But later on and
outside the senate house, Obono Obla told journalists that the reason
why the AGF snubbed the summons was because he felt the committee had
not enough justification to open the case.
This comes two days after the President of the Senate, Saraki and
his deputy Ike Ekweremadu were arraigned before Justice Malami at a
federal high court in Abuja and granted release on conditional bail.
Two other persons were involved in the case. A former clerk of the
House of Assembly and his assistant.
The four members of the legislative house were prosecuted and
arraigned over an alleged case of forging the Senate standing rules
of 2015 used in approving the election and appointment of top
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*In 2016, these countries are the cheapest to live in.
*The first is from Africa.
Do you have any plans to go overseas, on holiday or you just want to
change your residence. If you have made the decision to create your
list of option based on the cost of living in the country you plan to
step into, then you are at the right place. This list is based on
information gotten from the ministries and agencies handling
information on human resources in these countries.
The list is also based on the purchasing power of citizens,the
cost of accommodation and the price of goods and services.
*The 'local purchasing power' is a measure of the typical salary in
that country compared to what we can get in New York city.
*Rent compares housing and accommodation rates to New York city.
*Grocery index compares grocery prices in that country to prices in New York.
*Local purchase of goods and service index: this compares the prices
of local and household goods including clothes,stationery and other
items sold in that country with the prices in a major city like New

Now, this is going to be a long post of more than 2000 words so grab
some coffee, ready?

1)SOUTH AFRICA: Surprisingly, this country located at the lowest part
of the African land map is the cheapest country to live in or retire.
The currency used in South Africa is the South African rand(ZAR). The
purchasing power in South Africa is also high. This means that
citizens are able to buy much more with lesser cash in hand. Food and
groceries are extremely cheap, and the rent rate is about the lowest
in the world. South Africa is also the worlds largest producer of
gold,chromium and platinum. Forget the fact that the standard of
living of South African citizens is low and almost 80% of the
population live in slums, but after Nigeria, South Africa remains the
strongest economy in the dark continent. The country boasts a GDP of
$327 billion dollars. Not bad for a country that is almost on its
knees from massive "brain drain" of human resources.
*Local purchasing power 27% percent higher than New York city. Meaning
general items are 27%percent cheaper here than in new
*Rent 88%percent cheaper than rates in New York.
*Services are 65.9% cheaper
*Food and groceries are 72% cheaper.

2)INDIA: Most populous country, and until 2015 was the cheapest before
South Africa beat it to the top. The South Asian country boasts a
population of 1.2 billion humans and uses the "Indian Rupee" as its
currency. The cost of goods and services here are very cheap, mainly
due to the massive population, which also ranks it second in the world
after China. It's major industries are chemical(they make so much
fertilizers and cosmetics), textile(no popular brand here but they are
good) and food processing. Living in India can be very cheap and the
rent index is comparatively low(lower than South Africa even). In a
month, expenses on groceries and local purchase could be around $300.
*Local purchasing power is 22% lower than New York.
*Rent is 95% cheaper
*Groceries, local goods and services are approximately 75%cheaper than
you could get in New York.

3)KOSOVO: The Republic of Kosovo is located in Southeast Europe and
has been the subject of some very intensive dispute between
nationalists and Serbia. Nevertheless, Kosovo despite all the
political turmoil still has a seat on the list of the cheapest
countries. Kosovo is a member of the EU and its currency is Euro.
Mineral mining and construction materials are the major industries in
the country that has a population of almost 2 million inhabitants.
*Local purchasing power is 33% percent lower than what you can get in New York.
*Rent is 92.1% lower
*Groceries, Local goods and services are about 73% cheaper than in New York

4)SAUDIA ARABIA: Wealthy middle eastern country, and the top of the
list of the largest oil producers in the world. Saudi's grocery items
are cheaper than most countries. Its industry is entered on crude oil
drilling and petroleum/petrochemical products. The 100% percent
Islamic country ranks number four(4) on the list of cheapest
countries. Saudi has a population of about 31 million residents, and
rocks a GDP of $1.7 trillion.
*Local purchasing power is higher than New York by 34%
*Groceries are 54% cheaper
*Rent is 86.2% cheaper than in New York

5)KAZAKHSTAN: The Federal Republic of Kazakhtan borders Russia and
China in Northern Central Asia. It has a population of about 18
million residents. Its GDP is sourced mainly from mineral mining
industries such as coal,oil and iron ore. Its low cost of living is so
obvious from the cheap price of groceries.
*Local purchasing power is 33 percent lower than New York's.
*Rent is 91 percent cheaper
*Local goods and groceries are 72.6% cheaper

6)ZAMBIA: Zambia is located in Southern Africa and has a GDP of about
$19 billion. Zambia ranks number 6 on the list. For people who are
seeking to relocate to a cheap African country Zambia will be
wonderful option.
*Local purchasing power is 50% higher than New York
*Rent is 68.1% cheaper(the highest rent index on this list on the list)
*Groceries are 60% cheaper
*Local goods and services are 46% cheaper.

7)OMAN: This small country in the middle east just like its neighbours
is very rich in crude oil and is among the top exporters of oil in the
world. The purchasing power of its currency the 'Rial' is the highest
on the list of top 10 cheapest countries. Its GDP is about $83
*Local purchasing power is 58% higher than New York
*Rent is 71.7% cheaper
*Food,local goods and services, groceries about 46% cheaper than New York.

8)PARAGUAY: Paraguay is a South American country with a population of
about 6.7 million and a GDP of $63 billion. Paraguay's population
depends mostly on the cement, sugar and textile industries. On the
average local goods, groceries and services relatively cheap in
Paraguay. Housing is also very cheap.
*Local purchasing power is 46 percent lower then New York city.
*Rent/Housing is 91.2%

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The minister for transport in Nigeria told journalists in an
interview with CNBC yesterday the American company General Electric
has concrete plans to event about $2 billion in the country's railway
sector. He also said that the Federal government was looking for
investment from both private and public partnership deals as a source
to fund improvements in the transport sector.
As for the private investment, General Electric an American
multinational conglomerate based in new york will be pumping in 2
billion dollars to revive the Lagos-Kano gauge, and Port Harcourt
Maidugiri narrow gauge.

The former governor of Rivers State said:
"It is good that such kind of funds will come into
the economy, it will create employment, it will
increase business and everybody will be part of
the process."
He also added that the arrangement will ensure that much stress
is taken off the shoulders of the federal government. This is because,
the government will not be funding the rail projects, but will only
initiate them, and the investors will take over. President Buhari will
be flagging of the Lagos-Kano line by july and by the end of this
year, the Lagos Ibadan section of the line should have been
A loan has also been procured from a Chinese bank, and the
condition for the loan is that one of the contractors will have to
come from China. And the minister for transport has disclosed that the
services of CCECC(China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation).
The total cost for the line should be about 3.5 billion dollars, and
minister says there are plans to employ as many people as possible for
the work. The construction should span a period of about three years.
Rotimi Amaechi also disclosed that the government was still
expecting the bulk of the $160 billion dollars needed to renovate the
Nation's transport sector. And so, plans were being made to invites as
many investors as possible to the podium.
According to him, Nigeria has a very big market that favours
investors a lot, and it wouldn't take time for investors to get back
there money once the system has started working. The new rail system
will be dual purpose, both passenger and freight transportation.
Ameachi also added the the Federal government had also made
efforts to cut down on costs and save money by negotiating some of the
deals saving up almost 1 billion dollars.
''We negotiated that one from $11.97 billion to $
11.17 billion, saving the country $800million.''


Popular Nigerian author Capt. Elechi Amadi has dead. He died
at 82. Elechi Amadi, who wrote popular novels like The
concubine,Isiburu,Sunset in Biafra,Peppersoup and others died on
wednesday afternoon, after a brief illness.
Elechi Amadi(born 12th may 1934) is a Nigerian author and
novelist who wrote narrative novels mainly on the Igbo village setting
and cultural beliefs, especially the period before contact with
western civilisation. Elechi Amadi was born in 1934 in Aluu community
in Ikwerre Local Government of Rivers State. He attended Government
College Umuahia(1948-1952), Survey college, Oyo(1953-1954) and
University of Ibadan(1955-1959). He obtained a degree in Physics and
Mathematics from the University of Ibadan.
Elechi served in the Nigerian Army during the civil war and
remained there even after the war, attaining the position of Captain.
This was after he had worked as a teacher and land surveyor. After
leaving the army, he held several positions in Rivers State. He served
as the permanent secretary of the state between 1973-1983;
Commissioner for Education(1987-1988) and Commissioner for Lands and
Capt.Elechi also worked as a writer-in-residence and as a
lecturer in Rivers State University where he also held the position of
Head of Literature department.
Honours and Awards:
In 1992, Elechi Amadi won the Rivers State silver Jubilee merit Award.
In 2003 he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree as doctor of
Science(D.Sc) from the Rivers State University of Science and
Technology(Popularly called UST). In 2003 he he became a fellow of the
Nigerian Academy of Education. In the same 2003 he also became a
member of the Order of the Federal Republic(MFR).
In May 2004 a conference was organised by the Association of
Nigerian Authors, Rivers State branch to mark his 70th birthday.
In 2009, 5th January, Elechi was kidnapped at his hometown in Port
Harcourt, he was released a day later on the sixth of January.
Amadi's first 'accomplished' work was the "Concubine" a novel
which made very successful attempts to picture pre-colonial life in
the riverine areas of the Niger Delta. It was regarded by many as a
"perfected work of pure fiction". Till his death the novel remained
the crown of all his works. In 2007, "The Concubine" was made into a
film, featuring popular nollywood actor-Andy Amenechi and directed by
Elechi Amadi himself.
The setting of of Amachi's second novel-The Great Ponds, shifted
to a wider area of the Eastern part Nigeria during the pre-colonial
era. It narrated the story of two villages fighting for a pond.
Amadi's autobiography-Sunset in Biafra narrates his experiences as a
Nigerian soldier during the civil war.
Other works by the writer include:
*Isiburu(a play, on Igbo cultural setting) 1973
*Peppersoup and the road(a play)1977
*Dancer of Johannesburg(a play)1778
*The Slave(Novel) 1978
*Ethics in Nigerian culture.(Philosophy)1983
*The woman of Calabar(Play)2002
*Speaking and Singing(a book on essays and poems).2003
*Collected poems(edited)2004

***PS References for this post: Wikipedia,,"the
concubine" preface and forward, Britannica, Americana.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016


*Deputy senate president writes letter to.
*Attorney General to appear before senate.
Roughly 24 hours after his arraignment, the deputy senate president
has made an attempt to put the international community on red alert on
what he feels is a plot to kill Nigeria's democracy. In the letter
which was written to the UK and copied to the European Union, and the
governments of the United States, Senator Ike Ekweremadu asked for
fair judgement on his involvement in the alleged forgery of senate
On June 21th, Senators Saraki and Ekweremadu were arraigned at
an Abuja court on a two count charge that read: "That
you, Salisu Maikasuwa, Benedict Efeturi, Dr.
Olubukola Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu, on or
about June 9, 2015, at the National Assembly
complex, Three Arms Zone, Abuja, within the
jurisdiction of this court, conspired amongst
yourselves to forge the Senate Standing Order,
2011 (as amended) and you thereby committed
the offence of conspiracy, punishable under
Section 97 (1) of the Penal Code Law."
And yesterday 28th June, the court had another hearing on the case
which also involved two members of the house of assembly, a former
chief clerk and his deputy, the court granted the four defendants
conditional bail. Thereafter, the defendants met the bail conditions
and left the court grounds
But hours later, Senator Ekeremadu has decided to take up a plea
to the international community querying the rationale behind his
arraignment. The two paged latter was titled: "Re: Trumped up Charges
Against the Presiding Officers of the Eighth Senate: Nigerian
Democracy is in Grave Danger"
Accompanying the letter were attachments including copies of the
court summons and other relevant documents relating to the case. He
urged the international community to take time to go through the
documents and decide if the procedure was proper, or was just some
scheme to exterminate and emasculate a top ranking member of the
opposition in the senate. He insisted that the prosecution was purely
not justifiable at all because neither his name nor Saraki's name were
mentioned in the petition written by the senate, not even in the
papers used by the police to investigate the case.
He also alleged in the letter that he was never given an
opportunity to fair hearing on the matter and that during the
investigation the police did not ask him any questions or even make
efforts to query. He said he was charged to court straight from
He added the the matter to the list of other events involving
"prosecution of government officers, targeted arrests of principal
opposition members and continual and indefinite detention of
opposition officers inspite of disapproving voices and also the
marginalisation of the South East and South South". He termed these "a
clear violation of the constitution and as well a threat to a hard
earned democracy.
The letter read in part:
"I wish to appeal to you to kindly find time to read through these
annexures including the petitions by members of the Senate Unity
Forum, persons interrogated and the police report to see if our names
appeared anywhere on these documents. You may thereafter conclude if
the Federal Government acting through the Attorney General of the
Federation has any justifications whatsoever to generate our names for
"Moreover, the rules and principles of fair hearing have not been
adhered to because the police have neither interracted with me nor the
president of the senate up till this time"
Ekweremadu also made referrence to an attempt made on his life on
November 17,2015, and queried why the security agents had not moved a
foot in investigating the matter. He said that "all these" culminated
to a plot to eliminate a principal representative of a marginalised
section of the masses-the South East and South South.
There are suggestions that executive(presidency) is displeased
with the emergence of Saraki as the president of the senate in place
of APC preferred choice Senator Ahmed Lawal. Senator Saraki had defied
the wishes of his original party APC by consenting to the demands of
PDP members who insisted that their support for his bid for presidency
will only be on the condition that he picked Ekweremadu as his running
mate for deputy. This propably angered APC who had preferred Saraki to
pick Lawal. This explains why the executive could be in a conspiracy
to handicap the legislature. That is if their plans to kick out Saraki
and his deputy and install their preferred choice does not work.

Tension in the house:
the prosecution and arraignment of the senate president and his
deputy has continued to sustain so much unease and heat in the senate.
Supporters of the president and his deputy have proceeded to
strategise plans that will counter the schemes of a 'shady' executive.
Earlier last week, the PDP cabals in the senate had passed a vote of
no confidence on the executive led by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. This
means that proposals and policies will now face very stiff opposition
and criticism at the senate.
For now, the senate is on break, and the president is
observing religious obligations. Femi Adesina, the media
representative of the President of the executive, Gen Buhari has said
that the President will not comment on Ekweremadu's letter.

*AGF to appear before senate committee: The

Attorney General of the Federation has been summoned to appear before
the senate committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters
tommorrow 30th June to explain why he chose to prosecute the forgery
case. The AGF was supposed to present himself at the senate summon
last thursday, but was unable to, and the date will now be tommorrow.
The move to invite the AGF for question comes after Senator
Dino Melaye of Kogi West zone insisted that the AGF should by
questioned for re-opening a case that was previously dropped by
Justice Gabriel Kolawole of a High court in Abuja. He termed it "a
threat to democracy". Should the AGF Mr.Malami honour the invitation,
he sure will be aggressively queried for picking up a case that wasn't
supposed to be his business. Justice Kolawale,last year had ruled that
the alleged case of senate rule forgery was a chamber affair and
should be settled out of court.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Reports have surfaced suggesting that the Nigerian Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission have a plan to detain the former minister
of aviation Femi Fani Kayode till he probably dies in prison.
Not just that, the EFCC operative who once assaulted Femi Fani
Kayode will not be punished this was revealed by Femi's spokesman. And
there is the possibility that the decision made by the agency to
punish the operative is in line with a grand conspiracy plot to send
Femi to jail and kill him there.
Femi Fani Kayode was allegedly assaulted by Kabiru Suleiman for
the 'crime' of observing his prayers while in detention. In the
custody of EFCC. Kabiru is an operative of EFCC. The former minister
for aviation was detained by the Economic Financial and Crimes
Commission after he honoured an invitation by the anti-corruption
agency. The agency had summoned him for explanation regarding funds
looted and diverted from CBN treasury. This happened on May 9, 2016.
Since then, Femi Fayode has been in the custody of the
commission(5 weeks now). After his initial detention in Abuja for
roughly two weeks, Femi was transferred to Lagos for further
questioning and investigation. Still without trial, a detention
warrant was obtained by the commission to keep for another three
After the three weeks, EFCC announced that Femi would be
arraigned on June 17, 2016, on a friday. But the arrangement was later
aborted when the judge who was supposed to rule the case got engaged
in another case. The date was shifted by four days to to tuesday, 21st
June, this time the judge to rule on the case was absent. This led to
a loud outcry from various quarters of the sitting court, including
Femi's wife who accompanied him to the court.
It was also reported that another EFCC operative had sent a
nerve shivering threat to Femi Kayode, when he told him to the hearing
of people around that EFCC had the right to detain him(Femi) for the
next five years without trial. In his words: "we will kill you and
nothing will happen!"
The way EFCC and the Judiciary in charge of Femi's case are
handling it, it will be hard to disbelieve that another story similar
to Abiola's 1992 will soon be told. A source who expressed concern at
the proceedings said that Femi Kayode will be fortunate to leave the
claws of EFCC alive.
I fear for Kayode's life, because all these will go on and he
will not be tried. The recess for all judges in the federation is fast
approaching, and it is going to span four three months. So there's the
high possibility that EFCC will play the case at their finger tips and
Fayode may not be able to submit a bail application before the judges
go on break. And if the worst happens, Fayode could be spending extra
three months in Jail.
From the reports of a few sources, the EFCC top tier is
comprises of mainly muslims who are ardent supporters of Gen. Buhari.
And these northerners and muslims harbour so much hate for Femi, and
will do anything possible to exterminate him. The hate comes because
on several occasions Femi had openly criticised the leadership of


Image: the nigerian N1000 note has lost so much value. The
purchasing of the post independent N1 is even far stronger than

Tips that could help you stay afloat in these harsh economic
times in Nigeria.

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Prices are so high, money has lost its value and even the
money is scarce. Basic one source income can hardly sustain the
already low standard of living. Credit rates are peaking. The big
question is, how do you brace yourself and not go under? How do you
stay afloat?
First you have to know that there are two ways money you can get
money, either you make or you save the money. But you can actually
make so much money by obeying a few rules of life especially in these
times of terrible lack.

1) Take a review on your income: By now you would have known your
source(s) of income and how much you can squeeze out from them every
month. Knowing the figures at your finger tips will help prepare you
for a budget. What's your pay check like? Can it atleast comfortably
cover up your basic expenses for the month. This is the basic, because
if you have a job that can cover your basic needs as a modest human
then you'll need to make some changes. Maybe you should consider
expanding your income chart by working two jobs.

2)Be Frugal in your spending: This is the right time to cut down on
expensive eating up your income. If you have a car that takes up much
more on fuel and maintenance than usual then you may consider selling
it and getting another and more economical one. This is the time you
have to reduce your shopping sprees, with a good electric iron, cloth
maintenance and once-in-a -while visit to a dry cleaner you could get
the best out of your appearance You could also do without that high
end iphone that cost you N200,000 naira, their are cheaper smartphones
that will serve you well.

3) Ditch that 'Gold Digger': If you are into a relationship that is
drilling holes in your pocket, then its time you look at it
critically. If you have someone, be it a casual friend or a date that
makes you spend unnecessarily. You may just have to tell them why the
need has come for you to watch your pockets. Explain things to them,
and tell him or her the effect it will have you if you didn't cut down
on those 'good time' expenses.-:
But that doesn't mean you can't get gifts for your friend or
partner when you are trying to save up. But, it shouldn't be that
expensive. No more costly dates. Let me be practical a bit, for the
guys, if taking 'her' out for launch will cost more, then consider
going to the market with her and cooking a meal you could both share.

4)You can't afford it? Then don't buy it!
This is a thumb rule in the world of financial wisdom, but it is
actually very difficult not to fail at it. But regardless, it still
remains in the tablet commandments of proper money management. Avoid
buying items you know you can't afford. Avoid ordering services you
know you can't afford. It may not be easy, with those brand new stuff
smiling brightly at you, but then its just funny getting a new
designer wear, jewellery or electronic item and then you go off
borrowing. Let's stand aside and analyse it, isn't it stupid? In
fact, if I were your creditor, I would feel cheated. "You spend your
money carelessly and when you don't have you come to borrow from me.
Do I look like I don't want an Ipad too. Or do you think my money is
for you to borrow?"

5) No matter the temptation oweing debts isn't the best way:
This brings us to another rule:
"You can't buy it is because you can't afford it"
Don't go borrowing to get that stuff when you know you can't afford
it. You would only. Be accumulating 'silly' depts. Forget that idea of
"I will pay back when things get better". What if you borrow that cash
to get that item,and the economy goes down the more what would you do.
Things are not going to get better but worse, because your creditors
will soon feel the pinch of the downsizing and come after you.
And another thing, avoid incuring debts with interest. You are
helping you creditor rather than helping youself.

6)Already in debt? Stop spending money:
Some times borrowing can't be avoided and has to be excused, but
when you have the 'proper' budget that saves your cash for you, it
becomes easier to squeeze out bits of cash to pay back. Moreover,
spending wildly will only lead to more borrowing. If you can make it a
rule never to borrow again without paying back on the previous money
you were credited with. It will help you greatly.
Not just that, having a good spending profile boosts your
credit qualifications. So if ever you have to borrow it wouldn't be a
hilly task. For pete's sake no one will want to lend to you if your
spending habit can only be termed 'unreasonable'.

7)Never put all your hopes on someone else!
When things go sour, people find themselves looking up to the
government and other people including their bosses for pity and help.
This is wrong. And that's because in times of scarcity, even the
government has no money to carry out the 'people empowerment'
programmes you may be expecting. Your boss at work is facing similar
problems as you are. He or she may even start looking at cutting costs
in business. And the next thing comes-Downsizing. You could be caught
in a nasty trap if you never prepared for this. And trust me, your
curses and complaints will not save the situation.
You have to prepare for such eventualities by saving up. But
what if its already too late to save, maybe you have to seek companies
that could grant you a loan with deferred payment. But it still boils
down to the importance of having a smart financial plan to prove your
ability to go through. All the same, if you are reading this page now
and you gotten to this point, "get up and start building up emergency

8)Look inwards: Well, its not all about saving up right. You still
must spend whether you fancy it or not. So after dropping those
not-so-good-during-harsh-times spending habits, we have to talk about
adding some 'corn' to your basic income. First, we have to begin from
your abilities. What other stuffs can you do at home that could give
you N1 or N2 here or there. Many moms and dads make bulky sums of good
cash creating youtube videos. Imagine creating tutorials videos that
would teach moms how to change diapers, mix baby milk and all that.
You may not be an instant hit, but it gets better. Especially when you
get to understand what your viewers like. How about simple tutorial
videos, or organising evening or weekend tutorial classes for pupils.
Here I'm talking about those 'little' but legal activities that will
hand you some change. You could engage in some petty trading, or piece
up a petty poultry project behind your home if you have the space.

9)Learn a skill: Downsizing also comes with scarcity of white collar
jobs. And if you have a skill that sells, you wouldn't find it
difficult getting a steady stream of money. You could even be getting
it on a daily basis. For example, I know that in Nigeria drivers and
craftsmen make so much money every day. People will have to move from
A to B places and people will always have a faulty generator,
television, mobile phone to repair.
Getting a skill becomes invaluable when you need daily bits of
income. Some commercial drivers in Nigeria live in one bedroom
apartments with families comprising of up to five members, but they
are still able to provide food, shelter, clothing, education and a few
luxuries like cable TV for their family. The power of daily income.

10)Cut out those bad habits: Unhealthy addictions like smoking and
drowning in booze with friends will not help at all. And its because
these addictions could even make you spend your feeding money on them.
Stop them, they are not going to take you anywhere. And yes, as a
human being sex could be a necessary evil, err...but if patronising
commercial sex workers is guilty of the crime of stealing the money
you don't even have, it should pay. Strike it out.

11)Gambling? Not the best solution: Forget those ad captions betting
sites use. You will only loose all you money if you start betting. And
when that addiction kicks,items 1-10 on this blogpost will become
nonesense. Watch it, resist any idea to 'increase' your fortune by
patronising 'Las Vegas'. Online or in shop. It has been scientifically
proved that there are very high chances you will loose out if you
gamble under financial pressure. Its better you hold the little you
have and no hand it over to bookmarkers. For pete's sake you ain't a

12) Try producing your own food: Got any free farming space around?
Then use it. Plant the things you usually need as food ingredients.
The could range from vegetables, tubers(yams,potatoes), spices and
such stuff. Use the much you can and sell the rest.

13) Rent out, sell off or put up for service: This applies to whatever
you are not using at the moment. If you have a spare room in your
flat, you could give it out on a lease for rent. If you have a vehicle
that is rotting away in your garage, fix it up and put it on a
transport route. Or you could just sell it.

14)Work hard: Hey, I'll suggest you scroll up and read this article
one more time. Then get to work. You are never going to get out of
debt or ride firmly on the rough waves of a crashing economy while you
sit on some lazy ass!

Did I exhaust the topic? Did I answer your most pressing
questions? Send in any suggestions, questions,ideas or contribution to
this post if you have. Have nice day!


It hasn't really been the best of weeks for England so far.
First a referendum on thursday last week meant they were leaving the
European Union, and following that, Iceland has officially sent them
parking out of the competition.
"Meehn! U don't belong here!"


Rihanna popped up on twitter on sunday to announce that her new
single 'sledge hammer' will be debuting in the sound track of the next
star trek movie 'beyond'. But Fans don't have to wait till it hits the
theatre as she premiered it yesterday and its on itunes

DON'T CALL US BOKO HARAM- Niger Delta Militants.

"...We are not being sponsored by any politician we have not
asked to negotiate with a politician like Buhari..."
In the face of the regularity with which new Niger Delta

Monday, 27 June 2016


Loses 2-0 to Italy.
European football giants have been knocked out of the euro 2016
competition by Italy. This evening they spanish team comprising of
Iniesta, Sergio Ramos, Pedro, David de Gea and others were beating by
a faster and more coordinated Italian side.
The Spanish team have lost the opportunity to defend the european
title which they won four years ago. Giorgio Chiellini broke the
deadlock in the 33rd minute with a tap-in on a rebounding ball from De
Gea. Though Spain as usual enjoyed much of possessive football, Italy
looked much more deadly in front and Spain almost paid for it on two
Superb saves from De Gea helped to keep the Italian team at bay
right from the 8th minute including a superb save in the 37th minute
when Emanuele Giacherrini made an effort to drill a shot in the top
corner of the goal. Long before Spain settled into the game. The
first half ended with Italy in a pole position to move to the next
round of the competition.
Starting again after the break, Morata got a splendid chance to
hit an equaliser but just headed the ball into the veteran palms of
Buffon. Six minutes later Italy missed another opportunity to increase
the gap, thanks to another world class save by De Gea.
Some efforts were made by the Spanish forward line but Buffon
remained largely untested throughout the second half of the game.
Points out the 100% commitment of Italy's powerful backline.
At the 77 minutes mark, ageing goalkeeper Buffon saw a bit of
action when he had to pull of a gasping save from Pique's blistering
shot. At 83 minutes, Pedro came on for substitute Aritz Aduriz.
Spain couldn't even continue the record of the most goals scored
in the last ten minutes of any game in a european competition. More
than any team. At 90 minutes, Italy doubled the lead when Pelle
drilled a shot home from six yard.
In the last Euro, both teams met in the finals and Spain ran out
clear winners with a 4-0 score line.


The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has declared null and
void the election of Abia state governor Okezie Ikpeazu and has
ordered him to vacate office with immediate effect. While issuing a
certificate of return to Samson Ogah a member of PDP who contested the
post with the governor.
The court found Mr Ikpeazu guilty of tax evasion for two years.
And now the court has passed the judgement, ordering him to hand over
immediately Mr Ogah, who came second during the PDP party primaries.

A couple of members of the Peoples Democratic Party had alledged
in 2014 that Mr. Ikpeazu failed to pay his personal income tax within
the period of 2010 and 2011 and this is contrary to the section 24 of
the 1999 constitution as amended which states that "...Every citizen
must as a duty declare his income to the lawful and proper agencies
and also pay his tax promptly". In a suit in November 2014, two
members of the party Obasi Eke and Chukwuemeka Mba had asked PDP and
INEC to disqualify Mr.Ikpeazu, a gubernatorial contestant from
contesting the elections in 2014. The suit was backed by the Federal
High Court in Abuja.
The plaintiff further requested that the court should declare the
governor unfit to contest the elections. Standing on Section 24(f) of
the 1999 constitution as amended and also Paragraph 13 of part IV of
the INEC electoral guidelines for primaries. The also insisted that
the court ban PDP from presenting Ikpeazu as their gubernatorial
candidate for the elections. They didn't stop, the went further
requesting the court to ban INEC from accepting Ikpeazu as a candidate
and also the PDP candidate who polled second during the party
primaries should be declared the right candidate for the main
governorship polls.
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The Nigerian Senate president Alhaji Bukola Saraki and his
deputy Ike Ekweremadu today denied being guilty of court charges and
they have been granted bail. Together with them were two others also
accused of forgery: A former clerk of the national assembly Mr. Salisu
Maikasuwa and his deputy, Benedict Efeturi.
They were granted bail but the judge who ruled on the case said
that all defendants(the four) will continue their detention at the
Kuje maximum prison in Abuja pending when they meet the bail
conditions. The defendants are expected to provide two sureties with
evidence of properties in major urban areas of Abuja.


Njideka Crosby Akunyili daughter of the late NAFDAC national
director has won the star prize for the 2016 edition of Canson prize.
The Canson prize is an annual award given for the best achieving
artist on paper.


The Indigenous People of Biafra on sunday addressed a letter
urging the British government to help them initiate a Biafra exit in


Image: messi, a picture of dejection after missing his penalty.

For the second time in a row the Chileans beat the argentines to
a championship victory. It happened yesterday night. For the Argentina

Sunday, 26 June 2016


---Rapper 50 Cent arrested for using the f 'F' word in Caribbean show.
American hip hip rap star got into trouble for using prohibited
profanities and slang words while performing at St.Kitts Music


"Do what you love and the money will follow".
This is something entrepreneurs have heard countless times. But
the truth is, turning or transforming your hobby from a past time to a
full scale business could really be a risky venture. Sure it could
give you a success story to tell, but if you fail, it's going to be
miserable. Really horrible. You could even lose interest in that hobby
forever. Yet, every time we hear stories of people who succeeded in
creating a multi-figure income from regular past time activities. So
how did they do it?


The governor of Imo State Governor Anayo Okorocha recently had a
face to face meeting with the man whose wife was killed by muslim
extremists in Kano. The killing of Mrs. Bridget Agbahiwe about a month
ago sparked so much outrage all over the nation. And so many accusing
fingers pointed at the lacklustre attitude of the northern governors
in handling the case. What was most shocking wasn't just the killing,
but the manner of the killing.
But Pastor Agbahiwe the wife of the woman has cleared the air
with concrete details of the incidents that led to the gruesome
killing. He confirmed that his wife was killed by an irate mob of
islamic extremists. Contrary to widespread rumours Pastor Mike
Agbahiwe said his late wife was not beheaded. She was only beaten to
death with sticks and objects but her head is still intact at the
He told the story of what led to the killing; in his story he
revealed that his wife did not commit any act of blasphemy against
islam. Other than she told a man named Dauda who was washing his feet
in front of her shop to adjust so she could arrange the goods in front
of her shop. The Dauda just lost his temper and immediately began to
molest her physically, holding and viciously gripping her neck. While
Within a short time a boiling mob gathered around. He said he
ran with his wife away from the scene to the home of a certain
prominent Alhaji, a leader in the area. But the mob came up to the
house of the Alhaji insisting on having Pastor Agbahiwe and his wife.
Despite efforts made to calm them down, the refused, calling him an
infidel(a word common among islamist). The mob broke into the
Alhaji's house, grabbed Mrs. Bridget and started beating her till she
"When we saw that danger was about to occur, we ran and took
refuge in the house of a
prominent Alhaji, who is a leader in the area. The
Alhaji did all he could to calm the mob down.
They refused and called him an infidel, and
broke into his house and killed my wife in front of me. And if not the
quick intervention of the
Police who immediately used tear gas to disperse
them, they would have also killed me. But they
destroyed everything I had both the shop, the
car and so on."
"The head of my wife was never beheaded. But the hitting was on her
head and with hard
objects. The body of my wife is in the mortuary
with the head. She was not beheaded as it was
widely reported."
The governor sympathised with Pastor Agbahiwe who is an indegene
of Mbaitoli LGA in Imo State. The governor commended the strength of
Mrs. Bridget. Adding that it took more than a hundred men and women
armed with weapons to take her down. He said that the problem is not
in the death of Mrs. Agbahiwe but in the manner of her killing. He
said no religion at all supported such kind of extremism. In his
Anyone who kills in the name of religion is an evil worshipper, and
should never mention the name of God. The cold blooded murder of Mrs.
Agbahiwe should be seen as a sacrifice for the
unity of the country".
Continuing, he said that he was still monitoring the progress of
Kano state police on the case, commenting that so far about five
people in connection with the case had been arrested by the police in
Kano. He also said that the council of traditional rulers in the state
were organising a delegation to Kano to ensure such an incident never
repeated itself anywhere in Nigeria ever again.
According to the Imo State governor, the state government will
continue to stay with the family in their time of grief. Even as he
encouraged them to bear the pain with fortitude.
There's the possibility that the Dauda saw Mrs. Bridget's request
to move away from her shop as a impudence and as an insult to islam.
Probably because he was performing his ablution.(Pastor Mike's story
says Dauda was washing his feet, and muslims do that as part of their
prayers). But grabbing and molesting a woman while screaming the
jihadist war cry (Alakub) all because of all places you chose to wash
your feet in front of her shop. And she told you to just move a bit.
And then what about the mob? Wasn't there a reasonable islamist to ask
questions before the attack. Or did Dauda tell lies to the
There are reasons to believe that the case was a set up. An
arrangement that will call on unecessary provocation. There are strong
reasons to believe that Pastor Agbahiwe's wife had been a target in
that area. And Dauda was used as an agent to get to the family.
Anyway, may God grant the family and her kids the grace to bear the loss.


"Nigeria's democracy is under serious threat if Buhari's
unforgiving spirit goes unchecked".
A traditional ruler in Enugu state has expressed his disapproval
on President Buhari's infamous habit of witch hunting his enemies in
the name of war against corruption. His royal highness Dr. Hafford

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Ravaging flood in west virginia has left about 23 people dead,
hundreds injured and thousands stranded without power supply. Gov Earl
Ray Tomblin in a news conference yesterday that the toll was at 14,
but between then and now officials have confirmed that the death toll
had increased to 23.


Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage has split with his wife Alice Kim
whom he married 11 years + ago in 2004. The representative of Nicolas
revealed that the actor and his Alice split secretly way back in

Friday, 24 June 2016


Agip Oil company has for many years supported the education
of hundreds of post graduate students through its Post Graduate
Scholarship Scheme. The scholarship programme was initiated by
Nigerian Agip Exploration to boost the opportunities of brilliant
students in the society, and to provide qualified and talented
manpower to the oil sector.


Business tycoon and Africa's wealthiest man, has re-affirmed
his plans to expand his industry to the oil sector. Sometime in 2014,
the CEO of Dangote group of companies announced that his team was
setting up a refinery in Lagos. He also said that the refinery will be
an answer to Nigeria's prevailing oil problem, adding that it would be
ready by middle of 2018.
Recently Dangote told Reuters that the refinery will churn out
650,000 barrels of crude oil. He also revealed the cost of the
structure to be in excess of $12 billion. Even uptil now, Nigeria
idealy the largest produce and exporter of crude oil in Africa and
among the top 10 in the world, still suffers from scarcity of refined
petroleum products. Which is very terrible and it's as a result poor
maintenance of the refineries in the country.
But once some level of responsible privatisation has come to the
rescue, and a fifth refinery is gradually standing up to its feet in
the western hub of Lagos.
Despite the economic downturn in the country, it still comes as a
relief to inspire hope. Things have been difficult, commodities
expensive and the standard of living at a terrible low, but Dangote is
still moving to test solids fields. Dangonte also added that the
refinery will attempt to kill two birds with one stone. In that while
cartering for the demand for oil by the masses, it also will run a
fertilizer plant worth $2 billion dollars. This no doubt will help
Nigeria in its probe into developing agriculture. And farmers can get
access to fertilizer easily.

Project Funding:
Dangote revealed that the project which is set to begin production by
2019 was being funded by loans from banks, investment from export
firms, and the company's available equity. He also added that the
World bank and CBN had also made contributions. There was also some
word from him about plans to run a natural gas line around West
Africa. This will also be backed up by the power of the plant. And
that would be great as Nigeria ranks amongs the top ten countries in
terms of her natural gas reserves.
But still on his cement line, he plans to build factories all
over Africa, as part of a plan to triple overall cement production.


"Nigeria is fantastically corrupt"
You remember the statement that went viral sometime ago? Well just
for reference purposes, the guy who said it is (now former) British
prime minister. David Cameron has announced his resignation after
failing to keep Britain in the european union.
On thursday, a referendum ( a vote where everyone within age
limits is allowed to vote) was held, that requested the opinion of
British citizens in deciding if Britain should leave or remain in the
28 nation(now 27) union. A total of 72% of qualified citizens voted
giving about 30 million voters. The highest number of votes in any
referendum for over 12 years now.
On the breakdown of the results;
England voted strongly for Brexit(Britain Exit) with 53.4% in favour
of an exit. Same for wales. Wales got about 52.5% . Scotland and
Northern Ireland voted more for a stay. Scotland: 62%, Northern
Ireland 56%. Both countries preferring to stay in the EU.
The European union is just like the African union, it is now a
27(with Britain's exception) member union that has its own
currency-Euro, its own parliament and rules governing the member
nations. The UK hasn't officially left the EU as they will now have to
invoke an agreement called the " article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty".
Cameron will now choose to activate the clause in the patch, but he
has decided he will leave it for his successor.
It's the first time in history a country is leaving the EU, no
country has ever done it before. The Prime minister will be going to
the EU to explain officially the exit and his decision to step down.
Actually, the exit is not in effect until UK officially completes the
processes, and so the EU treatise will still apply in the UK.

What about people who work in the bloc?
Well this depends on the turnout of the agreement and
negotiations. If Britain still remains in the Single market(a system
that governs trading rules in the EU) then it would be possible for
people from UK to work in EU and vice versa. Negotiations and terms
will also determine if people could transmit between the two regions
without a visa.
As for scotland and Ireland they still will be forced to leave as
they are part of UK albeit they voted to stay back. But Scotland's
First minister is thinking a separate referendum for scotland alone
will have to come as a solution.
For more gist about the Brexit visit:


Zenith bank staff kneeling before Fayose?

Can you believe what you're seeing in the pictures above. After Fayose
raised hell all over the media a few days ago, over the freezing of
his Zenith bank accounts. The bank actually sent its staff to go and
beg him? for which forgiveness?
The Governor came under fire recently(for the umpteenth time)
when EFCC froze the accounts he held in zenith bank over allegations
that he used public cash to sponsor the last PDP elections. At first
the bank denied the money came from them, but after the governor in a
statement, pointedly accused them of playing the 'coward' part. They
brought down their ego by sending managers to beg Fayose for
supposedly 'being stupid'.

After he discovered that his accounts had been blocked, in an
attempt to backlash the decision and the 'people' he feels are behind
it, Fayose decided to make some very dirty allegations against the
president Gen. Buhari and his wife Aisha Buhari. In a document he
distributed to media bodies, Fayose ignorantly claimed that Aisha
Buhari was directly a part of the infamous Halliburton scandal. As far
as I know, the EFCC actually confirmed that one Aisha Buhari was
involved as they also carried out investigations together with the US
government. But fortunately the former chairman of EFCC fortunately
was around to shut the 'false accuser' up. The former chairman
insisted that the Aisha Buhari mentioned in the documents was not
Buhari's wife. Yet Fayode still doesn't want to shut up, and has also
claimed that the reason Gen.Buhari has cancelled scheduled trips to
the US is because of the case. Insisting that Aisha should go to the
US and give herself up for investigation.
Now I want to ask Fayode:
What has Buhari done to you? Ever since the man assumed office he
has been the target of your verbal and senseless attacks. Every move
the president makes you shamefacedly criticise him. I thought you had
gone too far when you said that Buhari was 73 years old, and too old
to lead Nigeria. You even added that your mother who is about the age
of the president wears diapers, and that the president could still be
doing the same. How stupid!instead of treating the sickness your
mother has, you are using her as an example in public. Forgetting that
there are aged people who are up to 90 and they don't use diapers. But
now I see clearly that you are mentally derailed. You think you can
play on our wisdom for mockery?
You have forgotten that the presidential candidate-Donald Trump
is 70 years and nobody has heard reports that he wears diapers? Just
two months ago, you wrote a letter to the Chinese government saying
that Nigeria was not fit for the $2billion trade loan. You even
followed the president right behind to China, to ensure that
negotiations fell through. Fayose Ayodele are you a clown? What is
your problem?
And even when EFCC froze your accounts, because they were
receiving 'suspicious' reports from them, rather than shut up, and
face the charge. Rather than wait for an opportunity to defend
yourself at the right time, you went about blowing your anus to the
wind. And involving an innocent woman in your allegations. Are you so
And now, as for that Zenith bank- I am horribly disappointed.
What on earth will warrant your action- bringing down your ego and
pride to lift that of a man whose suspicious bank accounts were closed
to curtail his fraudulent activities. Where is it done? How can you
allow a mentally derailed governor who can't pay his state workers but
joins them to go on strike take advantage of you. Is it because he
funds your bank with cash that was probably looted? He can't even buy
fuel for his state, he is only good at going about blaming others for
his woes. If it is not his predecessor he is blaming for problems, it
is the presidency. You are only doing this because you think you can
do a double take on EFCC and your 'customer'.But let me tell you, the
long arm of the law must always catch up with miscreants.
Lastly,Governor Fayose, you brought your woes upon yourself, go
and check, it is not only PDP members that are being indicted in
EFCC's convictions. Even APC members are under probe too, so no one is
witch hunting. The president in his fight against corrupt officers
still on seat, he has to start with someone . Too bad its you. Don't
worry, others will come. Besides, in as much as the executive immunity
clause in section 308 of the constitution, protects you and makes you
untouchable. It does not make your fraudulent bank accounts
untouchable. Go and study the constitution and stop talking nonsense
and leave another man's wife alone!
It's just a piece of my mind.

Ebube Maduike

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Chris Brown has once again been dragged out in public over
his acute inability to control his fists. Michael Guirguis also known
as Michael G who is the manager of Chris Brown has claimed in court
documents that Chris Brown physically battered him sometime in early
may, before his european tour.
The manager also claimed that the grammy awards winner was in a
drug inspired mood when he attacked him one day, punching him several
times and seriously injuring him. But Chris in response said on
instagram that he fired the manager because he was draining his
"I fired them because they're stealing money," he
claimed in response. "You're stealing money
pal, so you're mad because you're no longer
existent…God Bless you. Wish you the best of

Michael claims he was hired to fix Chris' tarnished image, after
the singer pleaded guilty to assault of his former girlfriend-
Rihanna. He also said in the court documents that after Chris
assaulted him, he took to the social media to boast about what he had
done. Meanwhile, Chris Brown is in a custody battle with Nia Guzman
over their daughter- Royalty.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Iphone 4 Diamond Rose:
The worlds most expensive phone with a total
construction cost of £5 million. The bezel is
handmade from rose with approx 500 individual
flawless diamonds which total over 100ct.The rear section is formed
using rose gold with the added touch of its rose gold Apple logo and
diamonds. The main navigation is made from
platinum which holds a single cut 7.4ct pink
diamond. Also included (not shown in picture) is a rare 8ct single cut
Flawless diamond which can
replace the pink one. The chest which houses this
unique handset(when you buy it), is made from a single block of
Granite , in Imperial Pink with the inner lined with Nubuck top grain
leather , which weight is a
massive 7kg.The handset is 32gb and limited
edition of only 2 to be ever made.
How many modest Nigerian ladies will reject an offer to get this
phone in place of their chastity?
Just asking o!


Leicester city and England striker Jamie Vardy has signed another
contract with his current club. Vardy who is currently on
international duty with England at the Euro 2016 came out as the
club's top striker last season.
There strong speculations that vardy would leave to sign for
arsenal, but the club announced that he has agreed to a contract that
will keep him till the summer of 2020.


The country of Nicaragua is in serious mourning after its
former representative at the Miss World award has been confirmed dead.
Yumara Lopez who was elected Miss World Nicaragua in 2014 has died
following a two year battle with brain cancer.
She was diagonised in April of 2014 with grade 2 astrocytoma- a
type of brain cancer, but she still went ahead to represent her
country competing against 121 contestants in London that same year.
Since she died, condolences have been pouring in, and nation is
in mourning.


German police have sealed off a cinema complex after a masked
gunman barricaded himself inside Viernheim. Its yet to be confirmed if
the gunman has taken any hostages.
According to a frankfurt newspaper, the man was seen to have
entered the cinema center armed with a gun and an ammunition belt and
also wearing a mask. This happened at about 3pm today. So far about
20+ have been reported injured. Injuries are however suspected to be
from the use of tear gas.
The motive of the attack is yet unknown.


Popular radio presenter-Ifedayo Olarinde popularly known as
Freeze has stepped into the ring of the Aisha-Fayose palaver. Check
his open letter to Governor Fayose.
Dear Gov Fayose, this desperado, way of playing
politics has become way too embarrassing.
During the presidential campaign, I stumbled
upon a headline that read "Fayose's Aggressive
Method Of Governance Embarrassing Our Family, Says Brother" and I was
disturbed, but I treated it as a solitary incident.
Then, you took a swipe at the president,
claiming he was too old to rule Nigeria, further
stating that your 74-year-old mother, allegedly
wears diapers, and that Buhari is likely to be
using diapers and therefore is unfit to rule
Nigeria. This was a blow to my intelligence as
American presidential candidate Donald trump is
70, while his counterpart Hilary Clinton is 68
years old, both within president Buhari's age
range of 73years, with neither of them wearing
diapers. The Irish president, Michael Daniel Higgins, is even older
than all of them at 75years and is as fit as a fiddle. Now this last
attempt at smearing the name of Mrs Buhari and claiming Zenith bank
funded your campaign is a little scary! Bros is everything ok? Because
this, in my opinion, has gone too far, and is making you look like you
ought to pursue a career in comedy.
Freeze is a radio presenter at CoolFM


In a press conference on wednesday the PDP senators announced that
they have retracted the support the have for the current
administration led by APC. Citing their reasons to be the supposed
high handedness applied by President Buhari on his presumed political
This statement implies that, the policies and bills from the
presidency(executive) will hitherto face strict opposition from the
PDP quarters of the senate. And PDP is sure has the numerical strength
to pull the stunt if they choose. The anger of the PDP senators was
probably aroused by the decision of the executive to probe the Senate
president Bukola Saraki and his vice Ike Ekweremadu over some alleged
case of senate forgery. The decision was kicked against by the whole
Right now, the PDP senators have decided that they cannot support an
executive that doesn't treat everyone fairly. Insisting that the
supposed anti-corruption war was just as a cover strategy to hunt down
the opposition party. While members of the ruling party who are well
known to be involved in corruption are protected.
The executive was also criticised for freezing the accounts of
Ekiti state governor, Governor Fayose Ayo. The president Muhammadu
Buhari and his caucus are yet to respond to the statement.


...Threatens to sue him
The wife of the president, Aisha Buhari has given Ekiti state
governor Fayose Ayodele five days to withdraw his accusations or be
taken to court for libel. The Ekiti state governor had previously
reacted to the seizing of his accounts, by stating that that 'even the
president is not an angel" and accused Aish Buhari of being involved
in the Halliburton scandal.
The premium times has a copy of the letter sent to the governor and
it states in its title:
"Demand for unqualified retraction of the false statement published by
you in various media on the 20th of June, 2016, and subsequent dates
regarding our client, Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Buhari the wife of
President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR,"
The president's wife went on to accuse the governor of passing
around a document containing "wild, unfounded and false accusations
against her." On the media. The letter also cited a particular in the
document were the governor tendered his allegations.
"Even the president cannot claim to be an angel.
The estate he built in Abuja is known to us. His
wife was indicted over the Halliburton Scandal
(sic). When that American, Jeferson, was being
sentenced, the President's wife was mentioned as
having wired $170,000 to Jefferson. Her name
was on page 25 of the sentencing of Jefferson.
We can serialise the judgement for people to see
and read,"
The letter was concluded with the wife of the president giving
the governor and 'his agents' five days, or she would have to seek a
redress of the matter in court.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


The Nigerian customs service has arreste one Mr. Abubakar Rilwan
who is regarded as one of the most wanted and notorious fraudsters
involved in internet scams. The internet fraud/scam kingpin has a lot
of agencies on his trail. All of which he has used as a cover to dupe
his victims.
Abubakar has alledgely duped tens of individuals and job seekers
to the tune of over N20 million. A story has it that he decieved some
job seekers in Taraba state, collected money from them and even made
them travel all the way down to Bayelsa for a training that never
Mr. Rilwal is currently in the charge of the Nigerian customs
service undergoing interrogation.
Omo this guy bad o! 20 million naira!

How often have you wanted to apply for an excellent yet affordable
school in the US or Canada, only to find out you didn't know anywhere
to go? With, you can view the list of most affordable
universities, colleges and polytechnics in America and Canada. And its
just a few clicks away. Visit now and get 20 percent
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Never easier!


Image: President Buhari steps down from a plane.

"...Someone is saying he wants Biafra, it is because he was not born
when there was Biafra".
----Gen. Buhari

The president of the federal republic of Nigeria has recently appealed
to Nigerians for support through prayers, citing that governance
should not be taken lightly.
He said this while breaking yesterday's fast with some of his
cabinet members, adding that Nigeria will go far economically and all
round with prayers.
"We need a lot of prayers especially in this month of prayers and
service to God, let's keep up with our prayers so that God in his
infinite mercy will grant us peace, security and better the economy
once more"
He also added that those agitating for the sovereign state of
Biafra should be careful and reflect on the Civil war that claimed
almost 2 million lives.
"We have to reflect on history so we can know what is before us and
what we intend to leave for the generations after us".
Speaking further on unrest, militants and internal aggression he said:
"The militants in their homes should reflect seriously on what
happened between 1967 and 1970, over two million lives were lost"
"Look at what Gen. Gowon said; to keep Nigeria as one is a task
that must be done, and every soldier understood it clearly. But
instead of fighting a common enemy, we are quarelling with our
brothers, and someone is saying that he wants Biafra, it is because he
was not born when there was Biafra".


The wife of the US president Michelle Obama has just joined
popular social network Snapchat. In a mini blogpost, a staff of
Michelle's communication office announced the new development. Kelsey
Donohue said:

Today, we are peeling back the curtain and
taking you behind-the-scenes with the First
Lady's new Snapchat account. You can begin
following her today at MichelleObama.
It's no secret, young people today are avid
Snapchatters — more than half of 13 to 34 year-
old smartphone users are Snapping their daily
adventures. By following the First Lady on
Snapchat, you will see stories of the 62 million
girls around the world who aren't in school and
find ways you can take action. You will learn more about ways to stay
active and healthy — plus see the White House Kitchen Garden from
planting to harvest. You will hear stories from members of our
Joining Forces community. You will meet students who are beating the
odds to Reach Higher to go to college. Plus, we promise many guest
appearances from Bo and Sunny, too.
Next week we are taking the First Lady's followers abroad on the First
Lady's Let Girls Learn trip to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain to visit
young girls who are working hard to for their education. Stay tuned
for behind-the-scenes snaps from her trip, including posts from
actresses and advocates Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto. So don't wait —
open snapchat, add
"MichelleObama," and tell a friend!


In a series of tweets yesterday which have since been deleted, the
wife of the president, blasted the Ekiti state governor calling him a
'mad dog' that is 'unchained'. The tweets got mixed reactions from the
Nigerians in her audience and she has deleted them.
This comes after, the Ekiti state governor, falsely accused the
woman oif being involved in a scandal involving a former US
congressman. The EFCC has since refuted the claims. And Aisha Buhari
took to twitter to pour heated up abuses on Fayose. Saying she was
ready for him.
But Nigerians are wondering why she should further downgrade
herself by answering Fayose in the first place.
The Governor also accused the president of being corrupt too. In
his statement: "Buhari is not an angel". We are yet to get any word
from him since the incidents.


Sweden international, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has announced his
retirement from international duty after the Euro 2016. The former PSG
striker who has been strongly linked with Manchester United in the
past months has scored a total of 62 goals for Sweden. An
international record. While the Euro appearance against Belgium will
hand him 116 caps.
He said: "I am very proud of what I have achieved and will always
bring the Swedish flag with me."
Contrary to wide expectations, he won't be representing his
country in the Rio Olympics come august.


A woman has just accused US presidential candidate of raping her
and also assaulting her after the act. The woman Katie Johnson who
claimed she was 13 at the time of the rape also alleged that she
wasn't the only minor raped that day. She claimed another minor was
involved and that after having sex with them, trump brutalised them
for 'poor sex'.
Kate Johnson now 34 years, also revealed in court that when she
told the billionaire politician to 'please wear a condom, he replied
by slapping her'. Saying: 'he could whatever he wanted'. According to
the papers, he also told her to 'get a f--k--g abortion'.
On learning about the lawsuit, Donald Trump immediately denied
it, describing as '' categorically false and disgusting and as an
attempt at getting media attention'' or "politically motivated"
Kate, claims the other minor-Maria Doe could bear witness to
her allegations, as well as another man involved in the abuse-Jeffrey
Epstein. And she's looking for $69million as compensation for damages.
The allegations came up after police, supporters and protesters
clashed outside Trumps campaign grounds last week.
Trump as amassed a huge amount of enemies and he does everyday
with his anti-immigration, anti-islamic and anti-African views.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


The actor Peter Dinklage who stared as the dwarf- Tyrionne
Lannister in the TV series 'Game of Thrones' took out time to spend
with his only daughter. And mehhhn! Did he flaunt. Lifting her up and
throwing her into the air as they went on a long stroll together.
Peter is so lucky, his daughter does not have the 'dwarf' gene. *wink

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