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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Lately, a lot of changes have been seen in the admission
process for entrance into Nigerian tertiary institutions. One of them
is the scrapping of the Post UTME screening exams organised by
tertiary institutions for candidates. And in readiness to fill in the
shoes as a substitute for the Post UTME which has been stopped. The
Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has introduced a 'point
grading' system for candidates.
The admission regulatory board announced the new point system on
their website on monday this week, probably after long consultations
with universities and 'heavyweights' in the education sector. The
whole of the admission process into any tertiary institution will now
be embedded in the 'points system'.
Right now, according to JAMB,every candidate that reaches JAMB
UTME cut-off mark must be offered provisional admission by JAMB, and
the online checker portal to handle that will soon be open. But it
certainly does not end there as your provisional admission is almost
just a compensation for writing JAMB and getting to the general
cut-off mark(180 as you already know). A statement on the JAMB's
website says that your points tally will decided if your are eligible
for admission or not. According to the website, universities will also
charge candidates a fee for screening. But there isn't going to be any
exam, interview or whatever. The fee is just for the universities to
review and compile your points.

For the point tally, the point tally under the new JAMB admission
process for ALL tertiary institutions will be spread between your JAMB
scores and your O'level result. Yes. And according to the website,
candidates that submits only one complete O'level result(with a
minimum of 5 C's including English and Mathematics) will have higher
points. Infact, submitting one O'level result gets you 10 sure points.
Submitting two O'level results(two sittings combination) guarantees
you just 2 points. So this means candidates with just one result are
at an advantage. But only JUST. Its that bad.
For the O'level grades, each grade has a number of points
assigned to it. For example, A=6, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1 and F=0. So
clearly the higher someone's grades are the better and clearer your
chances. More A's and B's with fewer C's =higher points= higher
chances of getting admitted this year. Got it?
The UTME results also have assigned points for specified score ranges.

180-200= 20-23 points
200-250= 24-33 points
251-300= 34-43 points
301-400= 44-60 points

JAMB further explained that one point will be added for each group
of five results in any category, on the JAMB score grading chart. This
means that 180-185(five results are in this category) will have 20
points. So if your score falls in this sub-category, you have 20
Any JAMB score between 186-191(five results) will have 21 points, so
if you fall in this sub-category, you have 21 points. And it goes on
till you max out at 200, which is the limit for the 180-200 range.
JAMB also said, that for each tertiary institution, merit
candidates will make up 45% of the total population of admitted
candidates, another 35% will contain catchment, ELD(areas less
developed in education infrastructure), staff list and VC's list will
take up the rest of the remaining slots.
The tertiary institutions will announce their cut-off marks in
points and not marks. So you should be expecting to hear the 'cut-off
point' for the school you have chosen. The cut-off points will be
based on the number of applicants and the course as usual. So if a
candidate scores 270 in JAMB but is not able to make it to the cut-off
point set by UNILAG for medicine(for example), such a person will
definitely miss out on the admission. However, JAMB will still give
you provisional admission.* But the thing here is, the provisional
admission which you likely will see when you enter your JAMB
registration number on the online portal that will soon be launched
will ONLY be a means to an end.
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