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Sunday, 26 June 2016


---Rapper 50 Cent arrested for using the f 'F' word in Caribbean show.
American hip hip rap star got into trouble for using prohibited
profanities and slang words while performing at St.Kitts Music


"Do what you love and the money will follow".
This is something entrepreneurs have heard countless times. But
the truth is, turning or transforming your hobby from a past time to a
full scale business could really be a risky venture. Sure it could
give you a success story to tell, but if you fail, it's going to be
miserable. Really horrible. You could even lose interest in that hobby
forever. Yet, every time we hear stories of people who succeeded in
creating a multi-figure income from regular past time activities. So
how did they do it?


The governor of Imo State Governor Anayo Okorocha recently had a
face to face meeting with the man whose wife was killed by muslim
extremists in Kano. The killing of Mrs. Bridget Agbahiwe about a month
ago sparked so much outrage all over the nation. And so many accusing
fingers pointed at the lacklustre attitude of the northern governors
in handling the case. What was most shocking wasn't just the killing,
but the manner of the killing.
But Pastor Agbahiwe the wife of the woman has cleared the air
with concrete details of the incidents that led to the gruesome
killing. He confirmed that his wife was killed by an irate mob of
islamic extremists. Contrary to widespread rumours Pastor Mike
Agbahiwe said his late wife was not beheaded. She was only beaten to
death with sticks and objects but her head is still intact at the
He told the story of what led to the killing; in his story he
revealed that his wife did not commit any act of blasphemy against
islam. Other than she told a man named Dauda who was washing his feet
in front of her shop to adjust so she could arrange the goods in front
of her shop. The Dauda just lost his temper and immediately began to
molest her physically, holding and viciously gripping her neck. While
Within a short time a boiling mob gathered around. He said he
ran with his wife away from the scene to the home of a certain
prominent Alhaji, a leader in the area. But the mob came up to the
house of the Alhaji insisting on having Pastor Agbahiwe and his wife.
Despite efforts made to calm them down, the refused, calling him an
infidel(a word common among islamist). The mob broke into the
Alhaji's house, grabbed Mrs. Bridget and started beating her till she
"When we saw that danger was about to occur, we ran and took
refuge in the house of a
prominent Alhaji, who is a leader in the area. The
Alhaji did all he could to calm the mob down.
They refused and called him an infidel, and
broke into his house and killed my wife in front of me. And if not the
quick intervention of the
Police who immediately used tear gas to disperse
them, they would have also killed me. But they
destroyed everything I had both the shop, the
car and so on."
"The head of my wife was never beheaded. But the hitting was on her
head and with hard
objects. The body of my wife is in the mortuary
with the head. She was not beheaded as it was
widely reported."
The governor sympathised with Pastor Agbahiwe who is an indegene
of Mbaitoli LGA in Imo State. The governor commended the strength of
Mrs. Bridget. Adding that it took more than a hundred men and women
armed with weapons to take her down. He said that the problem is not
in the death of Mrs. Agbahiwe but in the manner of her killing. He
said no religion at all supported such kind of extremism. In his
Anyone who kills in the name of religion is an evil worshipper, and
should never mention the name of God. The cold blooded murder of Mrs.
Agbahiwe should be seen as a sacrifice for the
unity of the country".
Continuing, he said that he was still monitoring the progress of
Kano state police on the case, commenting that so far about five
people in connection with the case had been arrested by the police in
Kano. He also said that the council of traditional rulers in the state
were organising a delegation to Kano to ensure such an incident never
repeated itself anywhere in Nigeria ever again.
According to the Imo State governor, the state government will
continue to stay with the family in their time of grief. Even as he
encouraged them to bear the pain with fortitude.
There's the possibility that the Dauda saw Mrs. Bridget's request
to move away from her shop as a impudence and as an insult to islam.
Probably because he was performing his ablution.(Pastor Mike's story
says Dauda was washing his feet, and muslims do that as part of their
prayers). But grabbing and molesting a woman while screaming the
jihadist war cry (Alakub) all because of all places you chose to wash
your feet in front of her shop. And she told you to just move a bit.
And then what about the mob? Wasn't there a reasonable islamist to ask
questions before the attack. Or did Dauda tell lies to the
There are reasons to believe that the case was a set up. An
arrangement that will call on unecessary provocation. There are strong
reasons to believe that Pastor Agbahiwe's wife had been a target in
that area. And Dauda was used as an agent to get to the family.
Anyway, may God grant the family and her kids the grace to bear the loss.


"Nigeria's democracy is under serious threat if Buhari's
unforgiving spirit goes unchecked".
A traditional ruler in Enugu state has expressed his disapproval
on President Buhari's infamous habit of witch hunting his enemies in
the name of war against corruption. His royal highness Dr. Hafford

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