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Saturday, 4 June 2016


Beating Tennis female super in a Final isn't something you see
everyday. Only four have really been able to achieve such a feat,
including her sister, venus who did it twice. Well the number just
came up to five. On saturday a 22 year old spaniard defeated Serena
emphatically 7-5, 6-4 to win the French Open title.
During the game that could be rated as her best performance so far,
the young spaniard-Garbine Muguruza played it the "serena" style all
through. Attacking her service with zeal, swinging and really banging
the game closer the lines.
In more than two decades Serena hasn't let up on her game, smashing
up 22 grand slams in her career till date. Yesterday, she just had to
agree that she met her match in Muguruza.
Although there were times her backhands turned sour, which
allowed Serena to get four straight points, but she still served out
the match at love.
Her final stroke was a wonderful backhand lob, that landed on the
baseline. After the match she expressed her amazement at the victory,
describing it as shocking.
Muguruza is the the first spanish woman to win the cup since 1998.
Spanish men Tennis champion Rafael Nadal who has won the men's cup
nine times sent her a congratulatory message.


After a a horrible setback that threatened to blow her dreams to
the wind, Nollywood actress and businesswoman Omotola Jalade Ekeind
has embarked on another project-rebuilding her fallen event center.
A few weeks ago, a violent wind had wrecked much of Omotola
center, a disappointment that cost in the region over N30m. This
happened shortly after it was launched with a party. But she has
managed to put all that behind her, to get to the end of her vision,
seeing her event center as a main attraction for everyone.
Sources revealed the rebuilding process was going to cost more
than N33m. Such a huge sum! But then, its a good thing she hasn't
abandoned it permanently!


Ever since the world heavyweight champion passed on less that 48
hours ago, tributes have been pouring to the family from friends and
well wishers with the US president Barrack Obama leading the tributes.
As we continue to remember the greatest boxer ever to grace the
ring, let's find out a little more about his life.
The "peoples champion" was born originally as Marcel Clay jr. in
January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA to a humble orthodox
family as the elder of two boys. His father was Cassius Marcellus
Clay. He was first directed into boxing by a police officer and
boxing. He made his boxing debut in 1954 in the amateur category,
winning a total of ten titles in that category, including the light
heavyweight gold medal during the 1960 summer Olympics. His record in
the amateur category was a total of 100 wins and five losses.
On October 29, 1960 Clay made a banging professional debut,
clearing off a six round match against Tunney Hunsaker. By 1964 he had
a record of 19 unbeaten wins under his belt, 15 from knock outs.
Beating a host of boxers including Jim Robinson, Henry Cooper, Doug
Jones and Archie Moore. The toughest during this period was the fight
Jones on Jones' home turf in New York.
Clay was a champion who was very good at belittling his opponents
and boosting his abilities vocally.(He was a loud boxer). Until he
gained fame, his behaviour continued to irk fans of the, who rained
boos and even debris during his fights.
By 1963, he was already a major contender for the heavyweight
title held by Sonny Liston, an intimidating fighter witha criminal
past and links to a notorious mob. The fight was held on Feb 25, 1964.
And despite the fear that should have been created by the destruction
of former heavyweight champion-Floyd Patterson by Liston, Clay kept
on throwing insults at Liston. After a fight that was full of upsets
and tension, during which clay had to fight with partially blinded
eyes,he was declared the winner when Liston refused too answer the
bell for the seventh round.
Clay became at age 22, the youngest to grab the title from a
reigning champion, up until 1986 when Mike Tyson broke the record at
age 20.
Soon after the Liston match, Clay joined an islamic movement
(Nation Of Islam) and changed his name to Mohammed Ali. He beat Liston
again in a rematch in 1965. On November 22, 1965, Ali defended his
title against former title champion- Floyd Patterson, after 12 rounds
the match was ended on technical knockout. Patterson sustained a major
injury during the fight.
Shortly after he was stripped of his WBA title for joining the
Nation of Islam, Mohammed Ali got his arranged fight with the WBA
heavyweight champion- Ernie Turnell sanctioned because he refused to
serve in the Vietnam war. In defending his decision, he said: "I ain't
got nothing against no Viet Cong, he never did call me a nigger".
Alli travelled out to Europe and Canada, winning many bouts. He
returned to the US to fight Cleveland Williams in Nov of 1966.
Cleveland's near range shooting by Policeman had a serious effect on
him and ensured Ali overwhelmed him easily. Winning the third round on
Ali fought Turnell in February of the following year. It was a
fight that many defined as full of cruelty, because in his bid to
humiliate Turnell for calling him his "slave name"- Clay, he
deliberately prolonged the match with bloody, taunting jabs. All the
while shouting-"what's name uncle Tom!".
After a title defence on March 22 the same year, Ali was stripped
of his titles and his boxing licence seized for refusing to join the
army during the vietnam war. He was sentenced to five years jail term
for "draft evasion" in June that same year. His licence was seized in
all states and his passport too. And so for three years plus( march
1967-Oct 1970) his fighting career was inactive.
In 1971, the supreme court overturned the sentence, this followed
by Atlanta state releasing his licence and then the New York Boxing
Commission restoring his licence. His first fight at his comeback was
against Jerry Quarry, which he won after just three rounds.
On March 8, 1971, in a fight still touted as a fight of the
century, Ali lost his first professional battle against Joe Fraizer
the world heavyweight champion. But the defeat set the stage for a
fight with heavyweight champion, George Foreman in Zaire, Kinsasha on
Oct 30, 1974. A bout nicknamed, "Rumble in the Jungle". Before the
match, analysts showed that Foreman had caused so much destruction on
Ali's two toughest opponents Fraizer and and Ken Norton in previous
ring battles. Still, Ali was his usual self, confident and taunting
his opponent before the match. Halfway through the match, Ali
dropped a tiring Foreman on the mat. Regaining the title by knockout
yet again.
Following that Fight, Ali engaged numerous opponents, including
an agreed third bout with Fraizer, considered to be one the most
bloody of Ali's fight. The match ended when Fraizer's trainer refused
to allow him answer the bell. Giving a spent Ali, TKO.
Alli had many other bouts after including one with a japanese
martial artist and a second re bout with Norton which he won by
contested decision.
Ali retired for the first time in 1971, shortly after money
drove him back to a bout with Larry Holmes in 1980. The bout was super
horrific and ended in Ali's first professional knockout. Despite pleas
to retire, Ali still had one last fight in 1981. By this time vocal
stuttering and shaking had set in. In 1984, Ali was di agonised of
Parkinson's syndrome. But he still remained active, he even once
participated as a guest referee on wrestlemania.
In 1991, Ali published an oral history of his life, the same year
he travelled to Iraq to negotiate the release of American hostages
held during Saddam Hussein's regime. In 1996, he lighted the summer
olympic torch for that year.
In recent years, Ali's health had been on the decline before his
death in 2016. Between 2013 and 2014, he was hospitalised several
times. Most times on serious respiratory problems. He was hospitalised
in scottsdale on June 2, 2016 with a respiratory illness and was put
on life support. He died late on friday June 3, his family
spokesperson announced he died from septic shock.
Ali was married four times and has seven sons and two
daughters(by marriage). His most recent wife is Yolanda williams who
has a son- Asad Amin, whom they adopted. Against his ideas about
female boxing, his daughter Laila has taken in his footsteps and she's
doing well. He also had two daughters from extra marital


The art or science( whatever you call it) of gold digging in
relationships has been around for a long time, so many people now see
it as just one of those soon-to-be legit ways of getting rich. A gold
digger is someone(usually female) who tries to attract a target into
a relationship with either lust or love while having his or her main
interest in taking a cut of the persons wealth.
How many times have you stumbled upon news of some wealthy old
man, who could just be at the edge of his grave, walking down the
aisle with a lady fit to be his grand daughter. And then when he dies,
series of legal battles would be fought by the man's widow. After
which she would likely walk away with mega bucks to start a new life.
Take it or leave it, we just have to give these suberb women some
well deserved accolades. I know how difficult it can be getting these
very intelligent and conservative men to do a thing for you, but for
these ladies? the're damn experienced. Hey let's clear this, she's not
a gold digger because she's married to a rich man, but she's guilty as
charged if her intents are trained on the man's fortunes. Gold diggers
are at all levels, superclass, highclass, middleclass,low life,
Next question, how in the world are you going to know that
girl's just some low life bitch out to suck you dry.

Understand what a gold digger is and is not: There's no wrong in
someone being concerned about your finances and what you do to earn a
living. The marked difference between a gold digger and a true lover
is that the gold digger will simply leave you when she thinks that
"thing" that brought her in the first place is no longer there. A good
lover among other things appreciates your finances, but a gold diggger
has just your finances in mind and will see you as a time waster if
you're not well kitted.

No cash no affection
Does the amount of affection she displays depend solely on the
amount of money you spend on her. She's just against splitting the
bill or having to pay for dinner, 'cause that would mean the essence
the whole thing is just fucked up. But she suddenly turns you to her
"sweetheart" when you take her shopping and on very expensive dates.
She doesn't care about work or the challenges you could be facing at
work, she may ask as matter of being sneaky, she just needs the
details of the figures.
Get a bit of interest on her facial expressions when you both
are discussing your job. What happens to her eyes the moment she hears
about the chances of your getting a major promotion at the office. Are
her eyes dead slits whenever you're talking about your activities at
the office, but immediately light up the moment you tell her pay day's
at the corner. These are bad signals bro. You need to act fast before
you go neck-deep.
And hey, just be sure that the moment you state your intentions
of leaving your current corporate group to pursue your agriculural
dreams, its like telling her not to waste her time on you.
Rate her standards.
Does she prefare having an expensive course when the both of you are
on a lunch date? Does she just prefare those expensive bags and
stylish clothing that come at a huge price tag, not caring about your
purchasing power. What are her expressions when you suggest a
particular purse or gown, she would definitely refuse. Not because
you're a guy and may not be good in lady choices but because she has
googled the price of that item. She knows she would be plain stupid
picking such a cheap item that wouldn't make a dent in your pocket.
Know this, gold diggers have details of the latest designer
stuffs available on online stores all at her finger tips. Common
remarks could just be "its a pretty gown, but I prefare that pink
colored tube, I want to look good for you".
Unlimited bills to pay
She always drop hints that she has issues paying her bills. She
comes to you for everything money,asking for loans (don't be decieved,
she won't pay them back). You might even begin to wonder how she was
surviving before you came along. Most gold diggers are well
experienced and prefare using their money to buy useless and expensive
items, while leaving you to solve their needs.
Suggest some ways she could raise money apart from your pocket.
What was her reaction when you suggested she could rather ask somebody
else for her needs, or consider selling some of her expensive items.
If she's a gold digger her face would surely fall, she could even
accuse you of not wanting to help her. Man, excep you are blind, but
if you're reading this then you need to on your way.
She always think She deserves it.
She thinks she's too pretty, talented and brilliant, and so as her
price tag she demands some expensive treatment. She feels she deserves
a ward robe loaded with expensive designer clothings. She's full of
dreams of being in powerful positions, but then at who's cost?
Listen to her questions
Maybe on the long run some of this question may come at the right
time, but then, a few days after she has met you? Bro, you need to
open your eyes! These are sure red flag questions:
*What's your yearly income? Why does she ask. Well as a gold
digger, she just has to calculate your income so she wouldn't be
ignorant of what she "deserves". Again, this should notbe hinged on as
a proof she's a gold digger. No! There's nothing wrong in a lady
friend politely asking how much you make. But on the part of the gold
digger, her impatience will like give her out(if you're Smart). She
just may not be interested in getting to know much about your
personality before you paycheck details.
*What's your property profile? How many cars, do you own a
house. What's the worth of. Your collections if you have.
* who is invoved in your wealth. In Africa this is necessary
for gold diggers to know. This is because they are aware that the
man's family will and childre could join in the battle of getting a
significant amount of your cash. She needs to make sure she would
receive something tangible.
Can't just do anything for you
Does she ever offer to run errands for you, gold diggers could
really be lazy and arrogant people who just find it difficult helping
people run errands. Does she feel reluctant when you tell her to help
you do your laundry or prepare a meal. She would definitely suggest
dinner not in cafe but in a restaurant( not a cheap one anyway).
What level of gratitude does she display when you buy her gifts or
take her on dates. It still boils down to I-deserve-it attitude.
Play this joke on her: Tell her you want to leave your job to
pursue your dreams of a career in auto mechanic, or some other pipe
dream like starting up a business from scratch. Does she raise an
alarm, telling you conclusively that its a wrong decision. A woman who
is concerned about your success will take time to find out if its a
decision to take at that time. Gold diggers are not just interested in
a guy-in-the-making.
In conclusion, these babes aren't spoilt brats, the're expensive
and cunning gold diggers, just call them and tell them you have just
lost all your fortunes in a failed business or that you've lost your
job and there's the likelyhood that cashflow may reduce. If she makes
an attempt to console you and give you advice on a few step you could
take in the right way,then she may just be really interested in your
success in life. The gold digger might just hang up on you.But if the
second happens, run.
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In world football Real Madrid player and Portuguese international
is well recognised. And the all important role he played in helping
his club win an eleventh UEFA Champions League title has been ringing
After he was filmed taken pictures with disabled fans while
celebrating the trophy, news from spain has revealed he has gone ahead
to give up his champions league bonus to a charity cause.
Anyway Ronaldo isn't a stranger to charity works, as he's spend
millions of pounds on charity in the last three years. So maybe this
isn't much of a classy stuff for the the three time Ballon D'ior
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"I resigned because I was not given my 1m. naira"- Mary Ogar.
Shortly after she tendered her resignation as Nollywood pageant
queen, Mary Ogar has come out to publicly give her reasons for her
decisions. She gave part of her reasons as being due to the unfair
treatment meted out to her dethroned colleague, Miss Nollywood Culture
and Tourism Grace Okoro Adaeze. She revealed that all Adaeze said
about the foundation was totally not untrue.
In a resignation later posted on her facebook page, she said that
the organisers of the pageants had defaulted in many areas of their
agreement. She also revealed that she might have been dethroned if she
didn't resign as the industry wanted her to collaborate on the lies
told against disgraced colleague Adaeze.
She stated that up until now the prize money she won had not
been given to her, yet the industry was on it again advertising the
next pageant star prize at $45,000. She said she couldn't work with
people who were only good at victimising,extorting and harassing
queens. And that if they did these to the previous queens then it sure
was a trend that would continue.
"I want to use this medium to say that I contested this beauty
pageant so I could be a voice to the voiceless, but Miss Nollywood
Foundation wants me to go against my views, this is wrong and I can't
put up with it any longer. The want me to cook up lies against an
innocent colleague which I can't, and I know they will dethrone me if
the get to know I will never collaborate with their demands. So I
better resign."
In a press conference sent out, she insisted she was resigning to
secure her future and save her face and dignity.
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World Heavyweight boxing legend Mohammed Ali passed away on
Friday 3 June, 2016. His death comes after the former heavyweight
champion who's boxing career spanned three decades fought with
Parkinson disease for over 30 years.
"After a 32-year battle with parkinson disease, boxing legend Ali
has just passed on" this statement was released by the family
spokesman- Bob Gunnell. The three time world heavyweight champion died
on friday evening.
Tributes poured in when sad news of boxing's "greatest" was made
public. He was popular not only for his exploits in the ring, but for
his humanitarian activities, his words,his quotes and his support for
the development of sports till his death.
His parkinson's disease has been thought to be linked with
thousands of punches taking in the ring, till death limited his public
speaking, but he kept on making decisive public appearance, giving his
views through his family members and relations. Recently he kicked out
against US presidential aspirant Donald Trump's decision to ban
muslims from entering the US.
Ali had been hospitalised many times in recent years, once for a
reported serious case of pneumonia.
Funeral arrangements will be announced by the family.

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