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Friday, 24 June 2016


Agip Oil company has for many years supported the education
of hundreds of post graduate students through its Post Graduate
Scholarship Scheme. The scholarship programme was initiated by
Nigerian Agip Exploration to boost the opportunities of brilliant
students in the society, and to provide qualified and talented
manpower to the oil sector.


Business tycoon and Africa's wealthiest man, has re-affirmed
his plans to expand his industry to the oil sector. Sometime in 2014,
the CEO of Dangote group of companies announced that his team was
setting up a refinery in Lagos. He also said that the refinery will be
an answer to Nigeria's prevailing oil problem, adding that it would be
ready by middle of 2018.
Recently Dangote told Reuters that the refinery will churn out
650,000 barrels of crude oil. He also revealed the cost of the
structure to be in excess of $12 billion. Even uptil now, Nigeria
idealy the largest produce and exporter of crude oil in Africa and
among the top 10 in the world, still suffers from scarcity of refined
petroleum products. Which is very terrible and it's as a result poor
maintenance of the refineries in the country.
But once some level of responsible privatisation has come to the
rescue, and a fifth refinery is gradually standing up to its feet in
the western hub of Lagos.
Despite the economic downturn in the country, it still comes as a
relief to inspire hope. Things have been difficult, commodities
expensive and the standard of living at a terrible low, but Dangote is
still moving to test solids fields. Dangonte also added that the
refinery will attempt to kill two birds with one stone. In that while
cartering for the demand for oil by the masses, it also will run a
fertilizer plant worth $2 billion dollars. This no doubt will help
Nigeria in its probe into developing agriculture. And farmers can get
access to fertilizer easily.

Project Funding:
Dangote revealed that the project which is set to begin production by
2019 was being funded by loans from banks, investment from export
firms, and the company's available equity. He also added that the
World bank and CBN had also made contributions. There was also some
word from him about plans to run a natural gas line around West
Africa. This will also be backed up by the power of the plant. And
that would be great as Nigeria ranks amongs the top ten countries in
terms of her natural gas reserves.
But still on his cement line, he plans to build factories all
over Africa, as part of a plan to triple overall cement production.


"Nigeria is fantastically corrupt"
You remember the statement that went viral sometime ago? Well just
for reference purposes, the guy who said it is (now former) British
prime minister. David Cameron has announced his resignation after
failing to keep Britain in the european union.
On thursday, a referendum ( a vote where everyone within age
limits is allowed to vote) was held, that requested the opinion of
British citizens in deciding if Britain should leave or remain in the
28 nation(now 27) union. A total of 72% of qualified citizens voted
giving about 30 million voters. The highest number of votes in any
referendum for over 12 years now.
On the breakdown of the results;
England voted strongly for Brexit(Britain Exit) with 53.4% in favour
of an exit. Same for wales. Wales got about 52.5% . Scotland and
Northern Ireland voted more for a stay. Scotland: 62%, Northern
Ireland 56%. Both countries preferring to stay in the EU.
The European union is just like the African union, it is now a
27(with Britain's exception) member union that has its own
currency-Euro, its own parliament and rules governing the member
nations. The UK hasn't officially left the EU as they will now have to
invoke an agreement called the " article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty".
Cameron will now choose to activate the clause in the patch, but he
has decided he will leave it for his successor.
It's the first time in history a country is leaving the EU, no
country has ever done it before. The Prime minister will be going to
the EU to explain officially the exit and his decision to step down.
Actually, the exit is not in effect until UK officially completes the
processes, and so the EU treatise will still apply in the UK.

What about people who work in the bloc?
Well this depends on the turnout of the agreement and
negotiations. If Britain still remains in the Single market(a system
that governs trading rules in the EU) then it would be possible for
people from UK to work in EU and vice versa. Negotiations and terms
will also determine if people could transmit between the two regions
without a visa.
As for scotland and Ireland they still will be forced to leave as
they are part of UK albeit they voted to stay back. But Scotland's
First minister is thinking a separate referendum for scotland alone
will have to come as a solution.
For more gist about the Brexit visit:


Zenith bank staff kneeling before Fayose?

Can you believe what you're seeing in the pictures above. After Fayose
raised hell all over the media a few days ago, over the freezing of
his Zenith bank accounts. The bank actually sent its staff to go and
beg him? for which forgiveness?
The Governor came under fire recently(for the umpteenth time)
when EFCC froze the accounts he held in zenith bank over allegations
that he used public cash to sponsor the last PDP elections. At first
the bank denied the money came from them, but after the governor in a
statement, pointedly accused them of playing the 'coward' part. They
brought down their ego by sending managers to beg Fayose for
supposedly 'being stupid'.

After he discovered that his accounts had been blocked, in an
attempt to backlash the decision and the 'people' he feels are behind
it, Fayose decided to make some very dirty allegations against the
president Gen. Buhari and his wife Aisha Buhari. In a document he
distributed to media bodies, Fayose ignorantly claimed that Aisha
Buhari was directly a part of the infamous Halliburton scandal. As far
as I know, the EFCC actually confirmed that one Aisha Buhari was
involved as they also carried out investigations together with the US
government. But fortunately the former chairman of EFCC fortunately
was around to shut the 'false accuser' up. The former chairman
insisted that the Aisha Buhari mentioned in the documents was not
Buhari's wife. Yet Fayode still doesn't want to shut up, and has also
claimed that the reason Gen.Buhari has cancelled scheduled trips to
the US is because of the case. Insisting that Aisha should go to the
US and give herself up for investigation.
Now I want to ask Fayode:
What has Buhari done to you? Ever since the man assumed office he
has been the target of your verbal and senseless attacks. Every move
the president makes you shamefacedly criticise him. I thought you had
gone too far when you said that Buhari was 73 years old, and too old
to lead Nigeria. You even added that your mother who is about the age
of the president wears diapers, and that the president could still be
doing the same. How stupid!instead of treating the sickness your
mother has, you are using her as an example in public. Forgetting that
there are aged people who are up to 90 and they don't use diapers. But
now I see clearly that you are mentally derailed. You think you can
play on our wisdom for mockery?
You have forgotten that the presidential candidate-Donald Trump
is 70 years and nobody has heard reports that he wears diapers? Just
two months ago, you wrote a letter to the Chinese government saying
that Nigeria was not fit for the $2billion trade loan. You even
followed the president right behind to China, to ensure that
negotiations fell through. Fayose Ayodele are you a clown? What is
your problem?
And even when EFCC froze your accounts, because they were
receiving 'suspicious' reports from them, rather than shut up, and
face the charge. Rather than wait for an opportunity to defend
yourself at the right time, you went about blowing your anus to the
wind. And involving an innocent woman in your allegations. Are you so
And now, as for that Zenith bank- I am horribly disappointed.
What on earth will warrant your action- bringing down your ego and
pride to lift that of a man whose suspicious bank accounts were closed
to curtail his fraudulent activities. Where is it done? How can you
allow a mentally derailed governor who can't pay his state workers but
joins them to go on strike take advantage of you. Is it because he
funds your bank with cash that was probably looted? He can't even buy
fuel for his state, he is only good at going about blaming others for
his woes. If it is not his predecessor he is blaming for problems, it
is the presidency. You are only doing this because you think you can
do a double take on EFCC and your 'customer'.But let me tell you, the
long arm of the law must always catch up with miscreants.
Lastly,Governor Fayose, you brought your woes upon yourself, go
and check, it is not only PDP members that are being indicted in
EFCC's convictions. Even APC members are under probe too, so no one is
witch hunting. The president in his fight against corrupt officers
still on seat, he has to start with someone . Too bad its you. Don't
worry, others will come. Besides, in as much as the executive immunity
clause in section 308 of the constitution, protects you and makes you
untouchable. It does not make your fraudulent bank accounts
untouchable. Go and study the constitution and stop talking nonsense
and leave another man's wife alone!
It's just a piece of my mind.

Ebube Maduike

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Chris Brown has once again been dragged out in public over
his acute inability to control his fists. Michael Guirguis also known
as Michael G who is the manager of Chris Brown has claimed in court
documents that Chris Brown physically battered him sometime in early
may, before his european tour.
The manager also claimed that the grammy awards winner was in a
drug inspired mood when he attacked him one day, punching him several
times and seriously injuring him. But Chris in response said on
instagram that he fired the manager because he was draining his
"I fired them because they're stealing money," he
claimed in response. "You're stealing money
pal, so you're mad because you're no longer
existent…God Bless you. Wish you the best of

Michael claims he was hired to fix Chris' tarnished image, after
the singer pleaded guilty to assault of his former girlfriend-
Rihanna. He also said in the court documents that after Chris
assaulted him, he took to the social media to boast about what he had
done. Meanwhile, Chris Brown is in a custody battle with Nia Guzman
over their daughter- Royalty.

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