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Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Following strict directives handed to the all telecommunication
networks from the regulatory board of the Nigerian Communications
Commission, operators/service providers will from July 1, will have to
activate the "DO NOT DISTURB" facility for users to access with their
mobiles. And this will give subscribers the freedom to pick a choice
of the SMS service they would like to receive.
On this, the networks have been mandated to dedicate a specific
short code (2442) that will enable subscribers make their preferred
choice of service. The public affairs department of the commission
said the decision was reached after incessant complaints from users
concerning the nuisance of unsolicited text messages from their
service providers.
The director of the public affairs unit Tony Ojobo, said that NCC
was now calling on a regulatory provision o be enforced on all network
provider, the provision will now categorise the type of text messages
to be received by users and subscribers based on user's choice he also
added that the categories will be based on a broad of services
including Banking/insurance/finance, Sports, Real Estate, Consumer
goods,Automobiles and other products, health and food, Fashion,
Communication/Broadcasting, Travel/tourism,
celebrity/leisure/inspirational tips/art and others.
And also users could 'totally' unsubscribe from receiving any
service message by sending "STOP" to the shortcode-2442. And
automatically will stop receiving any unsolicited messages.
There are a few options and service codes that
were listed by NCC. For example:

To receive SMS related to *Banking/Insurance/and other Financial
packages, send "SMS 1" to 2442.
*For health,food and environment information, send "SMS 4" to 2442
*For tourism, and leisure send "SMS7" to 2442

Mr. Tony Ojobo said that these shortcodes may be subject to
change by the networks for optimisation of user end to end service,
but it still does not affect the provision to make suitable and
informed choices. He also urged the telecom networks to comply with
and enforce the new rules in their services. Warning that they should
desist from harassing customers in the name service subscription.

Its not just the text messages, I think those 'stupid' phone
calls from these service providers should also be stopped. They are
even more annoying than the text messages. It can really be funny and
irritating when you are counting the hours on your time anxiously
waiting and expecting to see a credit alert on your phone before 4pm
bank closing time and all you keep on receiving is messages from
service providers. Annoyance would be understatement here.
Thanks to NCC for coming to the rescue, sometime ago I was even
discussing with a friend on a possible computer algorithm or app that
could block those messages And I'm sure if we had created it,we would
have been the next Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg of Nigeria!
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