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Wednesday, 6 July 2016



Thousands on thousands of fans crowded one of the main stadiums
in Lisbon to watch Christiano break the heart of his Real Madrid team
mate- Gareth Bale. Horns blared out as fans exploded into an uproar as
the final whistle blew to seal Portugal's win against Wales in the
Euro semi final. Fans kept on chanting: "we are in the final! We are
in the final!"
Fans still clearly remember images of a 19 year old Ronaldo
shedding tears after Portugal lost two Greece in the final of the same
competition in 2004. And huge cheers went up each time his person
appeared on the giant screens. Ronaldo opened scoring in a game that
featured great display of creativity and eagerness as both teams
fought it out for a slot in the finals. Ronaldo scored his third goal
of the tournament in the 50th minute with a powerful header. One of
his trademarks**.
Three minutes later, Portugal doubled up a sure lead, when
Ronaldo's cross from a cleared ball got Nani who chipped in the ball
far out of the reach of the Welsh goalkeeper. With the goal on
wednesday night, Ronaldo equalled Michael Platini's record of nine
goals in the European Championships. He is also the first to score in
four European Championships. Ronaldo bagged a yellow card after a
challenge on
In the first half of the game, Gareth Bale took the shine compared
to his club colleague on the opposition line(Ronaldo). But things
changed when Ronaldo leaped imperiously to head in five minutes after
the start of the second half. Wales who hit the semis after a 3-1 win
over Belgium were without the creativity of Aaron Ramsey and Ben
Davies. Both players out on suspension. Portugal had to do without
Pepe(injury) and William Carvalho(suspension). Portugal beat Poland on
penalties to qualify for the semi finals, and will now meet the winner
between Germany and France.
Consolation and Pride:
Despite the win, Wales fans swallowed their devastation and sorrow
as the basked in the pride of their newly set historical mark. Its the
first time a Welsh football team is reaching the semi finals of a
major competition. And fans showed the appreciated their efforts as
they partied far into the night. Reaching the semi finals in Euro
2016 remains their best achievement since the got to the quaterfinals
of the World Cup in 1958.
Welsh fans all over the media are expressing mixed feelings of
sadness, joy, pride and achievement.
Germany and France will clash on thursday(today).
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LOL! "You are telling me that I shaved, exfoliated and moisturised for nothing?"

A woman's hilarious response after her boyfriend cancelled their
late night date.
For most women, nothing could be as freakingly annoying as being
left to stand after making preparations for a romantic date with your
beloved. And today, a woman revealed the level of her irritation by
posting the series of messages she sent to her bae after he cancelled
their date.
An 'imgur' user stumbled on the conversation and made it viral
by sharing it online. The exchange has been viewed over 200,000 times.
It was captioned- "Please give me an hour's warning".
The images showed the woman(anonymous)who had asked her boyfriend
if he was still coming over shortly after 11pm. But she received a
bluffing message "sorry, I can't ". She now posted series of images
where she appeared to maintain her cool, but was obviously about to
explode. She wrote the message along with a picture of her with her
hair freshly washed. She said: "Haha. What. So you're telling me that
I shaved, exfoliated and moisturised for nothing". The images showed
her last message was read at 11:10pm by her boyfriend, but there was
no reply.
Over 1000+ comments poured in, as other users sent in their support.
Someone (probably a woman)wrote: "There's a deep frustration that
comes with wasting a good shave as a woman"
Another wrote: "makes me wonder if anywoman has ever shaved for me".
Lol, but shouldn't the guy have informed the chic atleast an hour
before. And to say that he actually waited for the girl to ask him.
C'mon bro! That's no way to treat a woman. Lol, exfoliated,
moisturised...and please ladies next time a guy tells you he's going
to show up at your home, call him up an hour before you start
'moisturising' and 'exfoliating' so your efforts to impress won't
become useless.
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Argentina and Barcelona football star Lionel Messi has been
sentenced to 21 months in jail for alleged tax evasion. His father
Jorge Messi, was also handed similar sentence of a jail term for
defrauding the Spanish government of €4.1 million.
They also face millions in fines for using secret tax havens in
other countries for tax evasion. However , the both will probably not
serve any sentence, because in Spain, jail sentences under two years
can be served under probation instead. So neither man is expected to
spend any time in jail.
The footballer and his father were slapped with a three count
charge bordering on tax evasion and concealing their income. Messi and
his father were fined a total of €3.5 million.
The player's club Barcelona, have expressed their support for
their star player, insisting on his innocence.
"FC Barcelona expresses its full support to Leo
Messi and his father in relation to the conviction
for tax fraud...
"The club... considers that the player, who has
corrected his position with the Spanish tax office,
is in no way criminally responsible with regards to the facts
underlined in this case."
The trial for the case began in april, and Messi a five time world
player of the year said he did not know anything. He said he only
signed papers without reading them because he trusted his father to
manage his finances properly.
"I was managing football, I knew nothing" he said in a statement that
lasted less than 15 minutes. The footie star said he was "more worried
about playing football". And never saw or suspected any wrongdoings
while signing documents.
The trials began on 30th of April, and investigations have also
been made regarding his endorsements and image rights with addidas,
Procter and Gamble, Danone, Banco Sabadell and others. There was
evidence that a tax evation scheme involving banks in Uruguay had been
deployed to cheat the Spanish government. Following the ruling of a
High Court in July that the player should not be granted any immunity,
his lawyers have claimed that the player devoted no time at all to
reading the documents.
Lionel Messi just retired from the Argentine national team after
Copa America final loss to Chile. He has been the world best player on
five occasions.


An 18 year old nursing mother pulled the most unthinkable stunt by
using her six month old son as weapon to fight her boyfriend. This
happened on a Florida beach-Daytona beach around 4:30pm yesterday.
The teenage mother named Tatyana Allen, got into a fight with her
estranged boyfriend and out of blind fury, picked up her son and used
him to attack her boyfriend. The incident was witnessed by people at
the beach.
The Volusia Beach Patrol said she used her child as a weapon,
holding on to the body and used him to beat her boyfriend. And then
she threw the baby down. One of the people who witnessed the scene
immediately called 911.
Over 20 people were around to witness the whole incident, and
witness reports described the baby as a helpless infant. And that
could not even raise his head up when his mother threw him face down.
An excerpt from the call made to 911 dispatch- "The baby was
screaming. It
was face down in the sand. It couldn't hold its head
up by itself, that's how little it was."
Following the fracas, the child has been taken to the hospital and
Allen has been charged with battery and infliction of mental and
physical wounds to her son. She is being held without the option of


Go Drake! Go Drake!! Go Drake!!!.
Its another week, and with it has come another legendary record only
two have been able to match,and one of them is Drake. The other is pop
legend(deceased) Michael Jackson. Drake is having the year of his
whole career, and has been able to match the record set by M.J back in
the 1980's.
Once again, Drake is topping the billboard chart with the best
song and the best album, and its seven weeks running. The last time
that record was set was in 1983, when Michael Jackson topped the
Billboard chart for seven weeks with the no 1 song(Billie Jean) and
the no1 album(Thrillers). And Drake has been the first to hit a stride
as this, ever since 1992 when, Whitney Houston ruled the charts for 12
solid weeks(only the beetles have done that).
On this particular week, Drake is ruling the charts with his
song "views" and his album-"One dance". Drake's "views" has led the
charts for a stretch of nine weeks, while his album "One dance" has
been no 1 on top hot 100 for seven weeks. Should be eight anyway, but
he was dethroned for a week by Justin Timberlake.
Drake and Michael Jackson are the new record holders as the only
two males to top the charts for. Seven straight weeks. And its a good
thing for Drake, who is yet to release the video for 'One Dance'.
Drake's 'One dance' features Wizkid and Kyla.


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has stopped
pumping fuel to its depots due to attack from militants. The
corporation announced that the move was in a bid to reduce losses from
militant attacks. According to The Punch newspaper, NNPC has stopped
pumping to depots but now sells directly in bulk to oil marketers who
now distribute to the dealers and lower vendors.
This has confirmed reports from sources that the incessant
attacks on oil facilities was weighing down on the capabilities of the
oil sector. And this, may lead to fuel scarcity in some areas in
Nigeria. The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of
Nigeria(IPMAN) said through their spokesman Dibu Aderigbigbe that the
association was having a difficult time getting the commodity. Due to
the fact that fuel was unavailable at the NNPC dispensing depots.
He said that the NNPC had stopped pumping fuel, because of the
risks of pipeline vandalisation and facilitity bombings. And also the
need to minimise loses as a public body. There were initial reports
that IPMAN could not get fuel from NNPC because their members were
owing the corporation, but Mr. Aderigbegbe, an executive member at
IPMAN said that most of the members
At IPMAN had settled their debts, however that was not the reason for
the scarcity. He insisted that no fuel could be found at NNPC depots.
According to Aderigbigbe, the Ibadan and Mosimi depots are empty,
he also said that NNPC had expressly told them that the product was
not available but however they were now storing fuel in marine tanks
and dispensing to customers. He said that this was not good for the
nation as it could cause unnecessary fuel scarcity and hike.
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Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump
speaks at a rally in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday, July 5,
2016. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Calls today's Iraq a 'Harvard for terrorism'
In another of his controversial rallies on tuesday, US presidential
candidate praised former Iraq dictator and tyrant Saddam Hussein, a
man who suppressed and impressed his rule on Iraq by force for over
three decades and was widely considered as one of America's topmost
However, Trump actually began presenting his views on a good
note, he said "Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right? He was a really
bad guy" now Trump should have stopped here and concentrated on more
intricate issues, but he went ahead to sour the whole thing. He
continued "But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did
that so well and didn't read the rights to them" And as over 2000
people making up his audience erupted into laughter, he said "Iraq is
now a Harvard for terrorists, you want to learn how to be a terrorist?
Then go to Iraq. Ok? ".
It may not be the first time the highly sentimental presidential
candidate is giving a thumbs up to the rule of past dictators, but his
statements on tuesday have attracted so much attention and mixed
reactions. Some of his colleagues in the republican race have rushed
to create a gap between their ideas and his opinions. Immediately
after the rally, in an interview on Fox News, a house speaker pointed
out the record of Hussein's human rights abuse. Which the dead
dictator had continuously subjected Iraq to. The House Speaker, Paul
Ryan also reminded people that Saddam Hussein was at the top of the
most evil rulers of the 20th century. Who even committed mass genocide
against his own people with chemical weapons. He added that though he
preferred Trump as a President to Hillary, he still would speak his
mind when his colleague said the wrong thing.
Meanwhile, the whole of Hillary's campaign have stood up to
condemn Trump's ideas. Jake Sullivan in a statement said that he could
see the rationale in a US president thumbing up the rule of an evil
dictator. Who paid families to contribute to the course of suicide
bombing. Who hated the Israeli nation, and wished who could step into
the shoes of Adolf Hitler. Jake Sullivan also emphasised that Trumps
twisted mentality about dictatorship could be very dangerous if he
ever gets into power.
In October last year, in a rally, Trump said that "the world would
be 100% percent perfect if dictators like Saddam Hussein, and Gadhafi
were still existing in power". And his statements are a pointer to how
ruthless he could be as a commander-in-chief. "His praise for brutal
strongmen seem to know no bounds".
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