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Saturday, 2 July 2016


*Abia PDP war, Uche Ogah wants office immunity to escape 12 criminal
charges against him.
As the crisis in PDP Abia soaks up the more, the governor of
Abia state has insisted that the decision by a Federal high court and
the INEC to kick him out of office is all part of a grand plot by his
opponent Uche Ogah to escape 12 counts of criminal charges brought
against him. He said this in a statement made when he was informed
that INEC had issued Uche Ogah a certificate of return.
Governor Ikpeazu went further to describe the current situation
of things as a 'trial to democracy'. He added that no Abia court had
the power to change anything at this level. Ikpeazu said that he was
completely baffled at the way Ogah was going about the whole
situation, and the gritted determination by Ogah to get into office at
all cost. Adding that currently Ogah was being investigated in Lagos
State for not less than a dozen criminal charges. He summed up on this
by saying that Ogah was clearly on a mission to escape the justice
of the long arm of the law.
Constitutionally, immunity from prosecution or arrest is provide
for state governors,the president and minister, and if we should
align with Ikpeazu's idea, there could also be a valid point here
because three days ago, Uche Ogah was found to have been enmeshed in
some deep fraudulent case that involved signature forgery. He and
three others were arraigned in the police in june. So if INEC is
saying that a criminal who is currently being prosecuted for forgery
is better than a tax defaulter, then there is a big confusion.
Governor Okezie before he joined politics and got elected as the
ninth governor of Abia state worked in a number government owned
institutions as a lecturer, and I wonder how charges of tax evasion
can be valid against someone who worked for the government and was
paid by the government. Governor reminded the public that the last
post he held was in a governmental agency and that the Board of
Internal Revenue(BIR) had the documents to refute the charges. He
"I want to dissuade the rumours that are making
the round that some people are sponsoring this
injustice against our state because we understand the current position
of the government at the federal level against corruption and it
cannot support somebody battling to wear the veil of immunity just
because the person wants to run away from the certainty of justice."
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