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Friday, 3 June 2016

Its a regular thing, you see this guy, who walks across the space
to meet you. You chat, there's this initial beep. Contacts are
exchanged, flirty messages are sent and received. Within days you are
on your first date, you second, your third, then...
Something goes wrong.
Its not uncommon for a girl who has every reasons to feel
very secure in a relationship, only for the guy to suddenly withdraw,
disappear into the thin air, never picking his calls or replying her
messages. Really frustrating, and in most situations its not a case of
some "no chemistry" stuff. Its just happens, not once, not twice and
then the girl might begin to wonder if there's something wrong with
But the thing is, no relationship is the same with the others,
and so the reasons why this guy left you may likely not be the same
the next guy after him will have. But to just to get the hang of
things,these six reasons could just make a guy lose interest in you.

1) You're just too boring: On the average men tend to live more active
lives than women. If you just don't know how to reply a guys
questions and jibes, if you don't how to respond to his opinions,
ideas and views. If you can't connect with the way he thinks, bringing
his ideas on a table and putting some spice on it, then don't be angry
if he loses interest. You are plain BORING!
Boring dates and meetings could be horrible, well with men its
no less. Its going be quite difficult finding a guy who is comfortable
pushing the conversation alone, while you simple reply with
nods,blushes,yes and no's. There's no way round this other than
working on yourself. You could just be boring because you haven't
read books or watched enough movies and shows. Or maybe you are the
kind who doesn't take interest in your environment. Give change a long
term trial, build your ideas, reshape and prune your social mentality
with books, movies, magazines. It help's you flow with his

2) Too rigid, too uptight, too strict: Some ladies can easily be
defined by these phrases. Men get turned off the instant the discover
you're the strict, no-nonsense-ever kind of person. You just can't
take a jovial comment and laugh it off with some playful beating,
instead your reply comes out this way-" what! How dare you!" , "is
that an insult?" "What do you take me for". Ladies please understand
that life is a comedy stage, and the action word is laughter. Humour
and sacarsms are important aspects of our existence . A relationship
that is spiced up with humour once in a little while would hardly
drift into the wind.

3) You are out of shape: For guys, physical attraction is paramount
for a relationship. In essence, just find out if you have lost the
spark you physically had the first day you met. Maybe you've just lost
your guard and put on too much stomach and hip fat. Or have you stop
using that special skin tone oil. You've left your make up kit because
you think you have a guy who may not care that much about your looks.
Wait until you're back to the gym, and posting some
show-him-what-he's-missing pics on instagram. Learn!

4)You are too selfish and self centred: Want to know why he isn't
interested any longer, because he doesn't want a gold digger! Many
ladies throw all "consciousness" to the wind the moment they are with
a guy. Its all about me,myself and I. Grab,take, hold. I want this, I
want that. This is very bad and is common in Nigeria and as much as I
know its a piss off. Some ladies don't want to care about the feelings
of their "man" all they seek is their own satisfaction in the
Relationship is a two way thing (this is from the men's table) and
each partner is expected to care for the other's feelings. A friend
told me of a girl he met in school for the first, while he was
interested in knowing her, she had interests in what his favourite
snack was. Finally landing the discussion on shawarma-( a sausage
popular in Nigeria), she demanded he got her one on the spot. He did
anyway, but guess, he didn't even get her contact and he never talked
to her again. An advice: Try to be the giver in the relation. As human
being you never run out of care to give. Learn this or you would make
him think he has nothing to lose if he leaves.
5)You talk too much: You never get to listen to him, you think because
you pumped full with ideas and experiences, and so you just
ramble,rumble and tumble everything out. Friend, you are not a radio
station, neither are you a rapper, even if you are, its a conversation
not a message. Its give and take. To help, just make the habit of
talking no more than 20 seconds without allowing him react to whatever
you said so far. And watch his eyes, it would tell if you said a
relevant thing or not.

6)Too competitive: A guy will be happy to lose you with the best
wishes if all you do is counter his statements. Always ready to do the
opposite of whatever he says, and worst of all making the mistake of
comparing him with other men grrrh! Maybe you're just allowing your
past dating experiences haunt you, and so you want to show him you
have learnt a few lessons in being resistant, get ready to lose him.
Or you're the extremist in feminist ideas, nothing wrong in holding up
your pride as a woman, but then compromise is necessary in
relationships too. And a good guy will respect you for that.
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