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Monday, 20 June 2016


The Minister for youths and sports sent a hand written
condolence message to the family of the departed former super eagles
coach-Shaibu Amodu. Shaibi Amodu died on the tenth of june 2016, after
a brief illness.


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has confirmed that
they've blocked the Zenith bank accounts of Ekiti state
governor-Fayose Ayodele.
The Governor in a press released also said, that the accounts of a
few of his colleagues were also affected, and pointed accusing fingers
at APC's party chiefs. He made referrence to section 308 of the
constitution while insisting that he had as much immunity as the
president had. He added that his enemies should wait till 2018 when he
leaves office at the end of his tenure.
"Section 308 of the 1999 Constitution gives me immunity just like
the President. I wouldn't know
why these people are intolerant of others and in a
haste. Let them wait till 2018 when I will end my
tenure for them to do their investigation. The
other time the EFCC accused me of embezzling
N1.2 billion poultry project fund, I was the one
who voluntarily reported myself to the EFCC.
"It was when I got a hint of their move that I
wrote a cheque to withdraw some money from
the account and I came myself. I was denied
access to the account as I was told the EFCC has
placed restriction on it. That is executive rascality
taken too far. Even when I had case with EFCC
my properties were not affected.
"If they say they are investigating money spent
on election, does it mean it is only Peoples Democratic Party that has
thieves, to them APC has no thieves." He complained angrily.

"A lot of petitions were written against former
Governor Kayode Fayemi and the EFCC has not
asked him a question up till now. The diversion of N850 million fund
meant for Ekiti State Universal Basic Education Board is there and
nobody is asking Fayemi questions.
"Even the President cannot claim to be an angel.
The estate he built in Abuja is known to us. His
wife was indicted over the Halliburton Scandal.
When that American, Jefferson, was being
sentenced, the President's wife was mentioned as
having wired $170,000 to Jefferson. Her name
was on page 25 of the sentencing of Jefferson.
We can serialize the judgment for people to see and read. We will not
allow this and we will defend our rights within the law of the land.
Those who think they can silence me are
mistaken. I am a person who is not perturbed by
things like this. Let them wait till 2018 when I will finish my term
and I will be the one to go and meet them. I won't run away and let
investigate the whole world, I have nothing to
hide or fear," he said.

A source at EFCC said that governors were not immune to
investigatio, and that for the investigation to go on governor
Fayose's accounts had to be blocked.


An elderly passenger on board an emirates flight was confirmed
dead before the plane touched down in Manchester at about 7:30am this
morning. A Manchester Airport spokesperson said:
"Manchester Airport can confirm a passenger
sadly passed away on an inbound flight this
But reports have also confirmed that there were no suspicious sources.
Davina Tavener was travelling to the Spanish
resort of Lanzarote, with her husband when she
fell ill about three hours into the journey. Most probably the cause
of her illness must have been a cardiac arrest.


...Dressing room pinging
Ezequiel Lavezzi of the Argentina national team shared the photo
above of his team mates pinging away at their phones. They sure did a
lot of shouting and celebration on the pitch, but it probably ended at
the final whistle. As the dressing looked subdued. All players seemed
more interested in updating their social network profiles than
discussing the match.even after a big win.
The pic was taken by Manchester United defender- Marcos Rojo after
4-1 trashing of Venezuela in the Copa America.


Republican Presidential candidate-Donald Trump has made a
surprise move by sacking his embattled campaign manager Corey
Lewandowski. The campaign manager made headlines recently when he
forcefully grabbed a reporter's arm while trying to stop her from
moving forward with a question at a campaign event. He was an original
member of Trump's campaign team.
There have also been wide spread reports of an enstranged
relationship between Lewandaski and top members of the team. Including
Trump's chief strategiser Paul Manafort. The feud between Corey and
Paul Manafort has been on ever since Manafort came into the team. Most
times he hasn't given Manafort the breathing space to take take out
decisions. Some times overuling others.
In a statement to announce Corey's sack, Trump's campaign team
appreciated the efforts of the former campaign manager, especially in
creating a historic record of the highest number of votes gathered
during primaries.
"The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President,
which has set a historic record in the Republican
Primary having received almost 14 million votes,
has today announced that Corey Lewandowski
will no longer be working with the campaign,"
In another statement made by Trump's campaign spokes woman- Hope
Hicks. She said:
"The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard
work and dedication and we wish him the best in
the future."
For now Manafort is totally in charge of the campaign.
The news was received with joy by several quaters of the campaign team.
A top aide of Trump Michael Caputo took to twitter to share his
happiness at the development. He posted:
"ding dong the witch is dead"
The news comes weeks after reports of an internal tug of war in the
team became obvious. An anonymous source revealed that " 20 percent
percent of Manafort's time was spent dealing with Leywandowski."
Another source described the situation this way:
" Lewandowski, a Trump loyalist without major campaign
experience, repeatedly sparred with Manafort, a longtime insider who
was brought on as the campaign looked to close the sale in the primary
and pivot toward the general election."


Last nights Euro 2016 group match between France and Switzerland
was marred with many incidents of torn ripped up shirts and in a rare
incident, the addidas ball costing £105 burst open during the match.
This has led to deregatory comments being thrown at Puma, the
manufacturer of the shirts and addidas the manufacture of the ball.
It's costumary for footie stars to exchange their jerseys after a
match, but almost five switzerland players were forced to change their
torn shirts while the match was on.
Switzerland and stoke player- Shaquiri jokingly said he hopes puma
are not manufacturing condoms.
Other players changed theirs too.
Granit Xhaka changed twice. And about three other players too. Not
counting that a few tears were were discoverd on the shirts of some
players after the match.
Switzerland goalie said:
"It can happen, it means there was a fight on the pitch"
But footage show the tugs and 'pulls' that led to the tears
weren't that rough.
"Five Puma teams have played 10 games in this tournament without such
problems. Our product people are currently investigating the shirt
material. We will provide a further update when we have one." A puma
spokesman said.


Image:vanguard ngr
As the new CBN policy took effect this morning, the market has seen
almost N100 taken away from the naira. As the Naira was quoted at
N253 against the dollar, and there are chances the rate could go
further down before the closing bell. The CBN last week, decided to
scrap its fixed exchange system and handsoff naira control. And it
looks like the policy is paying off right. The new policy will now
allow the market to ultimately determine naira value. I call this True
Forex. more dollar subsidy that never ceases to favour the rich.
This ultimately means that if you had $1000 in your account which was
what about N360,000 days ago,you would be what just N260,000 or less
by the end of today. But don't worry, your loss is the gain of over
160million Nigerians.


Extreme weather conditions in the form of rain and storms in the
southern provinces of China have continued to affect lives and
properties in the area. The civil affairs commission has reported that
so far,the. death toll stands at 31, with 6 people missing. As many
98000 houses have been destroyed. Provinces that have been left
seriously flooded includes: The current affected
areas include Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan,
Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan,
Guizhou, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong,
Henan, Hubei provinces.
The problems started when heavy rains began on June 9, and since
then have continued, causing unprecedented floods and landslides that
have devastated more than 3 million people. Including thousands that
have been evacuated from their homes.
"One person drowned in flood waters in Jiangxi
and another 2 died after a house collapsed. Four
fatalities were reported in Hunan, with a further 4
missing. Two victims were struck by lightning in
Guangdong province. One person died and 2 are
missing after a house collapsed as a result of
heavy rain in Guangxi. In Guizhou province, four people died in flood
water, another victim died in a landslide, where a further 4 are still
missing." The civil affairs commission reports.

The rain and floods have also affected agriculture, thousands of
hectares of crops damaged. Ministry of Civil Affairs estimates that
the recent severe weather has inflicted a direct economic loss of 2.4
billion yuan.

Stats source:
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Image:sunday Oliseh

...Turns down job offers.
Sunday Oliseh, believes he has learnt a lot as a one time super
eagles coach, and wants to concentrate on his job at FIFA.
Sunday Oliseh who will be at the Rio Olympics as an analyst has
revealed that he has been refusing coaching offers from teams and
clubs,including a lucrative offer from china. And that's because he
has learnt enough lessons coaching the Nigerian national team.
"For a while I'd love to analyse matches at
international tournaments going on and learn the
latest trends in the game and also develop myself
The former Nigerian captain had earlier turned down offers from
south African teams.


...Case adjourned till september.
Chuks Muoma(SAN) lead council on IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu's case has
threatened to withdraw his services from the trial. Muoma declared
that he would be withdrawing from the case following a supposed
"extraction" of his client by another lawyer.
The client in question is one Benjamin Madubugwu, who incidentally
is the second defendant. He was supposed to be on trial together with
Nnamdi, but announced to the court that he didn't want Muoma to
represent him again.
Meanwhile, Benjamin's new lawyer, amidst the confusion, begged
Muoma, explaining that he. Had no intention of 'stealling or
snatching' away his client. Muoma, a senior lawyer, described the act
as an affront to him. But Amobi Nzelu, Benjamin's lawyer is of the
opinion that every defendant has a right to choose his own counsel.
Still on this, Muoma insisted that the case be adjourned to give
Mr. Benjamin and hisnew lawyer enough time to make studies on the
application. Since no objections were raised, the judge adjourned the
case to september 26, 2016, for hearing and trial.

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As we celebrate the World Refugee day, Al jeezra has brought the
story of an enterprising young Nigerian who got deported from iceland
after leaving there for four years now. For no other reason other than
he's not wanted.
Eze Okafor, a 32 year old man fled Nigeria 6 years ago in
2010,after being terrorised by the deadly islamic sect-Boko Haram.
According to him, he fled the country because the sect wanted to
recruit him as a member by force. He said that twice he and his
brother were attacked for not consenting to join the group. The second
time, his brother was killed while he escaped with injuries on his
face where he was stabbed by assailants.
Thereafter, Eze saw the need to flee for his life,and he did. He
made a very risky journey by boat to Europe and sought asylum in
Sweden. His plea was rejected despite showing the authorities his
fresh and infected wounds. He made his way to iceland, applied for
asylum in 2012,but that was also denied.
After the deadline for his asylum request elapsed(6months), he was
told to have his asylum request processed at the immigration. He got
to the immigration and another twist in the case came up:
"The police said I should come to sign and all of a sudden they took
me into custody. They arrested me. I spent the night in jail,"

"They next morning they said they were
deporting me. I said I should go and get my stuff
from my house. They said no. They took me to
the airport and manhandled me."
Eze also added that the treatment he received from the immigration
unit, did not go down well with his friends who raised protests.
"In Iceland, I have been integrated into society, with so many
friends. A lot of people know me. So when the police was beating me,
when I was arrested, there was a lot of reaction."
On may 26, he was handcuffed and put on a plane for deportation.
Two members of a human rights group tried to rouse other passengers of
the plane to protest against the treatment, but that only got them
He was taken back to Stockholm in Sweden, and in place of the only
ID he had- his driver's license, a paper was handed to him which
stated that he had no rights to any financial assistance or whatsover.
He spent his first night on the streets.

Fear of the unknown.
Eze has been given a deadline of June 1, to leave Sweden or be
deported, this time straight to Nigeria. Today, Eze is uncertain and
confused about his future. But he believes one thing, returning to
Nigeria would mean death for him.
"The activities of Boko Haram are real and are at all levels of the
government. They have a network" he said.
He said his mother taught him how to cook, and that he loves cooking
Nigerian dishes. Adding that cooking is his passion, and that he loved
his job working in a restaurant in Iceland.
He also talked about the possibility of his going back to iceland.
And opening a restaurant.

"When I was in handcuffs on my way to Sweden, I was pleading with
them," Eze said. "I am not a criminal. I did not commit any crime. I
am asking for refuge. They should treat me like a human."
He lamented with pain.


A contestant at the 2016 Nigerian missTourism, which is supposed to
hold in July has been confirmed dead. Maureen Onu, who was widely
tipped to succeed at the competition coming up on the 9th of next
month died on thursday june 16th,after a brief illness.
The CEO of the organisation, Santiago Roberts described the loss
as a painful one. In his statement he said Maureen was a wonderful
person, who was ever ready to run errands and give herself up for any
"She was hoping to represent her state[Ebonyi] at the pageant,
and winning would have made her the first queen to come from Ebonyi
state". The CEO also added that a few arrangements were on ground to
introduce activities that will honour the deceased queen.


Today, the leader of the Indegenous People of Biafra NnamdiKanu,
was arraigned before a Federal high court in Abuja. And he arrived the
court premises all smiles, sporting an "I love Biafra" wrist band. No
Nnamdi Kanu was arrested by the Federal Government for running an
illegal radio station from London(Radio Biafra). He faces charges of
treason at the. Federal high court in Abuja.


The Economic Financial and Crimes Commission has arrested the
former group managing director of NNPC, Yakubu Andrew and oil tycoon-
Jide Omokere.
Sources from EFCC have revealed that both men will be presented
before a judge at the Federal high court in Abuja, today-monday 20th
June, 2016. Yakubu Andrew was a group managing director in NNPC and
was appointed and also sacked by the former president.
For Jide Omokere, he's a close associate of the former petroleum
minister- Dieziani Alison Madueke.
An insider in EFCC has also revealed that other defendants have
been arrested including three individuals and two energy firms. And
all will be arraigned before federal high court judge- Justice Binta


Top traditionalists around Nigeria have converged in Akure, the
capital of Ondo to attend the burial of deceased national leader of
the Ogboni confraternity-Chief Araba Ajemoju. And in the midst of all
the preparations, anxiety and fear lurks everywhere, as there are
widespread rumours that people will be killed to honour the dead.
The streets have been deserted, and even strangers are not being
allowed in the parks, because there is the belief that strangers and
non-indegenes will be the main targets. Yesterday, rumours of a curfew
holding in the evening. Between 5pm and 6am emerged, and without
waiting for comfirmation, people fled into their homes out of fear.
Shops have closed down before 6pm since Chief Araba's death.
However, the police has assured that there will be no loss of lives
or property, but that the traditions of the people will still be

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