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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


The Nigerian customs service has arreste one Mr. Abubakar Rilwan
who is regarded as one of the most wanted and notorious fraudsters
involved in internet scams. The internet fraud/scam kingpin has a lot
of agencies on his trail. All of which he has used as a cover to dupe
his victims.
Abubakar has alledgely duped tens of individuals and job seekers
to the tune of over N20 million. A story has it that he decieved some
job seekers in Taraba state, collected money from them and even made
them travel all the way down to Bayelsa for a training that never
Mr. Rilwal is currently in the charge of the Nigerian customs
service undergoing interrogation.
Omo this guy bad o! 20 million naira!

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Image: President Buhari steps down from a plane.

"...Someone is saying he wants Biafra, it is because he was not born
when there was Biafra".
----Gen. Buhari

The president of the federal republic of Nigeria has recently appealed
to Nigerians for support through prayers, citing that governance
should not be taken lightly.
He said this while breaking yesterday's fast with some of his
cabinet members, adding that Nigeria will go far economically and all
round with prayers.
"We need a lot of prayers especially in this month of prayers and
service to God, let's keep up with our prayers so that God in his
infinite mercy will grant us peace, security and better the economy
once more"
He also added that those agitating for the sovereign state of
Biafra should be careful and reflect on the Civil war that claimed
almost 2 million lives.
"We have to reflect on history so we can know what is before us and
what we intend to leave for the generations after us".
Speaking further on unrest, militants and internal aggression he said:
"The militants in their homes should reflect seriously on what
happened between 1967 and 1970, over two million lives were lost"
"Look at what Gen. Gowon said; to keep Nigeria as one is a task
that must be done, and every soldier understood it clearly. But
instead of fighting a common enemy, we are quarelling with our
brothers, and someone is saying that he wants Biafra, it is because he
was not born when there was Biafra".


The wife of the US president Michelle Obama has just joined
popular social network Snapchat. In a mini blogpost, a staff of
Michelle's communication office announced the new development. Kelsey
Donohue said:

Today, we are peeling back the curtain and
taking you behind-the-scenes with the First
Lady's new Snapchat account. You can begin
following her today at MichelleObama.
It's no secret, young people today are avid
Snapchatters — more than half of 13 to 34 year-
old smartphone users are Snapping their daily
adventures. By following the First Lady on
Snapchat, you will see stories of the 62 million
girls around the world who aren't in school and
find ways you can take action. You will learn more about ways to stay
active and healthy — plus see the White House Kitchen Garden from
planting to harvest. You will hear stories from members of our
Joining Forces community. You will meet students who are beating the
odds to Reach Higher to go to college. Plus, we promise many guest
appearances from Bo and Sunny, too.
Next week we are taking the First Lady's followers abroad on the First
Lady's Let Girls Learn trip to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain to visit
young girls who are working hard to for their education. Stay tuned
for behind-the-scenes snaps from her trip, including posts from
actresses and advocates Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto. So don't wait —
open snapchat, add
"MichelleObama," and tell a friend!


In a series of tweets yesterday which have since been deleted, the
wife of the president, blasted the Ekiti state governor calling him a
'mad dog' that is 'unchained'. The tweets got mixed reactions from the
Nigerians in her audience and she has deleted them.
This comes after, the Ekiti state governor, falsely accused the
woman oif being involved in a scandal involving a former US
congressman. The EFCC has since refuted the claims. And Aisha Buhari
took to twitter to pour heated up abuses on Fayose. Saying she was
ready for him.
But Nigerians are wondering why she should further downgrade
herself by answering Fayose in the first place.
The Governor also accused the president of being corrupt too. In
his statement: "Buhari is not an angel". We are yet to get any word
from him since the incidents.


Sweden international, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has announced his
retirement from international duty after the Euro 2016. The former PSG
striker who has been strongly linked with Manchester United in the
past months has scored a total of 62 goals for Sweden. An
international record. While the Euro appearance against Belgium will
hand him 116 caps.
He said: "I am very proud of what I have achieved and will always
bring the Swedish flag with me."
Contrary to wide expectations, he won't be representing his
country in the Rio Olympics come august.


A woman has just accused US presidential candidate of raping her
and also assaulting her after the act. The woman Katie Johnson who
claimed she was 13 at the time of the rape also alleged that she
wasn't the only minor raped that day. She claimed another minor was
involved and that after having sex with them, trump brutalised them
for 'poor sex'.
Kate Johnson now 34 years, also revealed in court that when she
told the billionaire politician to 'please wear a condom, he replied
by slapping her'. Saying: 'he could whatever he wanted'. According to
the papers, he also told her to 'get a f--k--g abortion'.
On learning about the lawsuit, Donald Trump immediately denied
it, describing as '' categorically false and disgusting and as an
attempt at getting media attention'' or "politically motivated"
Kate, claims the other minor-Maria Doe could bear witness to
her allegations, as well as another man involved in the abuse-Jeffrey
Epstein. And she's looking for $69million as compensation for damages.
The allegations came up after police, supporters and protesters
clashed outside Trumps campaign grounds last week.
Trump as amassed a huge amount of enemies and he does everyday
with his anti-immigration, anti-islamic and anti-African views.

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