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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Reports have surfaced suggesting that the Nigerian Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission have a plan to detain the former minister
of aviation Femi Fani Kayode till he probably dies in prison.
Not just that, the EFCC operative who once assaulted Femi Fani
Kayode will not be punished this was revealed by Femi's spokesman. And
there is the possibility that the decision made by the agency to
punish the operative is in line with a grand conspiracy plot to send
Femi to jail and kill him there.
Femi Fani Kayode was allegedly assaulted by Kabiru Suleiman for
the 'crime' of observing his prayers while in detention. In the
custody of EFCC. Kabiru is an operative of EFCC. The former minister
for aviation was detained by the Economic Financial and Crimes
Commission after he honoured an invitation by the anti-corruption
agency. The agency had summoned him for explanation regarding funds
looted and diverted from CBN treasury. This happened on May 9, 2016.
Since then, Femi Fayode has been in the custody of the
commission(5 weeks now). After his initial detention in Abuja for
roughly two weeks, Femi was transferred to Lagos for further
questioning and investigation. Still without trial, a detention
warrant was obtained by the commission to keep for another three
After the three weeks, EFCC announced that Femi would be
arraigned on June 17, 2016, on a friday. But the arrangement was later
aborted when the judge who was supposed to rule the case got engaged
in another case. The date was shifted by four days to to tuesday, 21st
June, this time the judge to rule on the case was absent. This led to
a loud outcry from various quarters of the sitting court, including
Femi's wife who accompanied him to the court.
It was also reported that another EFCC operative had sent a
nerve shivering threat to Femi Kayode, when he told him to the hearing
of people around that EFCC had the right to detain him(Femi) for the
next five years without trial. In his words: "we will kill you and
nothing will happen!"
The way EFCC and the Judiciary in charge of Femi's case are
handling it, it will be hard to disbelieve that another story similar
to Abiola's 1992 will soon be told. A source who expressed concern at
the proceedings said that Femi Kayode will be fortunate to leave the
claws of EFCC alive.
I fear for Kayode's life, because all these will go on and he
will not be tried. The recess for all judges in the federation is fast
approaching, and it is going to span four three months. So there's the
high possibility that EFCC will play the case at their finger tips and
Fayode may not be able to submit a bail application before the judges
go on break. And if the worst happens, Fayode could be spending extra
three months in Jail.
From the reports of a few sources, the EFCC top tier is
comprises of mainly muslims who are ardent supporters of Gen. Buhari.
And these northerners and muslims harbour so much hate for Femi, and
will do anything possible to exterminate him. The hate comes because
on several occasions Femi had openly criticised the leadership of
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