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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


LONDON- Theresa May took over the reins as Britain's prime minister
and has immediately been tasked with the first assignment of taking
Britain through the Brexit crisis. The steely woman took over from
David Cameron on wednesday after the former Prime Minister became the
first government official to pay for the results of last month's UK
Theresa May, a 59 year old is the second woman on the job after
conservative Margaret Thatcher who was nicknamed 'the Iron Lady'
during her tenure.
Before her appointment, a male consevative who served under
Margaret Thatcher and supports May had described her as a 'bloody
difficult woman'. The comment has since been bounced around and even
women and May herself have adopted it with a good mind. May said that
politics could do better with the aid of 'bloody difficult women'.
She has even gone ahead to boost the 'bloody difficult reputation'
by commenting that the next person who would be giving the same
testimony in no time soon would be the President of the European
Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.
Theresa May was born as the only child of a church of England vicar
and has lived in the conservative part of South East England. She was
born in East Sussex and studied geography in Oxford University where
she met her future husband, Philip May. He political career began as a
local councilor in suburban london representing the conservative town
of Maidenhead in the House of Commons.
She became orhaned at the age 25, when her father died in a car
crash and her mom died from a long illness. She is diagonised with
diabetes(Type 1), and in an interview she had on her political bid
last week, she spoke a bit about having to inject herself with insulin
four times a day o keep going.
The tough and ever serious woman said: "It becomes a routine part
of your life — there are plenty of senior people in business with it,"
She got married to her husband Philip in 1980 after the met at an
association dance party for students in school. She met Philip through
Pakistan's future leader, Benazir Bhutto, who was a friend of Philip.
They have been married for 36 years now with no children.
The have been thoughts on what her relation with either
'President Trump' or 'President Clinton' would look like. But everyone
knows that she's is just the plain, dull and rigid type, not
interested in any kind of ' sisterhood' or 'friends in power' stuff.
And it would be a rare thing to see Trump make her laugh with his
May was on the losing side of the Brexit referendum, as she
backed a stay in EU. But she now faces the charge of pulling UK out.
She has however said that she would ignore calls for another
referendum, she insisted that 'a Brexit was a Brexit' and it was the
duty of her and her team to make it a success. She is yet to state
when she plans to activate Article 50, the two year withdrawal
mechanism from the EU bloc.
Congrats on your achievements May!
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