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Sunday, 10 July 2016


Image: Pele and wife Cibel Aoki after cutting the wedding cake(behind them).

Brazil Legend Edson Arantes do Nacimento got married again for
the third time in his life on saturday night. The 75 year old
Brazilian football legend wedded his long time girlfriend of six years
in Sao Paulo in Brazil.
Pele was due to marry Cibele Aoki about two years ago, but that got
thwarted when the legend faced a few health challenges. And right now,
he's fully fit to play the game of love.
Both of them met in New York in the 1980's but only started dating
in 2010 when they had a chance meeting In Brazil.
Japanese born Marcia is the daughter of a Paediatrician. She is also
a successful entrepreneur and business woman, dealing in medical
Four years ago while making plans for their wedding then, Pele
said he met Marcia for the second time after meeting her 30 years
before. He met her while attempting to renovate his home. He only
discovered that the next door neighbour he was speaking to about
renovation plans was the woman he met 30 years ago. Talk about the
world being small, and round too.
Pele had three children with his first wife Rosimeri Cholbi whom
he was married to for 12 years, and then another two children with a
second, a gospel singer, Assiria Nacimento, he was married to her for
14 years.
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